May 2022
HERBIE'S HINTS (named after my dad!)

My dad was a three square meals kind of guy. He rarely missed a meal, at the same time he rarely snacked between meals. His nightly Oreo cookies or Hostess chocolate cupcake were not considered a snack, they were required eating.
When my parents replaced the carpet in the family room, a syndrome became very apparent. In front of my “mom’s chair” the carpet was worn out under her two shoe imprints. In front of my “dad’s chair”, it looked as if the carpet was new. Not a thread was worn.
My mom snacked all night, certain that if she kept checking the refrigerator or the cupboards, something new would appear. Once my dad was done with his chores and sat down in “his chair”, he rarely got up. I thought of this difference this week because of Natcha. For the first time in nine months she has gained weight. For her this is a good thing.
She is not eating her meals particularly well. But her snacking is great! For her to gain over half a pound is phenomenal and helpful with her diabetes. I attribute it to the snacking.
For my mom the snacking was not quite so positive. She struggled with her weight and my dad was pretty consistent the last 40 years of his life. The carpet tells the story.
Stay on Your Cutting Edge
I LOVED the return of the White House Correspondent’s dinner earlier this month. I loved watching a president who could laugh at himself. I loved the seriousness as well as the lightness. I loved watching a leader lead, even if it was leading a standing ovation.
HorseTalk: Lessons in Leadership was born from the idea that non-horse people could benefit from the lessons a horse can teach us. A horse is a 4-legged mirror that reflects back to you your ability to communicate effectively and your ability to lead. Come and join us in the pasture and round pen with Archie, Prinz, Penny, Sunny and of course Fionn.

For the first time since 2019, HorseTalk is back to a full day experience. This means everyone will get one-on-one time in the round pen and we will have more time for Billards and Obstacle Course. Through-out the day I will tell you what each horse is telling me!
Eulogies are Important and FUN!
A eulogy is the final, formal good-bye. A eulogy follows the same rules as any other speech. Madeline Albright’s funeral let us hear 5 stellar eulogies and bear witness to the rare event when Hillary’s speaking outshines Bill!
1. Laughter and Tears
A eulogy like life should include laughter and tears. It honors the namesake to laugh at their funeral . . . as long as there also some tears. Most people have had both positive and negative things in their life and their eulogy needs to reflect this.
Lesson Learned: I was graveside when the funeral director’s phone fell on top of the casket. They were human in life and they need to be human in death. How could you not laugh especially when the deceased was known for being on the phone? Do you include laughter and tears, the positive and the negative, the upside and the downside??
2. Final Formal Goodbye
If you are like me, you may end up “talking” to the deceased for years after their funeral. That doesn’t change the fact that this is the last formal time you will be talking about or talking to the person you eulogize. It definitely should be the last time others will hear you talking to the person!
Lesson Learned: This is still a formal speech, often with a podium, a microphone and an audience. The audience made the effort to attend, so you want to make the effort to deliver prepared comments. Are you taking the time to prepare for all speaking opportunities?
3. The Rules Still Apply
Sometimes people treat a eulogy like a wedding toast and don’t prepare, just wing it as they go. Both require preparation and practice. You still want to open with a wow, clarify your main points, and conclude on a thought provoking note.
Lesson Learned: While on an accelerated timeline, you still want to follow the basics. In 3 minutes and on the back a napkin, you should be able to write the outline of a eulogy that honors both the person and the audience. An added benefit may be some great stories to tell. Can you test yourself and see what you can write in 3 minutes?
Leslie in Person

June 10, Child Guidance & Family Services
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On our almost daily walks, Benji and I often see some of the same people and their same dogs. Because Benji can be such a terrorist, I rarely can get close enough to people to talk with them.
Many times I see one particular gentleman with his Golden Retriever. If people look like their dog, it has never been truer than with these two. As everyone knows, a Golden is like the nicest dog in the world. And the owner seems the same way. Although there are Golden Retriever rescue groups, it certainly can’t be that this breed needs re-homed because of their temperament.
As we walked toward this very sweet looking dog with his owner sitting on a bench, we walked fifty feet around to give the dog a wide berth from Benji. Apparently that wasn’t enough. I took a double take. The sight of Benji prompted the Golden to jump in his owner’s lap.
Your audience decides their reaction to you, even if you are a dog.
HorseTalk: Lessons in Leadership
Horse guided learning is a unique way for you to uncover and rediscover how to communicate your value in your company and in your marketplace.
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