September 2022
HERBIE'S HINTS (named after my dad!)

My dad would let me have just about any kind of animal as long as I could convince him that I could care for the animal. Or honestly, as long as I could convince him that he could help me care for the animal.
A kitty found its way to our barn one summer. My dad claimed he didn’t like cats. As winter approached I convinced my dad that it would be too cold for the cat in the barn. My dad made a wooden box with a light bulb inside to keep the cat warm.
I begged for a goat. I named the goat Azalea before I even had the hope of a goat. Finally my dad agreed.
Then I found out – let’s just say that you can’t kitty litter a goat. I just couldn’t have goat reminders all over the barn, on my saddles etc. So I never got a goat.
I do have in my office a photo of a goat. I believe you can’t look at a goat and not smile.

This is a baby goat. Hope it gives you a smile.
Stay on Your Cutting Edge
Animals choose their people. As you know if you have a dog, they often decide when they want to listen to you and how fast they will respond.
It was raining the last time I was visiting Majestic Meadows. Gus the camel was under the overhang of his barn, about 30 feet away from me. As the rain lightened I went to the outside of his fenced area and called him. “Gus, Gus, would you come and see me?” Watch the video to see if he comes when I call him. 
A visit to Majestic Meadows in Medina County brings me joy and lessons to share with you.
1. Build It and They Will Come
Majestic Meadows has been an alpaca farm for more than 25 years. This means they raise alpacas to be shorn each spring as a business, their “fur” sold and/or spun into wearable products. Think back to the summer of 2020. People were looking for outside places to gather where they could feel safer from COVID.
Lesson Learned: Now you need to make reservations to visit the “meadows”. The parking alone requires a traffic helper! People and families are everywhere, in every pasture, feeding and petting goats and alpacas and kangaroos, inside their barn structure sand outside. Can you identify a business that benefitted from COVID?
2. No Upper Teeth
One of the many fascinating aspects at Majestic Meadows is how accessible the animals are to the public. You can walk in the pastures among the alpacas, llamas, sheep, goats, pigs, mini horses, donkeys and even kangaroos. As someone raised around animals, I find this amazing. One thing that helps is that the alpacas and llamas have no upper teeth.
Lesson Learned: Why does this matter? If a llama or alpaca did push a little too hard for your pellet treats, they can’t really bite since they don’t have upper teeth. Do you know the strengths and weaknesses of your team members? Do you know the best and highest use for each team member due to their figurative or literal “teeth?"
3. Your Peers Matter
The goats live together in an indoor-outdoor facility. There are dwarf goats and Angora goats blue-eyed goats, fawn and black and white goats. There are a lot of goats! Among them there are groups. In school we would have called them clichés, not a modern word! Even though they are all the same breed, they don’t hang out altogether.
Lesson Learned: When we hear peer pressure we often think of our adolescent or teen years. Who we “hang” out with, on social media or in person, shape our views. This is a mom and two daughters that hang out together all the time. What does who you hang out with say about you?
Leslie in Person

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A Visit to Majestic Meadows
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Benji can be annoying. As a puppy I was confident that his strident “yap” would mature to an acceptable bark. But it never happened. His bark is the equivalent of the dreaded nails on the chalkboard.
On Labor Day I came home to this annoying bark. First thought was that there was a toy trapped somewhere he couldn’t reach. No, that wasn’t the answer.
Natcha had been in the basement with Moshe. When he came upstairs she had gotten left in the basement. True to her nature, she quietly sat on the steps waiting to be found.
Benji was having none of passive protest. He was telling us to open the door to the basement. And when we listened and opened the door, there Natcha was patiently waiting. He is a good little brother.
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