September 2020
HERBIE'S HINTS (named after my dad!)

This is a “how small is this world” and Herbie story. The farm where I conduct
HorseTalk: Lessons in Leadership is the same location where I had my had my first
riding lesson as a little girl. I always knew that I got on a horse for my first lesson
in the same arena where the HorseTalk experience starts out. I had no evidence.

My dad had this old movie camera. I always had little patience for his taking
the movies but always liked to watch on “movie night.” He also had this really old projector that he would play these old reels on . . . until the tape broke again and again during “showtime.”

My sister recently found a box of these old tapes, and had them put on a flash
drive. Finally I was able to watch this footage that I didn’t even know existed.
And there in the old footage is me, about 8 years old, having a riding lesson
in the same arena as HorseTalk now takes place. Are you keeping memories
for future generations to enjoy?
Stay on Your Cutting Edge
Statistically only 3% of professionals working remote still dress professionally. This is very hard for me to understand. Finally I figured out why. 

In reviewing my lessons from HorseTalk: Lessons in Leadership, I was reminded that from the time you are a six year old in borrowed riding clothes at your first horse show, you always dress the part.
1. Depressed or Bored
First experts warned of a wave of mental health issues related to COVID consequences. Now some are saying that calling this wave of amped up stress levels clinical depression may be premature. What if we are just bored out of our minds? The word boredom didn’t enter into our lexicon until the mid-1800’s. Before that tedium was an accepted part of life.

Lesson Learned: Boredom is a normal emotional state and we shouldn’t equate it to a serious illness like depression. Depression is the inability to experience pleasure. In boredom the capacity for pleasure is intact but is thwarted due to external obstacles like quarantine. People will go to lengths to escape boredom: painting rocks and painting rooms. What will you do?
2. I Love Lucy - The Fastest Fall
The nation’s reservoirs dipped whenever I Love Lucy had a commercial. Lucille Ball was the most famous sitcom star of her era and maybe all time, and then an epic Broadway fail. In 1960 I Love Lucy just ended, the next day she filed for divorce. Lucille Ball wanted to star in a Broadway musical. There were two obstacles: she was neither a good dancer nor a good singer.

Lesson Learned: One lesson we could learn is that she was miscast. That was an error no supporting cast could overcome. A bigger lesson is that there was no dream she wouldn’t reach for and no fall she wouldn’t take. What would you reach for if there was no dream you wouldn’t reach for and no fall you wouldn’t take?
3. Making College Where You Are
As the fall semester begins, many college students will be attending classes from the relative safety of their family homes. Others have arrived to live on university campuses, with varying amounts of success. But some students are pursuing a third option: renting giant houses with friends — sometimes in far-flung locales — and doing school remotely, together. Call it the rise of the college “collab house.”

Lesson Learned: These houses range in scale from lavish and pricey productions to smart, budget-friendly solutions for first generation, low-income students. They can be in Salt Lake City, Montana, Hawaii, Portland, LA, DC, or Barbados. Some students created PP to convince their parents to support the idea. Major concerns they have addressed are how they plan to eat, adhere to safety precautions, and get schoolwork done. Have you created your third option?
Leslie Via Zoom or In Person
October 19 -20, Rubber Division, ACS IEC: Women's Conference and Presentation Workshop
October 22 Sixth District Educational Compact

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Primping for Westminster Dog Show
An area breeder and winner at Westminister Dog Show takes us behind the scenes.
Guests: Elizabeth Salewsky, Sandy the St. Bernard and Crom the Cane Corso

Creativity in the Time of a Pandemic
Educators and one innovative area company collaborate for a product that makes open schools possible. 
Guests: Kim Redmond, superintendent, Kris Kargil, MRO Built, Kathy Pugh, artist and art teacher

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Benji walks probably more than most Americans walk in a day. I walk 3 miles a day with Benji. He walks in front of me and behind me and to the side of me. He probably walks an additional mile.

With that amount of exercise he is hardly svelte. He also feels no guilt in his snacking. Given the opportunity he enjoys his pasta, chicken, corn on the cob, just about any treats.

Natcha is much choosier in her treats, as if she is “watching her figure.” She eats much more slowly and treats have to pass her muster.

Benji eats with gusto and no guilt. Maybe we could all learn from his example.
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I asked myself, who is the most famous person I know? The answer would be my next guest on Zoom. 

I am so excited to announce that my next guest remains the MOST popular Cleveland Cavalier ever!

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