February 2022
HERBIE'S HINTS (named after my dad!)

In the 60’s my dad hired an African-American salesman. As family folklore tells it, a long-time customer had a strong reaction. The customer gave my dad an ultimatum: my dad could choose the salesman or the customer. The customer would not welcome this salesperson into his establishment.
My dad didn’t flinch or hesitate. He chose the salesperson.
Fast forward to a recent Forum 360 on Implicit Bias. My guest, Marvin Ferguson RpH, gives a fascinating explanation of Implicit Bias and why it matters. I found him fascinating as he shared a story about watered down cough syrup and a prescription filled by whim.
I hope my dad is smiling.
Stay on Your Cutting Edge
Anyone can benefit from a coach at any time in their career. There are different challenges along the way and different ways that a coach can help at different stages. Some might think once you make it to the C-level you don’t need help. Perhaps that is when you can benefit the most!
3 Lessons I Learned from Getting Stuck in the Snow
1. Past Success Doesn't Guarantee Future Success
I have made it up our 4/10’s of a mile drive – in all weather – for 22 years. This is the 5th winter in my present car (compared to my ’96 makes it an almost new car). Where I grew up in Bath, we had a similar driveway. Although both driveways went uphill, I had never gotten stuck. I took some pride in that fact.
Lesson Learned:  This month I started having trouble. I first blamed it on the quality of the snow plowing. Perhaps the “hill” could have been plowed better. Then came the Monday night when I couldn’t get up at all. I didn’t value the warning signs because what I did had always worked in the past. What is it hard to admit has stopped working for you?
2. Honest Mirror Reflection Isn't Always Pretty
If it wasn’t the hill and it wasn’t my car, only so many options left. When a neighbor suggested snow tires I was shocked. I didn’t even know they were still an option. I never needed them before. My tires were only 15 months old. Couldn’t be them. I didn’t need new tires. Until I did. Until if I went down the driveway, I might not get back up.
Lesson Learned: As I walked uphill the 4/10’s of a mile I called my “car guy”. Told him my problem, he said he would have snow tires for me by the following afternoon. I didn’t think I needed to do anything any differently this winter. A snow tire purchase was bad enough. Then I find out my “new tires” are done. Is there an honest reflection waiting for you?
3. Customer Delight Always Counts
I pick up my car about 4:30 with its four new snow tires. Relieved and happy to have the confidence that I can now always get where I am going or I feel as though I can. A couple of hours later, Mike my car guy, calls me. He wanted to make sure I was able to get up my driveway with the new snow tires.
Lesson Learned: A few years ago Moshe had some dental work done. That night Dr. Marv Cohen (may he rest in peace) called to see how he was doing. I so appreciated the call because I didn’t know what was normal and what pain was not normal. A phone call, whatever your profession, can be so appreciated. Is there someone you can call?
Upcoming Forum 360 Shows (w/Leslie as Moderator)

Pete Elliott, U. S. Marshal

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Chris Gessner , CEO Akron Children’s Hospital

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Benji loves his daily walks. He is like the U.S. Mail used to be, he perseveres in rain, or snow or sleet. (I say used to be because they did not deliver mail yesterday, the day of the big storm) He doesn’t care how cold it is nor how rainy. At 2 miles, he usually refuses to leave the park.
It’s not so much the amount of snow as the consistency of the snow. When it is a heavy snow he refuses to walk. He also refuses to walk on a certain kind of salt used to de-ice. Not all salt, certain salt. Apparently he understands that one salt burns the pads of his paws.
He doesn’t try to bulldoze through the “pain”. He just stops. Perhaps we could learn a lesson from Benji. How many times have you tried to get through a detour or work through an injury?

Maybe we could just stop. And re-group.
Dead President’s+ Boot Camp February 17, 9am to Noon
You read it correctly, dead Presidents plus one! In honor of President's Day, MLK Day and Valentine's Day too, we bring you a unique program.
So much to learn from: Lincoln's very short Gettysburg address, How FDR used the Fireside Chat, Washington's visual as the Commander before there was even an army, MLK's handwritten index cards, a couple people who are still alive, and so much more

Video and Vine March 15 5pm to 7pm
We will tape you, play it back, make suggestions, and then we will tape you again. You will see immediate improvement!
Hollywood Boot Camp April 22, 1pm to 4pm
Come to this Boot Camp to learn Why and How to put Hollywood in your professional life: How to be Memorable, What Constitutes a Great Line for you, Ways that you can Create Magical Moments, You will leave with your own way to be Memorable and With your own Great Line
HorseTalk: Lessons in Leadership
Horse guided learning is a unique way for you to uncover and rediscover how to communicate your value in your company and in your marketplace.
  • Spring June 17 Friday
  • Summer July 29 Friday
  • Fall September 9 Friday
  • Fall October 7 Friday

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