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October 2012 | First Presidential Debate Edition

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My newsletter comes out the 15th of every month. Because of tonight's debate, I am focusing on the debate to be timely here is my early gift to you!

This newsletter includes: The Power of Perspectives

  1. Herbie's Helpful Hint
  2. Mishmash of Value:

      1- 5 The Dreadful Debate

    1. The first 20 minutes
    2. Passion not anger
    3. Zingers are tough to master
    4. Who shoots self in the foot?
    5. Who is their main audience?
  3. Live and On TV
  4. Come and Be Apart of Our Community
  5. Natcha's Journal

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I. Herbie's Helpful Hint (named after my Dad)

My dad didn't settle. And he certainly didn't let me settle. Not if he thought I could do better. After my interview with Jim Tressel I thought I could do better. I asked for a second interview. I couldn't control the answer but I could control what I requested.

Lesson Learned:

Sometimes you want a do-over. I asked for it and got it. So what are you going to do about what you want to do-over?

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II. Mishmash of Value:

Earlier in the week I wrote on my blog what to look for in this debate. Let's apply my early tipping points to this dreadful charade of a debate. I refer to this debacle as dreadful because it was boring. No speaker has the right to bore an audience. Mid-way through the debate I was hoping someone would yell FIRE and end our misery.

1. The first 20 minutes

I was bored, my dogs were bored, and more importantly, Honey Boo Boo surely must have been bored with the first 20 minutes and every minute. I once had a client whose presentation strategy was to bore their audience to death so they would not ask controversial questions. If this was the strategy it certainly worked.Both candidates were boring. Obama more boring.

2. Passion not anger

Romney had to check his temper and he did. Although at times he looked like a school boy listening to his teacher, he did not show anger. Obama was more intense but at times looked cross. Obama went from looking disinterested to unhappy that he had to undergo this debate. He didn't look at his watch, but he might as well have because he did not look like he wanted to be there.

3. Zingers are tough to master

There was a lot of talk about Romney practicing zingers. Zingers are tricky. To Romney's benefit he did not use them, that was a good decision. Romney said he would cut funding to NPR even though he liked Big Bird. Obama could have capitalized: Romney wants to kill Big Bird. What a campaign slogan.

Obama missed many opportunities: the 47%, Bain, Ryan's vote on Medicare, getting Bin Laden. Zingers were more obvious for their absence than for their presence.

4. Who shoots self in the foot?

We the American public bled more than either of them because we had to listen to both of them. They only had to listen to each other. Obama had many missed opportunities to shoot Romney but instead he injured himself.

5. Who is their main audience?

They both rarely looked at each other, which was OK, BUT really you can't see the person standing a few feet from you? Where was Obama looking? He looked down but did not look either out to the house audience or at the national audience. Neither, especially in closing remarks, looked out at the national audience and owned the stage. Both stayed in their box behind the podium. Leaving box could have helped or hurt but it would have added some interest: nothing ventured nothing gained.

The most important lessons from the debate are:

  • The importance of speaking even in today's world where it sometimes seems that technology has taken over. Although we are not electing a debater-in-chief, especially in a close election a debate is still important.
  • The importance of an honest mirror. Romney's people evidently got to him and corrected past ineffective debate behavior. Either no one was an honest mirror for Obama or he didn't listen.
  • Preparation . . . even if you are the president. Really, you didn't prepare your closing comment on why you should be re-elected. Really???
  • In all speaking you have to prepare, and then really be in that moment. Obama let so many opportunities go flying past him. He obviously did not want to be at that debate. Where was so much more important that he wanted to be? Remember the Press Dinner hours before the Bin Laden mission? He was able to act like he wanted to be at that dinner.
  • The moderator was horrible. He did not command respect of time limits and the candidates did not give him respect.The role of moderator/host/facilitator seems unimportant until it is done badly.
  • "Well" is never an appropriate way to begin a debate or any other verbal opportunity to speak.

Somewhere Bill Clinton was throwing heavy objects at the TV watching the gain he got for Obama go down the drain.

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III. On TV and Live

Live: Come and Join Us Can we keynote an event for you?

October 17 Jackson Belden Chamber, 100 Tips in 100 Days
October 26 Sixth District Educational Compact

TV--Forum 360 with Leslie as host on Time/Warner

Upcoming Shows:

Title: A Conversation with Jim Tressel
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Title: The Art of Giving
Guest: Karen Lefton, Esq. and Jaqueline Silas-Butler, Esq.

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IV. Come and Be A Part of our Community

We are always doing something you can participate in for an hour or a day, in person or by phone. We will even make you a video star at our video sessions.

October 18 Video and You is at maximum capacity- please come and participate in one of our 2013 video opportunities

December 6 Happy Hour Club and Book Signing
Over the years readers commented to me more about Herbie Hint's than they comment on any other musings in my newsletter. The book, Herbie's Hints. is not just a memorial to my dad, it is a memorial to all dads.

Please join us for our booksigning event on December 6.

The booksigning, at the happy hour of 5 o'clock, will feature many of my dad's favorites like OREO's and chocolate milk, along with your favorites and my favorites. It will also feature some of the amazing people in the Electric impulse community as well as some of Herbie's Hints!

Email us at [email protected] for further information or to RSVP to one of our events. For more information visit our website at www.electricimpulse.com

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V. The Natcha Journals (my 4-legged immigrant)

Natcha had to learn to open her mouth and take a weight and then "give" it on command. The only way to get her to "give" is to raise the stakes and give her something she wants more than her toy. I have to "raise the stakes." How can you raise the stakes to give your employees, your prospects, clients, customers, patients something that they want more than they have?

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