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October 2012 | Special Presidential Debate Second Edition

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This newsletter includes: Perspectives of the Second Presidential Debate

1. Romney's devil was in his details

21st century leaders have to stay in the strategic and know when to come down to the tactical and how long to stay. Romney was so focused on his tactical perception of the rules that he took the time to whine to Candy Crowley about time before even answering an audience member's question.

Lesson Learned: Be very diligent in knowing when to be strategic and when to be tactical. You are either the leader of the free world, or the time keeper, you can't be both.

2. Bullying a woman is tricky

"Candy, Candy, Candy", was one of Romney's verbal ways of bullying the moderator. It is tough for a man to stand up to a female and not be a bully. It will be interesting to see the aftermath of Romney trying to steam roll a female moderator. When Rick Lazio ran against Hillary Clinton in the Senate race, he basically lost the election when he charged her podium during the debate.

Lesson Learned: Women and men will look at this aspect of the debate differently. Gender is a tricky aspect of communication.

3. Getting fact checked by the moderator

My dad used to say Live by the pass, Die by the pass. You could say the same thing when it comes to the facts one chooses to use. Win by what you choose to emphasize, lose by what you emphasize. When Candy Crowley corrected Romney on the Rose Garden comment, it was the first time I ever saw a candidate fact checked during a debate.

Lesson Learned: In communication you have to be willing to live with the consequences of your choices. If you are going to communicate something as a fact, you have to be prepared to be fact checked on national TV.

4. Multiple audiences

Who were they really speaking to...the "un-decide'eds" in the audience or their own party faithful? The audience in-house was sacrificed for the people watching in their own homes, people who have decided a long time ago. Both candidates need to get out their faithful to vote.

Lesson Learned: Speakers always have multiple audiences. We don't just have the audience in front of us.

5. Unintended outcomes

Romney said he had received "binders full of women" from colleagues during his time in the private sector. Before the debate was over, Tumblr already had a site named Binders Full of Women and the Twitter account had 32,000 followers. The first questioner, Jeremy Epstein asked if he would have a job in two years when he graduated. His question turned into a trending topic and is positioning him as the 2012 Joe the Plumber

Lesson Learned: You practice and practice, prepare and prep and then the unexpected happens.

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