August 2022
HERBIE'S HINTS (named after my dad!)

My dad was ruled by PRINCIPLE: his word was his word. I inherited that sometimes good and sometimes not so good characteristic from Herbie.
For Forum 360, my volunteer gig as host on PBS, I was looking forward to a conversation with Jeff Nussbaum, author of UNDELIVERED: The Never-Heard Speeches That Would Have Rewritten History.
I heard him speak in Cleveland and asked him to be a zoom guest.
He has guested on CNN, Morning Joe, and Washington Post Live to name a few national outlets. When he starts an interview he is Clark Kent. By the end of the interview he has transformed into Superman through his stories, and his articulate yet funny way of telling them. I was very excited for the upcoming opportunity.
He is and was a speechwriter with a front row seat to history. I couldn’t wait to ask him about the Checker’s speech, Chappaquiddick, I Have a Dream, as well as those speeches never delivered. I was very excited.
He answered my email and then handed me over to his PR person. The downward spiral began. We set up a date to tape; somehow the PR person was “on vacation” as the date arrived.
We re-scheduled. Then the studio was closed. Still forging ahead, I would conduct the interview from my office. Then the producer was called away and an intern was to take over. Biggest challenge, she didn’t know how to give me my time cues.
Finally I gave up; the interview was not going to happen that day. I threw myself on my sword, and begged for a future tape date. In principle we had a date and I wanted to do everything possible to keep that date. When do you call upon your grit and resolve and when do you pivot? I tried to follow Herbie’s principle.
Stay on Your Cutting Edge
We rarely use a rotary phone, sit by a fan to cool off, or have a party line. We all benefit from and look forward to the next innovation. When is an upgrade not really an upgrade? What if what we are presently using is good enough or even better than new? After you watch this brief video above, perhaps you will weigh in on when to upgrade.
The next step is to figure out how this applies to your communication and leadership skills. Remember when the world thought Prezi would replace PowerPoint? On the other hand, PowerPoint did replace the overhead projector! At the birth of websites, moving graphics were the cool kid, until everyone realized content ruled. As a coach and your honest mirror, glad to help you navigate how to be your best you.
There are two types of people. Those that wait for an opportunity and then hurry and prepare. Those that prepare in life for opportunities unknown!
1. Presence is Always a Gift
Some of you have heard me say that your presence is a gift. What kind of a party would it be if no one gave the “present” of their presence? Recently the basketball court at the St. V LeBron James Arena was named in honor of Coach Dru Joyce. Would LeBron attend the event for his beloved coach?
Lesson Learned:  Coach Joyce has won more state titles than any other coach in Ohio history. 150 of his former players came to pay homage to their coach. One of those former players who came in person to this hot gym on a Sunday afternoon was LeBron. Regardless of your name or status, your present is a present. Do you see your presence as a gift?
2. To Protect Our Value is Hard Work
My dad had a green thumb. I have kind of a black thumb. One flower I usually have a good experience with is impatiens. I plant impatiens, feed impatiens, protect impatiens with fake urine and cayenne pepper. And yet this year, I was not successful in protecting my impatiens from the deer. That’s who the expert said ate it all, could have been the bunnies.
Lesson Learned: Every morning I would find more eaten, along with the hostas, eaten almost to the ground. Our value is similar to the flowers we plant. It feels at times like something or someone is always trying to nibble away at our value. It is our job to continually protect that value at times in different ways. Are you protecting your value?
3. Try New? Stay with Old?
There is value in new. We all want to use the newest technology. For the most part we are not driving 1950 model cars and most of our houses are air conditioned. Then there are times when NEW is not better, or even good. How do we identify the difference? A trusted source told me about a new invention called Dazzle Dry.
Lesson Learned:  This product is supposed to dry your finger/toe nails faster than available top coats AND keep them looking good for 2 WEEKS! I ordered the product and waited for delivery. It was the WORST product ever!!! How do we identify when to upgrade and when what we have is still really good?
Leslie in Person

October 10-11, Womens Workshop at Rubber Division, American Chemical Society

Forum 360 with Leslie as Host
Israel Guide Dog Center for the Blind
Guest: Michael Leventhal, Executive Director
UNDELIVERED: A unique world history through speeches
Guest: Jeff Nussbaum, author

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This may serve as an unintentional test to those that read this section. Some of you may know that I have had a dog most days at my office since the 90’s. Benji and I came to my office every single day during the lockdown and beyond. Keeping to our certain routine was so important during a time that was so uncertain.
Some of you may like Benji and some may tolerate him. Natcha has always been the more popular canine! I have always appreciated my client’s ability to co-exist with the dogs. For some, like John Galehouse years ago, the dog was the best part of coming to my office.
At the moment the “powers that be” have outlawed dogs in my building. If you have a favorable thought or memory of one of my beasts, please email me! I have a plan for the return of the Benj!
Keep you posted on this hopefully fluid situation.
HorseTalk: Lessons in Leadership  
September 9 will be your last opportunity to experience!
We have 6 participants. We can have 8, so if you have an interest in finding out what a horse thinks of your communication and leadership skills, please consider coming to this day.
I can promise you that you can learn more about yourself, your communication and your leadership skills in this ONE day, than you could learn in a decade! There is a saying that you can't learn how to ride a bicycle in a seminar. You can't learn how to LEAD a horse (or a team) in a seminar or on Zoom!
Here are just a few of the outcomes from this day: 
  • Heightened awareness of leadership styles
  • Uncover your appreciation or lack of for team dynamics
  • Identify behaviors that negatively impact your clients & employees
  • Earn trust more quickly by aligning what you do & what you say
  • Personal leadership development action plan
  • Try new leadership styles and communication methods in a safe environment
Email us at [email protected] for further information or to RSVP to one of our events.

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