January 2022
HERBIE'S HINTS (named after my dad!)

My dad shares this month’s section with my mom, Selma. My mom was a lab tech when she married. If she was born a few women-friendly decades later, she would have become a physician rather than a tech. Needles, surgery, nothing scared her. To figure out the cause of something was a mystery she loved to solve.
Neither my sister nor I inherited any part of my mom’s “medical” gene. She had two uncles, brothers of my grandfather, who were doctors. My sister could faint at a needle. I don’t faint at the sight of them, but I don’t look either!
My mom would have been amused when I had to learn how to use a syringe to give Natcha her twice daily insulin. Now that Natcha requires a daily IV drip, I think my mom would have been beyond amused. When the emergency doctor first suggested at home IV, I couldn’t comprehend it was even an option. YouTube taught me the specifics!
In her latest discharge papers, Natcha was described as sweet and charming. I don’t think we could do this at home if it wasn’t for the fact that she is so sweet. Sweet and trusting of everything we try to do for her. I think my mom would smile, and say something like, “I knew you had it in you.”
Stay on Your Cutting Edge
In a new year, I am doing something new and giving my Ask Leslie section to YouTube, just this once. When MedVet Animal Hospital suggested that I could give Natcha IV at home, the tech person told me to watch HOW on YouTube. My first thought was REALLY, YouTube! Then I thought WHY NOT? We learn so much on YouTube. So this is how we learned how to give Natcha her daily IV drip. (let me be clear, we are not good enough to inject in a vein!)
Lessons Learned from a Tesla Experience (not my Tesla)
1. Disrupt the Dynamic
To use the term showroom is a bit of an overstatement. At Tesla it is more of a small room with one car on display, one model only. “Salespeople” are not really selling and they aren’t on commission. There is no negotiating on price. You don’t have one person that you have the possibility to develop a relationship: each call, text or email will go to a different recipient.
Lesson Learned:  There are no “deals” or bonuses. There are no dials on the dashboard in front of you. You leave the car running when you get out of it. There is no key. Perhaps there are different ways that you can do business or different ways that your place of business can look. How can you disrupt your dynamic?
2. Charge Creatively
This is how you begin the Tesla journey. You pay a $250 fee to reserve a car for a time in the distant future. When your name comes up, you can accept the car, get back in line for a car at another time or change your mind. You don’t get a refund and the $250 is not credited toward the purchase. Tesla comes in 5 colors. Red, blue and metallic are an additional fee.  
Lesson Learned: Many choices you don’t make at the time you order your car because the changes can be made on your car’s computer, which is the screen that looks like a large I-pad. Ohio charges more for your license plate since they won’t make gas tax on your Tesla. You can even research the least expensive times to charge your car at home. What ways can you be creative in your costs?
3. Service Looks Different
As you go through the process of making the purchase, there are many decisions the soon-to- be-owner needs to make. Do you want self-drive? Do you want Hula and Netflix? There is no hardbound handbook that you stuff in the glove compartment, to rarely open. Anything you don’t know or don’t remember you ask your car out loud: how do I?
Lesson Learned: Let’s say that you order your car without self-drive. A month later you change your mind. Tesla makes the change remotely for you. You are out of town and use a Tesla charging station. Your credit card is automatically charged. Not necessarily better or worse, but different: How can your service look different?
Upcoming Forum 360 Shows (w/Leslie as Moderator)

A Pharmacist's View of Implicit Bias
Guest: Marvin Ferguson

Cleveland’s Unsolved Bank Heist
Guest: U.S. Marshall Peter Elliott

A New Cleveland City Council President
Guest: Blaine Griffin, President

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Usually I am writing about rogue Benji. Benji the terrorist at the park or barking at dogs that go past the office window. Now I want to talk about sweet Benji.
Each day Natcha gets her IV drip. I sit on a couch. Moshe has rigged up the bag of fluid behind me. Natcha lays down on my left. I keep her there while the drip is doing its thing.
Benji hops up on the couch and sits on my right. Actually he lays down on my right. I would like to think that he wants to be there to be a comfort to Natcha. He probably just wants to be where the action is. Either way, he quietly stays there the whole time Natcha is on my other side getting her drip.
When Natcha is done and we take out the needle, she hops down. Benji then follows her. We repeat this procedure every day. I tell myself the version that he is being a good little brother.
Video and Vine – Unique Video Session
As long as COVID is around in some capacity, we all may need more wine. We are continuing to give out wine at our FIRST video session in 2022: January 20 from 5pm – 7pm.
Video & Vine . . . because each participant leaves with a bottle of wine!

Each participant will be videotaped for 2 -3 minutes. Each person may choose what they do during that time.

1.   I have found it is most beneficial for you to use your own material from a presentation or any material that is about 300 words
2.   We have transcripts from famous speeches if you want to present a couple of paragraphs
3.   We can do an a practice TV interview where I will be the host and you will be the guest

We will tape you, play it back, make suggestions, and then we will tape you again. You will see immediate improvement!

You will learn by doing and by observing others, and take home a bottle of wine.

By popular demand changed to:
Thursday - February 17, 9AM – 12:30pm
Valentine's gift included for each attendee.
So much to learn from:
·     Lincoln's very short Gettysburg address
·     Washington's visual as the Commander before there was even an army
·     How FDR used the Fireside Chat
·     MLK's handwritten index cards  
·   a couple people who are still alive
·     and so much more
It’s a BOOT CAMP because it is intensive, interactive, and participatory . . . try telling your Drill Sergeant you don't want to do push-ups!
You read it correctly, dead Presidents plus one! In honor of President's Day, MLK Day and Valentine's Day too, we bring you a unique program.

Email us at [email protected] for further information or to RSVP to one of our events.

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