November 2020
HERBIE'S HINTS (named after my dad!)

YSU President and OSU Coach Jim Tressel – December 18 at noon my Zoom Guest

Some of you will remember my dad’s ties to The Ohio State University. He was a water boy for the football team before WW2, and a lifelong fan-atic. A wooden Brutus Buckeye was buried with him and engraved on his head stone.

So it is with double, triple, and quadruple excitement that I announce Jim Tressel as my December Zoom guest.

Four national championships as coach at YSU, six Big Ten championships, one national championship at OSU, VP at The University of Akron and President of Youngstown State University represent a small part of his resume, his resilience, his ability to re-brand.

Yet one of his most admirable qualities is his decision to answer every text. Every text.

Jim is likely to share his takes on some of my favorite words:

Re-silience, Re-invent, Re-energize and Grit.

My dad can’t join the zoom session but I hope you can!
Stay on Your Cutting Edge
This month I am keeping Ask Leslie - All in the Family! Instead of hearing from just me, I am sharing Ask Leslie with my cousin Dr. Scott Deitchman. In my series of zoom sessions with the most famous people I know, he spent his entire career at the CDC, is a physician with a Master’s in Public Health, and the rank of Rear Admiral. Perhaps most importantly, he was known for his calm during crises.
Nobody Talks About The Value of Being Interesting

How do you protect your value? Most people think they do it with advanced degrees, continuing ed credits, or certifications. Rarely do we hear or talk about being interesting as a way to protect your value. But it is.
1. It's What You Read
How do you make yourself interesting? Part of the answer is in what you read. How wide is the scope of your reading material? Can you talk about real estate in NYC as well as who is nominated for an Oscar, a Grammy or a Pulitzer? Can you talk about the newest Master Class as well as a suggestion for your client’s Christmas gifts?

Lesson Learned: Everything and anything you read may have a nugget that you can repeat. Mechanic’s 101 could have a nugget as well as the New York Times. A book on Churchill may help you be interesting as well as your favorite fiction author. In other words, Woodward, Danielle Steel, or your favorite Super Hero can help protect your value. How varied is your reading?
2. It's What You Listen To
How do you make yourself interesting? Part of the answer is in what you listen to from the music you download to the news source you listen to on a regular basis. Today you want to include the podcasts you can listen to from politics to true murder mysteries.

Lesson Learned: Your clients, prospective clients, team members, and new hires, may represent a wide age group. Does your listening represent a wide age group? Does what you listen to represent varied interests from sports to pop culture, from fashion to social faux pas,
from ancient history to today’s international hotspots? How varied is your listening?
3. It's What You Absorb
How do you make yourself interesting? Part of the answer is in what you actually absorb. It’s not just what you read or listen to, it’s what you remember. From what you read, listen to or watch, can you repeat it? Every book, movie, Netflix, or country song, tells a story. You will connect with the stories that are your truth, and then you can connect them to your audience.

Lesson Learned: What makes any medium popular is the lesson with a new twist. The play Hamilton broke all records. At its core it was the same civics lesson we learned in school, performed to new age rap. Whatever you find interesting asks and answers a question. The question asked was who was Hamilton and it was answered in rap. How varied will what you absorb be?

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Brandon McMillan is TV show Lucky Dogs animal trainer and host. His personal mission is to rescue difficult-to-love and untrained dogs that find themselves at the neighborhood animal shelter. He divides all dogs, even Heinz 57, into their working dog categories.

He uses his Jack Russell as an example. Because the breed is a hunter, a terrier bred to hunt vermin, he can’t stop the inherited DNA to hunt . . . squirrels at the park. Although the breed is small in size, this trainer knows he can’t control a Jack Russell laser focused on his target. What he can do is manage his dog’s DNA and choose to walk in areas with less squirrels!

One of the nicknames I have for Benji is Bunny. Bunny because he loves to run after bunnies when we walk at the park. The problem is that I am at the other end of the leash. Last week I thought he was going to severe my little finger into two pieces with the force he used in his efforts to catch the bunnies.

It’s not his fault, it is his DNA. I can choose to walk where there are less bunnies. What can you do to set up your team member for success?
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