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HorseTalk: Lessons in Leadership

A horse is a metaphor for business challenges.

You Can Lead a 2,000 pound Horse When You’re Clear Where You’re Going.

You can lead your own career, team, company or Girl Scout Troop when you identify your goal, look ahead and walk with confidence.

What’s Horsetalk

  • An energizing experience with lasting results!
  • A unique way to look at your communication and leadership skills from the perspective of a horse, one of nature’s most intuitive animals!
  • A day like no day you have experienced before!

Here’s a secret:

A horse does not care what degrees you have, your title, or the bonus you receive at the end of the year. A horse is not impressed with your position, and will not cooperate with you because of the alphabet soup of letters after your name. To a horse everyone starts out equal!

What does that mean for you?

Learning from a horse is a unique way for you to uncover and rediscover how to communicate your value in your company, profession, and family.

Are you ready to learn something new in a new way?
We combine practical experience with the knowledge gained from years of horse experience. In this one day of educational escapism we partner to enable you to see yourself through someone else’s eyes. This someone else just happens to be a horse.

As an Executive Coach, my job is share wih you what each horse is telling me about how you communicate and/or lead. Our goal is to help you use communication to advance your agenda whether you are our youngest participant at 10 years old or our oldest participant at 65! In order to do that, you first have to believe in you.

HorseTalk is a unique approach to the coaching process. It incorporates one of life’s natural leaders, the horse, along with a human coach to create a safe setting for exploration. The horses provide immediate feedback and insights because a horse is communicating 24/7. This allows you to learn quicker and move faster in your development process. Whatever your position, one participant identified herself as CEO of her family, we are all either improving or regressing in life.

HorseTalk: Lessons in Leadership” is a one-day workshop for anyone or any team interested in professional development and team building outside the traditional four walls training often takes place within.

Who should attend HorseTalk?

You may be wondering, “is HorseTalk for me?” The answer is a resounding YES. You may have just taken over a company or may think you will never be in a leadership role, the answer is a resounding YES.

You may be wondering how well your team functions as a team, or you may have identified some team members as future leaders. The answer is a resounding YES.

You may be early in your career, you may be contemplating a career change, or you may be CEO of your family, the answer is a resounding YES.

You may be trying to accelerate your career or maintain where you are, the answer is a resounding YES.

Whether you attend the Mother-Daughter version, attend with your company, or with a group you meet that morning, the answer is YES.

Why always YES? Because we all benefit when we continue to identify, learn, grow, and develop new skills or refine the ones we have. We all benefit from an honest mirror. A horse just happens to be your four-legged honest mirror at HorseTalk. Everyone is the leader of their own life.

Here are just a few of the outcomes from this day:

  • Realize how empowered you already are
  • See the results when someone truly “thinks out of the box”
  • See how you as a team member overcome first time challenges
  • Uncover functional/dysfunctional team dynamics when encounter a challenge
  • Learn to communicate “no” when you mean no & “yes” when you mean yes
  • Identify mixed messages that impact your ability to communicate clearly
  • Earn trust more quickly by being congruent
  • Try new leadership styles, communication methods and relationship-building tactics in a safe environment

If you can get a horse to trust and follow you, you can do the same with people!

Prior experience with horses is not required. All leadership activities are done on the ground. No riding is involved.

Leadership Workshop Includes:

  • One full day filled with interactive leadership activities
  • Catered lunch and snacks
  • Positive and challenging feedback from a two member professional staff and the herd of horses itself!
  • Dialogue on leadership challenges, and essential skills
  • Personal leadership development action plan
  • Professional Coaching session at Leslie’s office after the workshop
  • Escapism: Breathtaking views and relaxing environment on a farm!


  • Friday June 7th – Spring HorseTalk #1
  • Friday July 12th – Summer HorseTalk #2
  • Friday August 23th – Fall HorseTalk #3
  • Friday October 11th – Fall HorseTalk #4

Cost: quoted upon request

“When you said the round pen will reveal what kind of leader you are… the thought of looking into an honest mirror really took some courage. It turned out to be awesome. My big takeaways were:
1. The audience decides the authenticity of the message
2. Presence is powerful (at least important)
3. Messaging and position (timing) have to be congruent
4. Listen with my eyes
5. The most powerful lesson I learned is my communication needs to be constant and consistent
6. My new found admiration of horses lives in the fact that their willingness to follow does not make them any less majestic or powerful. We all have a job to do… “
— Larry Johnson Jr.
High School Principal
“Imagine 6 people from different walks of leadership/communication, working together with their equine friends to accomplish tasks in large, small and individual groups. I learned new ways to think about group dynamics, how my internal thoughts can communicate to others, and how to deal with a challenge in a clear purposeful way. Did I also mention obstacles like a snake, horse poop and hyper dogs; and let’s not forget about Smart Sue! I loved my day and will tell every emerging and practicing leader I know that this is a memorable day that will not be forgotten!”
— Kim Redmond,
Canton Local Schools