May 2019
HERBIE'S HINTS (named after my dad!)

 There I am in California for Passover. Moshe and I are walking out of the hotel as a jogger is returning to the hotel. As we cross paths I see that the jogger is wearing an Ohio State T-shirt. With no premeditated thought, I said to the stranger, “O-H”. He paused a second and said “I didn’t expect to hear that in LA, and then said I-O”.

Again with no premediated thought, I responded “did you know you can get the OSU logo on your headstone?”

I guess obvious to most reading this newsletter, I got no further response from Mr. OSU.

As we walked away, Moshe said to me, “do you know how crazy you sound talking to a 30 something about a headstone?”

I don’t think that was crazy. Besides the fact that a 30 something can have a parent or grandparent who cares about OSU or any other logo, I was raised by an OSU fan. And we know that the word fan is just short for fanatic.

I showed my rabbi the OSU logo on the headstone and he had never seen a logo on a headstone. A generic golfer on a headstone, but not a college logo.

Because of my dad’s eternal connection to OSU, I thought I was giving the jogger gold, real gold. It’s always first about the mindset. My dad would say anything for OSU.
Stay on Your Cutting Edge
In this video that is just one minute and 21 seconds you can learn so many lessons.
A reminder to keep your hip bones facing your audience. In the Round Pen your audience is your horse. Watch your audience for cues of your effectiveness be clear in your communication and presence is 24/7. Join us on one of 2019 HorseTalks.

Here are some of the things that you can expect from the day:

  • Heightened awareness of leadership styles
  • Uncover your appreciation or lack of for team dynamics
  • Learn “no” when you mean no & “yes” when you mean yes
  • Uncover behaviors that negatively impact your clients & employees
  • Earn trust more quickly by aligning what you do & what you say
  • Try new leadership styles, communication methods and relationship-building tactics in a safe environment

If you can get a horse to trust and follow you, you can do the same with people!
1. John Legend & Chrissy Teigen
John Legend and Chrissy Teigen’s oldest child, Luna, goes to pre-school in Santa Monica, CA with Moshe's grandson. In this photo, you can see these famous parents sitting on a couch surrounded by preschoolers. With a book open on their laps, as involved parents they were present for their turn to read a story at parent’s story hour.

Lesson Learned:  This photo is just that, a photo. A snapshot-a single frame of a life. What we know for sure from this photo is that at least on this day, at this story hour, John Legend and Chrissy Teigen are involved and engaged parents. One can hire help to chauffer, cook, clean and tutor. When it is parent’s story hour, one can’t hire a parent to show up. I love that between TV, concerts, writing cookbooks and Twitter, John and Chrissy came to preschool to read a story for Luna and her class. Do you show up?
2. What Their Audience Thinks of John & Chrissy
As a speaker and coach, what I love about this photo is that we can see that some of Luna’s classmates are not listening. You can see those little faces looking all around the room, looking everywhere but at John Legend and Chrissy Teigen. Before you say, well they are 3-year olds, this photo attests to how hard it is to keep the attention of your audience, even if you are famous. 

Lesson Learned:  Keeping an audience engaged is a challenge for everyone. As performers live on stage and on TV, John and Chrissy know more techniques to engage an audience than most of our mere mortals. Yet they are still challenged to get the whole audience to focus on them. To this particular audience a bee or a bird may be more interesting than the speakers at the front of the room. Are you working as hard to keep their attention as they are working to disengage?
3. Pacific Ocean Surprise
If you live in the Mid-West then you probably grew up on movies about Southern California. From Annette Funicillo and Beach Party to Sandra Dee to old Baywatch and new Baywatch the sun and sand were immortalized forever. When you actually get to the end of Route 66 and put your foot in the water, you find out that it is amazingly cold . . . no swimming without a wet suit.

Lesson Learned:  Cold isn’t all that you might find. Moshe was tempted to put his foot in the ocean. So he did. He ended up with a dark oil on his feet, his legs, his hands, arms, and clothes. He came back to the hotel and received great advice. It actually has a name, beach tar. Sunscreen takes it off fast and easily. Why does NE Ohio always get bad PR when SoCal has beach tar? Do you know a simple remedy that could work for a complex problem?
4. LAX Makes You Act Like a Homeless Person
I had to change from United to Southwest INSIDE LAX airport. I thought it was inside LAX. One might assume that at the world’s 4 th busiest airport and the 2 nd busiest airport in the U.S. that it would be easy to go from one terminal to another. It would seem to be a simple matter of getting on a tram for 1, 2, 3 or 8 stops and VIOLA; one would be at their terminal. NOT at the world’s 4 th largest airport.

Lesson Learned:  You have to exit the airport and hoof it by foot to a different terminal. You have to walk in the middle of some of the busiest streets in America, no sidewalks or elevated walk-ways. You pull your carry-on luggage like a homeless person pulling their shopping cart of worldly possessions. You cross traffic where there is no pedestrian crossing and pray that you live long enough to make your flight. The only lesson is to plan enough time to travel in America like you are in a third world country.
5. Basic Economy Barely Gets You There
On the return flight I tried to check in on-line 24 hours prior to departure. It was not possible. Why? Because the United Basic Economy Level does not allow you to check in online nor does it allow you to check in prior to arriving at the airport. Another fun perk of Basic Economy is the basic-ally guaranteed middle seat you will get because you could not check-in early. Did you know from LA to CLE is five Law & Order episodes?

Lesson Learned:  There are always different levels of everything. In communication the art is in hiding the art. I understand that there are different prices of tickets sold for any travel. When you can’t check-in early AND you are reminded that you have basic economy AND you both get a middle seat, the art is hardly hidden. The most expensive seat and the least expensive seat both arrive at the same time and hopefully safely. Can you help your most basic client not feel so basic?
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Benji loves having his photo taken. I don’t know why or how he knows I am using my phone as a camera rather than just texting or emailing with it. He knows.

He will pose over and over again. He doesn’t fidget or get bored. He just poses.

Using my phone to make a video is somehow different to him. Even for a dog each spoke of that communication wheel is different. Just because someone is good at one spoke does not man they are good at all of them.
Just because Benji is stellar at photos does mean he is stellar on video.
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