November 2021
HERBIE'S HINTS (named after my dad!)

National Gratitude Month in November encourages us to embrace the power of gratitude. I have thought a lot about my dad’s health issues and gratitude.
Through the three open heart surgeries, a pace maker and a defibrillator,
he never complained.
Through doctors, specialists, daily medication and his world getting smaller and smaller, he expressed only gratitude.
My dad’s dad died when Herbie was 10 days old. My dad was the first male in his family to live past 70 years of age. For that he was always grateful.
I wish I could model his level of gratitude.
Stay on Your Cutting Edge
Leadership is like a leaky faucet. Others have named it, incremental leadership. This brief video asks you to consider it, value the metaphor, and implement the strategy on a daily basis.
National Gratitude Month in November encourages us to embrace the power of gratitude. Gratitude can be magical. Here are three things for which I am grateful, in addition to a hot shower.
1. The Magic of NE Ohio
I am a self-professed “Homie”, a fan of NE Ohio. Although we talk about the weather ad infinitum, we rarely have mudslides, earthquakes or tornadoes. To me, each season comes with its own magical qualities.

Lesson Learned: Most days I am at the park to march Benji. Mornings are most magical in all seasons. I am grateful for the ambiance of the park, the ability to walk it, and the accidental ability to take this photo. What are you grateful for?
2. The Magic of Medicine
Twice a day when I lovingly jab Natcha with her insulin, I tell her, “I give you life." For her, insulin is life. I feel similarly about the Covid vaccine. As a physician client explained to me when the vaccine was rolled out, you can still get Covid, but you won’t die.
Lesson Learned: No invention is too small for me to appreciate. I couldn’t live without New-Skin and Crest Whitening Strips. I remember when the polio vaccine and HIV “cocktail” were invented. I am grateful for the inventions in medicine. What are you grateful for?
3. The Magic of People
One lesson I learned in Natcha’s diabetes journey is that the magic is not only in the insulin. The magic is in her vet team that figured out the dosage and frequency necessary for her to have a normal life. Most that remember college remember it was the professor not the assigned books.
Lesson Learned: I recently read that people don’t leave a company, they leave a bad boss. Often we frequent a restaurant because of a waiter/waitress more than because of the food served. I am grateful for the magic of a Streisand or a MLK. What are you grateful for?
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Houston We Have a Problem
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From the One Room School House through Covid
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Benji is giving this month’s “Lessons for the Road” to his goddess, Miss Natcha Vallarta. Since the day Benji became a member of our family, Natcha has been his North Star. Wherever Natcha is, Benji wants to be there. Whatever Natcha does, Benji follows.
Natcha has fought back so hard on her diabetes journey. For the most part, she fights this disease with grace and patience. Every once in a while I have to chase after her, syringe in hand, looking like an axe murderer.
Most days she puts up with being awakened early every morning, jabbed, and daily pills. I know her pancreatitis makes her feel badly many days, and yet she willingly goes to her playpen/bedroom every night.
She can’t understand WHY: why she doesn’t feel well, how her insulin levels change through-out the day, or why she can no longer sleep in her favorite chair at night. She accepts it all with grace, and maybe gratitude.
Video & Vine
December 7, 5pm - 7pm

Join Us October 28 from 5:00pm - 6:30pm
Why Video & Vine? . . . because each participant leaves with a bottle of wine!
Each person will be recorded for 2-3 minutes.
We will Video you, play it back, make suggestions, and then video you again. You will see immediate improvement!

You will learn by doing and observing others, and take home a bottle of wine!

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