June 2022
HERBIE'S HINTS (named after my dad!)

When you show a horse, wearing gloves is expected if not mandatory. When you are on a horse holding reins, there may be a space between the cuff of your riding jacket and the top of your black glove. So a little secret is to use black electrical tape to cover the open end of your glove, so that it appears to be a solid line to your suit jacket.
This gives the rider a more professional look. One of the last things my dad would do before I mounted my horse, was to tape my gloves. Conversely, I couldn’t wait to tear the tape off after the class!
Some might say that a few inches of black tape is pretty inconsequential. If you know my drops- of-water-into-a-bucket theory, you know I think every little thing has the potential to be important.
Recently CNN aired a 4 hour series on Watergate. What led the “plumbers” to be arrested, which led eventually to the Nixon resignation, was TAPE. The plumbers had taped door locks so they could move in and out, and forgot to take the tape off of one door. Watergate security noticed the tape, which led to the arrests.
Herbie would say tape was a big thing.
Stay on Your Cutting Edge
We were honored to have a team from one organization come as a group to HorseTalk: Lessons in Leadership. You can hear first-hand from Pam and Rachel as they finished their time in the Round Pen. 
Here are three of the most interesting things I have read or heard over the past month. Enjoy!
1. Education is Based on Relationships
In a recent NYT op-ed, professor Malesic wrote about the damage of remote learning at the university level. Perhaps not in the way you may think. This professor found that students were slow in returning to class and when they did attend, they didn’t engage. In this lengthy and fascinating article, one sentence stopped me in my tracks.
Lesson Learned:  Education is based on relationships. We know business is often based on relationships, but do we think about the connection between relationships and education? Teacher/student, student/student and student/topic. The author contends that you can’t develop these relationships in a virtual world. What do you think?
2. David Gergen on Leadership from the Top
Having served 4 presidents, David Gergen has a voice often listened to from all political points on the spectrum. Recently he was interviewed by the Washington Post for 30 minutes. While it was all interesting, I found these 2 minutes spellbinding.
Lesson Learned: One lesson learned at HorseTalk: Lessons in Leadership is that you can’t lead a horse from the back. I believe culture always comes from the top. Apparently so does David Gergen as he talked about the difference between the Nixon and Ford White House staffs. Does leadership come from the top?
3. From Clark Kent to Superman
Undelivered: The Never-Heard Speeches That Would Have Rewritten History is a book recently authored by Jeff Nussbaum, Speechwriter and Author. When I first saw him I immediately thought he was the 2022 version of Clark Kent: computer geek. Nothing about him physically is especially memorable.
Lesson Learned: Then he started speaking. When he spoke he became Super Man. I could have listened to him all day. His sense of humor, his stories, his level of comfort with himself and the audience, he turned into Super Man right in front of my eyes. Do you believe in the power of powerful rhetoric?
Leslie in Person

July 22, Communication Workshop at Rubber Division, American Chemical Society

Forum 360 with Leslie as Host
Laboratories of Autocracy:
Guest: David Pepper-former chair of the Ohio Democratic Party and Author
Akron Children’s New CEO
Guest: Chris Gessner

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Benji has a heart murmur. I like to say that his murmur works in reverse: it gives him more energy rather than less energy. When we come in from a 2 mile walk, he often brings a toy and drops it at my feet. It is as though he is saying, “next let’s play fetch!”
So it is rare when he actually is tired. The house, from the steps that are his raceway to the animals in the woods that are now safe for awhile, all seem to breathe a sigh of relief.
This is one of his favorite toys that is a replica of a smart corn snack. When he finally was ready for a nap, he kept one paw guarding his prize possession.
Natcha has always been good at entertaining herself. Benji wants others to entertain him. Your team members are all different. Do you know what each one needs to do their job?
HorseTalk: Lessons in Leadership
Horse guided learning is a unique way for you to uncover and rediscover how to communicate your value in your company and in your marketplace.
·       Summer July 29 Friday
·       Fall September 9 Friday
·       Fall October 7 Friday
At a recent HorseTalk, we were in the paint-the-pony phase of the day. Participants have the opportunity to paint a horse with animal safe paint.

This group, all from the same organization, painted their non-profit’s initials on the side of the horse Grey Lady. I think from now on each participant should paint their company name on her side!!!

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