September 2018
HERBIE'S HINTS (named after my dad!)
*The Intersection of my dad and Meghan McCain’s dad
 My dad used to say “as long as they spell your name right.” Several years ago, before John McCain ran for president in 2008, I wrote him a letter. I wrote to thank him for his support of Israel at a particularly challenging time in Israel’s history. In response I received a 2-page single spaced snail mail letter. 
I don’t know if he wrote it or just authorized it. Doesn’t matter, his support was there and a well thought out explanation of that support. A few months after I received that letter, I was in Italy. At a restaurant in Florence, I heard another table speaking English. I went over to find out that the couple was from Arizona.

I called attention to their senator, still excited about my letter. They bemoaned what they saw as a senator who worked more on national issues than Arizona issues.

Senator McCain was a guest on Meet the Press more than any one in history. People may know his name that don’t know the name of their own senator.

But there is always a down side to any upside. Yes he was well-known. There will always be those that think too well-known. As my dad said, “as long as they spell your name right.”
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Observations from John McCain’s memorial speakers. FYI John McCain personally asked all speakers to speak at his memorial services in Arizona, D.C. and Annapolis.
1. Megan McCain
Eulogies are the most important speech we can ever give. It is the last formal good-bye. I also think it is whatever the person giving it needs it to be. I have heard some odd eulogies, I always tell myself it is what that person needs to say.
In her eulogy, daughter Meghan “went there” and people applauded in the middle of a eulogy. You can break any rule as long as you are willing to live with the consequences.
Lesson Learned: She broke an unwritten rule about a eulogy getting political, and was rewarded with applause in the middle of the eulogy. For any history buffs, compare these words, Ronald Reagan after The Challenger, "slipped the surly bonds of earth" to "touch the face of God." Meghan’s words, “And he slipped the earthly bonds, put out his hand, and touched the face of god.”
2. President Obama
As you probably know by now, John McCain chose all of the speakers and personally invited all of them to speak. In the opening of his remarks, President Obama said McCain was getting the last laugh – making Obama and Bush say nice things about him to a national audience.
Lesson Learned: I was at the graveside of a funeral one time when someone’s cell phone accidentally fell on top of the descending casket. Those of us that saw it happen laughed. Later the rabbi said that at every funeral there should be laughter and tears. President Obama provided some laughter.
3. Bush 41
Even by today’s lack-of-civility standards, the race to the Republican nomination in 2000 was ugly. It became a contest famous for its bitter nature and an underground smear campaign against McCain. It appeared as though the whole GOP establishment supported W. McCain withdrew after the S. Carolina primary .
Lesson Learned: McCain made a point to ask the two opponents who deprived him of the presidency to speak at his memorial service. One interesting point about Bush being asked to speak is that giving a formal speech was never one of W’s strengths. It still isn’t but as a speaker our goal is always to be effective not perfect. Bush could manage effective. 
4. Joe Lieberman
The former senator gave his eulogy in stories. As an Orthodox Jew his stories mostly talked about his friend John McCain within the parameters of how the Arizona senator learned the practices of Orthodox Judaism. When they traveled as senators, if there was an important meeting on a Saturday, Joe Lieberman had to walk to the meeting.
Lesson Learned: Lieberman did not drive on the Sabbath. McCain could have just met him at their destination. That is not what a friend would do so he walked every step with his friend Joe Lieberman. This way of “doing” not just talking about doing probably earned him the ovation in Myanmar and Vietnam that Lieberman talked about in his eulogy.
5. Joe Biden
I think of Joe Biden as a warrior of loss. He has lived through more loss than any two or three or four of us see and feel in a lifetime. In his 30’s he suffered the loss of his wife and daughter, in his 60’s his friend Ted Kennedy, in his 70’s his son Beau.
Lesson Learned: Because he spoke not only as a friend, as an expert in loss his words came with experience. His words came with a different kind of expertise, “y ou know you're going to make it when the image of your dad, your husband, your friend crosses your mind and a smile comes to your lip before a tear to your eye. That's when you know."
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Natcha is seven and Benji will be three this New Years. As my cocker spaniels Tim and Missy got older, they lost their hearing first. So I am now teaching both Natcha and Benji hand signals, just in case. I could think of it as another way Benji can diss me!
Because of the advancements in medicine our pets are living longer and longer. Kind of like us! Teaching them hand signals to sit, down and come are ways to prepare for older age.
I guess hand rails and core work would be ways for humans to prepare for older age!
Whether in our personal or professional life, what are we doing to prepare?
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