October 2020
HERBIE'S HINTS (named after my dad!)

For much of my life my dad and I didn’t agree on politics. I grew up in the aftermath of the Leave it to Beaver days when we all sat down at the table for dinner every night. EVERY NIGHT. We talked about politics as far back as I can remember.

As a child, I could not understand the shooting at Kent State. That was dinner conversation, even when we didn’t all agree. My dad had an older brother, Sam. While he graduated from Harvard Law School he did not have children. So he believed children should be seen and not heard. My parents did not agree and encouraged all opinions even when Uncle Sam didn’t agree with outspoken children.

Amidst events as momentous then as our events are now, I don’t ever remember my dad missing the opportunity to vote.

Early voting has started. Mail in is available. Election Day is November 3.
Stay on Your Cutting Edge
Each month I ask myself, who is the most famous person I know who will take my call? This person will be my next guest in a zoom session open to all. Cavalier Living Legend Campy Russell was my most recent guest. Click here to hear Campy talk about the difference between scorers and shooters, in basketball and in life.
3 of My 10 Commandments:
Professionalism in a Virtual World
1. Thou Shalt Not Zoom from Bed
While this may sound like a 21st century version of Marie Antoinette’s “Let Them Eat Cake” to zoom, skype or go.to meeting from your bed is just not acceptable. Find 3 feet of real estate somewhere in your home, apartment or condo that does not have a pillow or head board.

Lesson Learned: Some backgrounds may be too bland and some too technically busy. Find a background that will support you as a professional whose voice should literally and figuratively be heard. Audiences often remember only one thing about a speaker. Do you want to be remembered in bed?
2. Thou Shalt Not Wear Sweat Shorts
Sadly only 3% of people working remote dress professionally. 75% wear sweats and 12% wear jeans. Some hang a bra, a button down shirt, or a jacket on the back of their chair for a fast wardrobe change. The most popular piece of clothing in men’s wardrobe turns out to be sweat shorts. Esquire actually listed the 12 “best” labels. Best being an oxymoron.

Lesson Learned: The visual is the most important characteristic of our value even when it is not seen! Our visual is like asbestos. Just because people don’t see it, doesn’t mean it is not there and it is not important. Our visual oozes into our verbal and our vocal. Customer service tele-people are taught to smile into a mirror while on the phone. Is your dress empowering you?
3. Thou Shalt Be Aware that "Chat" is Not Private
Today’s virtual platform is like the old public square. It is also like the party line that preceded every phone line being private. What is said in a chat room is said to the world. What one person may think they are saying to a friend or co-worker they are saying to the world in the moment and forever- thank you screen shots.

Lesson Learned: Your job is to protect your value. Whether virtual or in email, humor is challenged to be funny when it doesn’t have your vocal or visual to support it. Does that snarky comment that you want to share in the chat room protect your value? Would that “funny” comment in chat really be funny to the person you are chatting about? Do you think of your chat comment as a comment for your world?

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Leslie Via Zoom or In Person
October 22 Sixth District Educational Compact
October 29, NOON Zoom Session
My very special guest is Scott Deitchman, MD and Rear Admiral. He spent his career with the CDC (Centers for Disease Control). Scott will share his science/medical background about Covid, the vaccines and his time working at the White House

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This General Election: Guest Dr. David Cohen, Bliss Institute
Covid and Pets: Guest Kamelia Fisher, One of a Kind Pet Rescue

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Benji is usually within 3 feet of me at any given time. Usually it is comforting to know where he is: if I can see him that means he is not doing anything destructive like taking the stuffing out of every stuffed animal. He has some kind of internal clock. He gets me up if I think about sleeping later than the usual wake up time. He tells me it is dinner time if I miss his expectations by a minute or two.

 Apparently I have taught him what to expect and what time to expect.

In this photo he is laying on my laptop to tell me that he is ready for dinner. As he has figured out, it is easier to just feed him than try to have a conversation about the value of waiting.

Have you taught your clients, members, patients, guests, or family to have certain expectations for you?
Here is my Halloween Treat to Everyone

Join me for a conversation with a former CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) physician and Rear Admiral.
 “You’re entitled to your own opinion but not your own facts”

What would it mean to hear COVID facts from a medical person rather than a politician?

* What and when can we expect a vaccine?
* What is novel about this virus?
* How does it really spread?
* First we were told no masks, now masks - who do we believe?
* If this is all medical, why don't all doctors agree?
* What is herd immunity?

Please join us in this 40 minute conversation with Akron native Dr. Scott Deitchman.

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