December 2021
HERBIE'S HINTS (named after my dad!)

I don’t remember my parents going out on New Year’s Eve. Maybe they did. I remember them being home a lot more than they went out.
Way before Netflix or Amazon we would watch a movie on New Year’s Eve. Now that I look back, with only 3 channels, how did we even find a movie to watch?
Sometimes my sister and I would beg my dad to bring out the projector and show our home movies on those metal reels. They would break a hundred times and we would laugh and make fun of my dad’s audio visual skills. Which by the way were 100 times better than ours!
Maybe that is why I still like to stay home on New Year’s Eve. Two coveted Moshe chocolate chip pancakes make up my dinner. I am good with that.
Wherever and however you choose to spend your New Year’s Eve, we wish you a Happy and Healthy welcome to 2022 and a stellar new year.
Stay on Your Cutting Edge
Did you know a pomegranate has 613 seeds? It is the same number as there are commandments in the Torah. 
I think the seeds look like rubies. So when Kaila, the rabbi’s wife, gave me two pomegranates, she said I reminded her of a pomegranate. My job as coach is to find and help my clients identify the "rubies," the gems inside of everyone.

Words Matter
1. My First Words for 2021
A year ago my 3 words for 2021 were Pivot, Grit, and Resilience. That is what I wished for others as our first year of COVID ended. We all were trying to figure out how to do business and get business in a Zoom world. We needed these three words. To Survive was the priority for some before we could even think of Thrive.
Lesson Learned:  Many times through-out the year I would reflect back to these 3 words.
I used these words for myself as often as I reminded others. I especially used Grit and Pivot. Other words people offered were questionable, hopeful, political, and adversarial. What were your words for 2021?
2. Actual Word for 2021
As the year progressed I added a word as a result of the Summer Olympics. When Simone Biles withdrew from competition I was horrified. As a former competitor, I couldn’t understand her decision. The more I listened and learned, the more conflicted I became. I started the year with the 3 words in #1, mid-year the word conflicted became my word for the year.

Lesson Learned: Webster’s selected the word vaccine as their word. 12 months ago we didn’t know a vaccine would be available for almost everyone. Americans have not embraced this miracle. I am conflicted. On so many issues I find myself conflicted. Before we say good-bye to this year, what is your word for 2021?
3. Your Word for 2022
Consider this past year: what is something that you could improve on, do differently or keep working on in the coming year? What do you want MORE of in your life? What do you want LESS of in your life? Think of a word that could help you through the continued challenges of our new normal world of COVID and its additional challenges.

Lesson Learned:  A focus word for the year provides an anchor and encourages you to consciously (and subconsciously) consider this focus word when making decisions – what you want more of and what you want less of in your life. Is there something that you are rooting for? What is your word for 2022?
Upcoming Forum 360 Shows (w/Leslie as Moderator)

Implicit Bias
Guest: Marvin Ferguson

Cleveland’s Famous Bank Robbery
Guest: U.S. Marshall Peter Elliott

Watch/ Listen to Forum 360:
Western Reserve Public Media, PBS-TV, PBS Fusion Channels 45 & 49 (Time Warner channel 993) - Mondays at 8 pm and Saturdays at 5:00 pm. After the show airs, you can download it here.

WONE FM 97.5 Sunday 6 am
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A couple of Sundays ago we attended a presentation on Dog’s Non Verbal Communication.
What is their non-verbal communication telling us when they are not barking or whining?
The first lesson the Communication Coach in me wants to share is to never turn off the lights when you are giving a PowerPoint presentation . . . unless you WANT your audience to fall asleep.
A doggy lesson learned was the meaning of the head turn. Benji has perfected it to an art form. I didn’t realize the universal message of the turn, I just thought it was Benji being Benji.

At night when I say goodnight to him, he turns his head a half inch. It is subtle but clear. His body doesn’t move, he doesn’t lean away, just the head turn.
I learned at this presentation, when I wasn’t nodding off, that the head turn is equal to the human teenager’s gesture of “the hand”. You know the hand that goes up to say “I don’t see you” or “You are not there.”
Video and Vine – Unique Video Session
As long as COVID is around in some capacity, we all may need more wine. We are continuing to give out wine at our FIRST video session in 2022: January 20 from 5pm – 7pm.
Video & Vine . . . because each participant leaves with a bottle of wine!

Each participant will be videotaped for 2 -3 minutes. Each person may choose what they do during that time.

We will tape you, play it back, make suggestions, and then we will tape you again. You will see immediate improvement!

You will learn by doing and by observing others, and take home a bottle of wine.

Dead Presidents+ Boot Camp
Will there be a Dead Presidential Boot Camp in February 2022?

It’s one of my favorite Electric Impulse Events, when we study the communication of Dead Presidents to learn how to be more effective in our communication.
What do you think? Ok to hold this half day event in our new normal world?

Email us at [email protected] for further information or to RSVP to one of our events.

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