Lessons in Leadership for Entrepreneurs, Executives, and Everyone In-Between

Want to know if you are a leader? If you can lead a horse with confidence – you can lead a team, a company or a profession. If you can lead a horse, you can lead. In one or all of the 100 lessons in this book you will discover:
  • What specific steps will make you more effective
  • What will empower executives, leaders, & business owners
  • How to ignite your ability to get results and be successful
Then I invite you to come to the Round Pen and learn by doing! Buy on Amazon Buy on iBooks HorseTalk: Lessons in Leadership benefits non-horse people with the lessons a horse can teach. A horse is a 4-legged mirror that reflects your ability to lead, overcome challenges and work as a team to meet and exceed goals. This book and the HorseTalk experience are built on one core belief. How you are at HorseTalk is how you are in your work and your life because the way you do anything is the way you do everything.

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“Horse Talk helps you discover the leader within and as Leslie starts the book, leadership can be situational. My journey as a leader in life and business has taught me that I’m always learning. This guide will help you understand the underlying principles of becoming a great leader. Leslie is a friend and my coach. I value her insights and highly recommend Horse Talk.” Brian Beheydt

“I really like how easy and pleasant this book was to read, in a somewhat instructional format. Author Leslie Ungar provided some of the best leadership and one-on-one communication advice I’ve heard, and the advice is very simple to apply. This book sits right on the corner of my desk.” Chuck Mullen

“An easy to read, yet very insightful and helpful guide to learning, reviewing, and accepting one’s leadership style. I’m now rethinking how I approach some people and situations. How we see ourselves is too often very different from “that” look in the honesty mirror as Leslie so aptly points out. Though not CEO or COO, we will still likely find ourselves in a leadership role at some time. Leslie Ungar illustrates lessons that everyone can use and be of benefit — whether with our family, friends, within our neighborhood, social groups AND our business lives.” Lisa Elaine

“This book helped me better understand my communication and leadership styles; both professionally and personally! I love the way it’s written and how you can bounce around or read it beginning to end. Great read for any age- any career path!” Heather Maimone

“Leslie has such an effective way to get her leadership lessons across in this book. It’s easy to digest the valuable leadership lessons that are learned from years of working with these powerful animals. The book’s format of always having a ‘Call to Action’ in each section mirrors Leslie’s coaching style of pushing her clients to take control of situations and constantly grow their capabilities. Great read and extremely useful!” Tony B.

“This is a fun read, taking some of the seriousness out of leadership books without sacrificing any of the important lessons. I’ve known Leslie through civic life in Northeast Ohio, and I deeply appreciate her many contributions–including this book!–to helping people and organizations be their best. with horses to the business world and even relatable to your personal life.” Dan Moulthrop

“I have had the opportunity to hear Leslie speak at an event, and feel that her method of delivering information on Leadership is incredible! I have highlighted and underlined my copy of Horse Talk and refer to it often. Her writing style is like hearing her live. Thanks to Leslie, for giving us lots of quotes to keep in mind. I hope that you enjoy the book as much as I did.” Pam Collica

“In Horse Talk, Leslie combines her background in showing horses with her skills as an executive coach, a communications expert, and a leadership coach. This metaphor provides an excellent way for Leslie to describe leadership stories and lessons in a cohesive, helpful manner that any leader can understand. I find Horse Talk delightful!” DCS

“I haven’t always been a big reader but sometimes I come across something that I can’t put down, and HorseTalk fits the bill! Easy to understand lessons aimed at forging yourself into a more effective leader. I would recommend this book to anyone that is wanting to sharpen their leadership skills in their personal or professional world. Overall a great book!” Oleta E.

“Easy to read with fun stories from the round pen. I especially liked lesson #29 Pay attention to your hip bones. All about body language and how it affects your interactions with horses and people.” Michael

“Written in a way where you can read small sections each day (there are 100 lessons) and reflect on those readings before moving onto the next lesson learned. Easy to read – story telling approach that relates real life leadership” Amazon Customer

“And God took a handful of southerly wind, blew his breath upon it, and created the horse.” Bedouin legend

“What a great day in the round pen! I appreciate the lessons Grey Lady taught me about my leadership skills and when my leadership skills needed to be more present.” Matt Berthold, COO, Westfield Bank

“My time in the pasture at HorseTalk was very insightful and I feel that my leadership abilities have improved dramatically from the experience.” Jason Schatzel, CFO, Canton Local School District

“HorseTalk is a great learning exercise to be able to look in your own mirror and have the chance to work with other professionals towards self-awareness, self-study, critique and reflection in a safe, fun environment.” Deborah S. Plate, DO, FAAFP Akron General/Cleveland Clinic

About Leslie G. Ungar

Leslie G. Ungar is an executive coach, speaker, and speechwriter who empowers clients and audiences to communicate with confidence to reach their “blue ribbon”. Using 25 years of horse show experience Leslie created HorseTalk as a one-day workshop for executives, leaders, business owners and their teams to ignite their ability to get results and be successful.