December 2022: A Newsletter About Gifts
HERBIE'S HINTS (named after my dad!)

My dad gave me the gift of wisdom in all the Herbie’s Hints he shared with me over and over again over so many years. If I haven’t implemented them, that’s on me!
Several years ago a father of three asked me a question, “how do I remember all of these hints?” He didn’t think his adult children would remember anything he ever told them!
I responded with this tongue-in-cheek answer: you have to die first. By that I explained that at first I didn’t remember any Herbie-ism’s either! On the plane ride home from the funeral, I started desperately writing down whatever I could remember. That is how Herbie’s Hints was born, out of an urgent necessity to remember, to capture every lesson, every memory I could conjure. As time passed, the more I remembered the more I put pen to paper or fingers to keys.
Every Herbie’s Hint is a gift. And every time I can remember one, that’s a gift also.
Stay on Your Cutting Edge
The gift of clarity. Clarity is a gift you can give yourself that will keep giving benefits to you.
Three gifts you can give yourself and each other
1. The Gift of the Unexpected
If you have been to Chicago and walked down Michigan Ave. then you know there is always much to look at: the windows, the shoppers, and the boats. We unexpectedly came across a wedding party at the top of Michigan Ave. In addition to the real photographer, everyone with a phone was snapping photos. It was like they created their own paparazzi.
Lesson Learned:  I was so glad that I was paying attention so I could observe this bride and groom. First I got a photo of the kiss. Then in a grand romantic gesture he swept her off her feet. This unplanned image is the only image I remember from a long week-end in the Windy City. Are you open to the gift of the unexpected?
2. The Gift of Presence
Years ago I would interview Keith Dambrot, once coach at St V. and UA. Then I had the opportunity to interview present St. V coach Dru Joyce and his son and team member Dru Joyce II. I even got to interview the Cav’s Living Legends. Recently I had the honor to interview “Rome” Travis, LeBron's high school teammate and 14 season European BB player.
Lesson Learned: Saying YES and showing up is a gift. Your presence is a gift whether it is presence at a party, a game, or a meeting. Rome showed up for Forum 360 and was amazingly honest about his journey. Making yourself vulnerable (to a degree) is how you connect to an audience. Where can you give the gift of your presence?
3. The Gift of Visibility
I have belonged to the Cleveland City Club for years. Presently located at the corner of 9th and Euclid in downtown Cleveland, for me to attend a noon forum is at least a 3 hour round trip. Some speakers are worth it! It’s different to see and hear a person in person than on TV, Youtube or a podcast.
Lesson Learned: The city club remains one of the few places in the country where the audience asks uncensored questions directly of the speaker. My reward for my trip is to get to the microphone first to ask my question. Whether it is Chuck Todd or Tim Ryan, there is value to both the speaker and the audience in the visibility of the spotlight. Do you search for the spotlight?
Leslie as Speaker
Cowboy Up: Round Up Your Untapped Potential
February 14, Webinar
Forum 360 with Leslie as Host
Upcoming Shows:
What’s New at Cleveland City Club?
Guests: Cynthia Connelly, Director of Programming
From Akron to Beyond Europe and Back
Guest: "Rome" Travis, St. V, UA, Professional basketball player

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Benji came home as a 6 week old puppy to Natcha, our Schnauzer. Natcha was always the perfect dog. Benji not so much. So he has watched his “sister” always be referred to as perfect while his every transgression stood out.
With her diabetes and IV drip, taking her out consistently is a necessity. Tonight I didn’t get her out in time. I believe I saw Benji gloating just a little.
Video & Vine, January 25, 5 - 7pm
We will tape you, play it back, make suggestions, and then we will tape you again. You will see immediate improvement! You learn by doing and by observing. And guess what? You have fun in the process!!
Dead President's+ Boot Camp, February 16, 9am - Noon
You read it correctly, dead Presidents plus! In honor of President's Day, MLK Day and Valentine's Day too, we bring you a unique program. So much to learn from: Lincoln's very short Gettysburg address, FDR’s use of language, Robert Kennedy teaching a master class in how to answer questions, MLK's handwritten index cards, Michelle Obama’s ability to connect plus a couple people who are still alive, and a couple people who were not president!

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