June 2020
HERBIE'S HINTS (named after my dad!)

Herbie was a man of few words most of the time. Some might say he wasn’t the most animated conversationalist, but he was a great storyteller. The quality of making himself smaller could have made him a good interviewer because he would ask more than he would talk, he would put the spotlight on the other person rather than himself.

Recently I was asked to guest on a New York radio show: Businesstalkradio1 . The host was the worst interviewer ever. He knew absolutely nothing about me, had no interest in following up on anything I said, and gave me no signs that he listened to anything I said. His follow up questions came out of left field.

My dad would have done a much better job. To interview well you need:

a. A curiosity about the subject
b. Listen to what the interviewee says 
c. Give interviewee evidence that you were listening

To interview well, like any spoke on the communication wheel, is a learned skill. Do you have that skill or do you want to learn it?
Stay on Your Cutting Edge
Any Strategy is Better than no Strategy is Lesson 13 from HorseTalk: Lessons in Leadership the book. Whether you are trying to get a horse to walk past a scary waving flag or increase your sales quota you need a strategy. And any strategy is better than no strategy.

Join Me for Tomorrow's HorseTalk Zoom Session at 10am EST

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FUN FACT: The first 5 people to join me in the session wearing something PURPLE will receive a Starbuck’s card!
In this 30 minute interactive session I will use lessons from the book HorseTalk to look at protests, covid, and the Jordan Last Dance - all in 30 minutes. Lessons from the pasture apply to all of our everyday lives.
You don't have to have read HorseTalk the book to join this session.
One of the strengths of our democracy is that any citizen - even Moshe and me - has access to elected officials . . . even when they are eating.

1. Mindset to Get Your Target
Apply the rules of communication when talking with an elected official. It always starts with your own mindset. Stopping Senator Brown from eating his lunch might seem a little rude. Not if your mindset is one of determination.

Lesson Learned:  If your mindset is one of determination, then keeping a U.S. Senator from his meal is a small thing. He can eat anytime, I have an opportunity to ask or tell only once in a blue moon. Is your mindset one of take no prisoners – or take no lunch?
2. Elected Officials are People Too
I was on a zoom session with Senator Ted Cruz. His dog kept barking in the background, apparently unimpressed that his owner was a senator. Years before he ran for governor, DeWine spoke the Monday after Thanksgiving to less than 12 people. Even elected officials can struggle with audience attendance.

Lesson Learned:  My number is not on any elected official’s speed dial and I barely get a holiday card from any public official. Still I have observed many normal citizens have a close relationship to mayors, congressman, and senators. Have you tried to establish a personal relationship with an elected official?

3. Sometimes You're the Speaker
Sherrod Brown may be a United States senator but on the topic of Israel he is no match for Moshe. As we hear over and over again today, people in power are obligated to listen. In any communication the role of speaker and audience is adaptable.

Lesson Learned: Sometimes you are the speaker and sometimes you are the audience. Riley Lochridge, former CEO of ComDoc, said he did a lot more listening than he did talking. Do you do more listening or talking?
This is a pre-Covid schedule; it will be updated as we learn more about future guidelines.

Leslie in Person
July 8 Be Coachable for Greater Akron Chamber
October 19 -20, Rubber Division, ACS IEC: Women's Conference and Presentation Workshop
October 22 Sixth District Educational Compact

Forum 360 with Leslie as Moderator
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Women in Elected Office
   Guests: Bobbie Beshara former Richfield Mayor, Annette Blackwell, Maple Heights Mayor

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I walk Benji 2-4 miles pretty much every day of the year. Usually closer to 3 miles and one time we accidentally walked 5 miles. He likes to walk in snow and rain. The colder the better. He does not like heat. So I walk him early in the morning and at dusk when the sun is not its strongest.

Even with his walks planned out (any strategy is better than no strategy); sometimes it still gets too warm for him. When it does get too hot, he just takes himself under a tree and makes it known he is not going any further.

He knows how to take care of himself. Maybe we could all learn a lesson.
HorseTalk: Lessons in Leadership

In response to Covid-19 we are making some changes in the day to reduce concerns and increase participant’s level of comfort.

Following is our new format:

1.   July 10 will be our first HorseTalk of the summer.
2.  We are reducing the day from 8 ½ hours to a 4 hour experience. The day will be from 9 -1pm. Lunch and de-brief will be at 12:30 
3.  Masks will be available
4.  We are replacing challenges that may have enabled closer proximity with challenges that allow participants to work from a further distance should they choose.
5.  We are limiting the number of participants to 5 per session so spacing is easier to attain in some group challenges.

Email us at  [email protected]  for further information or to RSVP to one of our events.

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