July 2020
HERBIE'S HINTS (named after my dad!)

My dad wrote a lot of letters. He wrote letters to the editor on a consistent basis, letters to congressmen and other elected officials, and he wrote to my sister while she was away at school and over all the years she lived in a different state.

Recently my sister found some of the letters she had saved. He had this great day in 1993 that he wrote to her about. He said, (in his handwriting), “I am afraid to pinch myself as I do not want to wake up and find that today is but a dream." 

I don’t know if any of your emails will be saved years from now. But I am sure that if you write a letter the old-fashioned way, you have a much better chance that it will be remembered, read and re-read and maybe even shared in a newsletter someday.
Stay on Your Cutting Edge
No one likes to be pushed, a lesson from HorseTalk: Lessons in Leadership.

At HorseTalk the horse is a metaphor. When you push a horse that means that you are in some way pushing people.
First HorseTalk COVID Edition
The day was half the length and the participants were half the number, but the lessons were twice as meaningful!
Come join us August 7th for the 2nd HorseTalk COVID Edition.

1. Every Team Member Handles Direction Differently
Since we were on an accelerated schedule every step and mis-step was magnified. Opportunity to learn was magnified too. Even when I read the directions, participants internalized them differently.

Lesson Learned: The group was to select a “pocket” in the pasture and when I asked them to point to the one the group selected, participants pointed to different pockets. It’s not enough to say something once and assume it is heard and understood.
2. There is Always a Rogue Team Member
During obstacle course one team member went off on her own and starting building what she thought was a great obstacle. No one on the team had any idea what “miss rogue” was doing. Perhaps she knew what she was doing.

Lesson Learned: To go rogue is to behave in an independent or uncontrolled way that is not authorized, normal, or expected. There is an upside and a downside to all behavior. Great things have been accomplished by people who went “rogue.” Have you ever gone rogue?
3. Lack of Clarity in Mixed Messaging
In the group exercise Billiards, some members were communicating to the horse to STOP and some were communicating GO. What’s a horse to do? A value of HorseTalk is that how you are in the pasture is how you are in life.

Lesson Learned: The horse is a metaphor. In this example of mixed messaging the horse had to decide which command to follow. The horse went with the visual message.

Do you give mixed messages?
Leslie Via Zoom or In Person
October 19 -20, Rubber Division, ACS IEC: Women's Conference and Presentation Workshop
October 22 Sixth District Educational Compact

Forum 360 with Leslie as Moderator
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The King Arthur test kitchen in Vermont is known among cooks for its rigorous recipe development. While it doesn’t turn out celebrity chefs, it does turn out famously easy-to-follow recipes.

In the quest for the perfect pan pizza the kitchen shared two secrets. The first secret is to apply the cheese first and the sauce second. This allows the cheese to work as a kind of barrier, minimizing sogginess.

The second secret is to cut the pizza with kitchen shears or a large pair of scissors.

Both of these may seem non-traditional to the traditional pizza connoisseur. It requires looking at pizza a little differently.

Living with Benji requires looking at obedience a little differently.
HorseTalk: Lessons in Leadership COVID Edition

In response to Covid-19 we are making some changes in the day to reduce concerns and increase participant’s level of comfort.

Following is our new format:

July 10 was our 1st COVID HorseTalk.
August 7 will be our second HorseTalk of the summer.
  1. We are reducing the day from 8 ½ hours to a 4 hour experience. The day will be from 9 -1pm. Lunch will be given to you "to-go."
  2. Masks will be available
  3. We are replacing challenges that may have enabled closer proximity with challenges that allow participants to work from a further distance should they choose.
  4. We are limiting the number of participants to 5 per session so spacing is easier to attain in some group challenges.

Email us at  [email protected]  for further information or to RSVP to one of our events.

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