October 2022
HERBIE'S HINTS (named after my dad!)

Recently, I was going through some belongings that have followed me wherever I have moved.

Many of them had something to do with my dad.
As I sorted through them I was reminded that wherever my parents lived, my dad had a separate work station. His “work bench” included a space for all of his beloved tools: the manual and the electric variety.
He made some amazing things at that work bench. He could figure out a practical, if not aesthetic, solution to any problem. And if h couldn’t, he would meander over to Gamauf’s Hardware, together they would figure out a solution that he would come home to his work bench and create and then install.
When you think about it, even a dog has their own bed or crate to go to when a time out is needed or wanted by dog or human. From Akron to Bath to San Diego to Tucson, my dad always had his work bench, his place to go for a time-out.
What do you have?
Stay on Your Cutting Edge
They say no one likes to watch themselves. Often actors and actresses say they don’t even like to see themselves on film. If we don’t watch ourselves, how do we improve?
When my recent Forum 360 became available to watch, I thought I would just tune in for a minute. I found it so interesting I watched the entire show, even though that meant watching me! Israel Guide Dog Center for the Blind, the only certified center in the mid-East, see what you think. Click above to watch episodes of Forum 360.
3 Lessons From My Experiences
1. I Was a Hand Model
So many times in the first three decades of my life, people commented to me about my hands. I have very long fingers which led people to tell me that I should be a hand model. After hearing this over and over again I decided to try. Instead of “head shots” I had “hand” shots photographed by a professional. Then I got my first job.
Lesson Learned:  A catalog company wanted only my “hands” to demonstrate how to put together a table. I had to sit underneath the table and my hands were above the table. I learned a contortionist I am not. It was quite uncomfortable and certainly not glamorous! When do you listen to others and act and when do you just listen?
2. Too Many Hand Gestures
Our gestures need to be purposeful. This photo was taken earlier this year at a client event. When I saw the photo I was horrified. I share it with you because we learn by observing others: we learn what to do and we learn what not to do.

Lesson Learned: The lesson here is definitely a WHAT NOT to do. This appears to be a two-handed replication of the old shoot out at the OK corral. Choose to gesture with one hand or the other, not both. Are you purposeful in your gestures as with all of your communication?
3. Do You Push Yourself?
I have concluded that extreme sport enthusiasts have a specific DNA. This DNA is missing in my genetic make-up. Completely missing. I have no desire to jump out of a plane, bungee jump, or paraglide. In fact, I don’t think you could pay me enough to do any of these three extreme sports. A few years ago I was able to muster up the courage to parasail.

Lesson Learned: I experienced parasailing for one reason. I might add I did it in another country where they probably have no OSHA. I wanted to push myself to do something literally out of my comfort zone, and live to tell. I didn’t enjoy it, I didn’t appreciate the view from above, and I liked nothing about it. Do you push yourself literally or figuratively?
Forum 360 with Leslie as Moderator

At Majestic Meadows They Really Talk to the Animals
Guests: Brittany and Jeff Farley, and a kangaroo, camel,
Alpacas, goats, pigs, etcetera etcetera etcetera

Watch/ Listen to Forum 360:
Western Reserve Public Media, PBS-TV, PBS Fusion Channels 45 & 49 (Time Warner channel 993) - Mondays at 8 pm and Saturdays at 5:00 pm. After the show airs, you can download it here.

WONE FM 97.5 Sunday 6 am
For online streaming go to http://wone.net/ and click Listen Live. 

WAKR AM 1590 Sunday, 5:00 pm, Monday 12:30 am For online streaming go to http://akronnewsnow.com/ and click Listen Live.
If you know about Benji, then you know I walk him 2 ½ to 3 miles a day. For most dogs that would be enough to “take the edge off”. Not so much with Benji.
Today I logged 8,000 steps, 3.5 miles. That means Benji probably logged more than me as he walks in front of me, behind me, in front of me, rarely at my side! So let’s say that he was close to 10,000 steps, the number Americans are supposed to walk per day. FYI The average American walks 3,000 – 4,000 steps a day.
We get home from the 8,000 steps and Benji decides it is time to terrorize Natcha. It’s like a switch turned on and he runs 100 mph around her, 100 mph around the house, 100 mph using the steps as his personal Indy 500 track. He is unstoppable. Until.
Until the switch turns off as fast as it turns on. Just like that he is fast asleep on the cool terra cotta tile in the middle of the kitchen floor.
Do we all have an on and off button? Do we use it? Could we?
For many, it is scary, downright frightful to figure out all the ways to use traditional media and social media!
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