November 2022
HERBIE'S HINTS (named after my dad!)

I don’t remember my parents ever talking to me about “voting.” It was just assumed that I would vote when I became of age. As much as my dad and I sparred over politics, my sister was in college when all Ohio universities were closed after the Kent State shootings, he didn’t teach or instruct me to vote. I guess it was just assumed.
My dad fought in the European theatre during WW2. I don’t remember him using his service to convince me to vote. I guess it was just assumed.
When my mom was in assisted living she got an absentee ballot. My mom was never very involved or interested in politics. She just wanted the news women to look good and make sure their roots were not showing. Yet she made sure to sit and dictate her ballot choices to my sister.
The other day a client rehashed a conversation she had with a young associate. Since Vietnam she claimed, young people just don’t vote. Her point was even when there was a mandatory draft that sent young people to their death, those same young people did not use their vote at the ballot box.
How was I raised differently? I don’t know. I just can’t imagine sitting down at a dinner table the day after an election and telling my dad I didn’t vote. Or even worse, I wasn’t registered!
Stay on Your Cutting Edge
My dad sauntered. I thought it was just his way. The up side was that he rarely got rattled. The frustrating side was that he rarely got rattled! A few weeks ago I encountered a “saunterer” in the midst of a dog fiasco. Here are my thoughts on being on the other end of the “saunterer.” 
1. All Speaking is Formal Speaking
Recently I received a call from a company. They almost bought an additional unneeded $100,000 machine because their own people didn’t communicate with each other. Yet after a proposal and meeting in person, they decided “formal” communication was not the problem.
Lesson Learned: There is a saying that “all communication outside of your front door is public speaking: FORMAL PUBLIC speaking. The rules of communication are the rules and they apply to everyone and all situations from a wedding toast to conversation at the proverbial water cooler. Do you see all communication as formal?
2. The Magic of Clarity
I was excited to hear her speak. When I found out at 11pm that she was coming to CLE, I got online, reserved my ticket, and cleared my calendar. I started out early and walked the ¼ mile in heels. All this to see and hear Liz Cheney speak in person. I wasn’t disappointed. Although I have a few magic wands, she is the one who made magic with her clarity.
Lesson Learned: It was like watching a magician make the Empire State building disappear in front of your very eyes. She repeatedly took complicated issues and cut to clarity in one sentence. I was in awe. She even evidenced a slight sense of humor. I talk about the value of clarity, she implemented it. Can you reduce a complicated issue to one sentence?
3. A Fan for Different Reasons
I have been a fan of many people and causes over the years. I find myself a fan once again. Although perhaps for different reasons than I would have been a fan in the past. I had the opportunity to meet Akron’s Romeo Travis. In the past I may have been a fan because he played with LeBron or he was a professional basketball player.
Lesson Learned: After a conversation with him I was a fan because he was so approachable, charming and self-effacing. He said he wished he was a few inches shorter . . . so it would be easier to find clothes! He got a dog while playing overseas because he wanted companionship! Effective communication is about being willing to be vulnerable. How willing are you?
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Now that Benji has been forbidden from coming to work, our routine has changed. I try to walk him before I come to work and then leave him at home.
Dogs need their routines so I try to keep a routine for him. Because I walked him without Natcha most mornings, I try to find a time to walk him alone. I want him to have a routine. More so, I don’t want him to retaliate for his routine being uprooted!
After Natcha has received her insulin, her IV drip – sub q – the dogs have been walked, Benji has gotten some individual attention, I am ready to leave for work. He patiently waits for a treat and doesn’t try to come with me. WOW. A new habit learned.
What new habits can you learn?
Join Us For Video & Vine
December 7, 5 - 7pm
The burning question this holiday season: what to give that difficult-to-shop-for friend, peer, or family member?
Give them the gift of an "experience". Better yet, come with them so you can "experience" this session together!
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You learn by doing and by observing. And guess what? You have fun in the process!!
Each person may choose what they do while being videotaped:
1. I have found it is most beneficial for you to use your own material, from a presentation or anything that is about 300 words.

2. We have transcripts from famous speeches/famous people who gave a speech if you want to present a couple of paragraphs from one of these.
3. We can do an interview where I will be the host and you will be the guest.
You will learn by doing and by observing others, and take home a bottle of wine!
* We need a minimum of four participants

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