January 2021
HERBIE'S HINTS (named after my dad!)

I loved to hear my dad tell stories. Sometimes they were about his uncle’s dog Bella, his days at The Ohio State University, his service during WW2, working in a furniture store, using a mayor’s name to get through on a phone call . . . I liked his stories.

Yet I know that by current standards, Herbie’s stories would take too long and be too wordy for the attention span of today’s audience.

Please join me for a mini-zoom session on how to tell a story. Whatever your
profession, storytelling is a strong business skill:                                                                                                                
1. Decisions are made on emotion and defended with logic  
2. Numbers are rarely memorable
3. Stories engage your audience beyond facts 

Storytelling connects the speaker, helps us make sense of the world, and communicates our values and beliefs. A good story speaks to us in ways that numbers, data, and presentation slides simply can't.

When: Thursday, January 21 @ 12pm EST
Duration: 30 minutes
Zoom Meeting ID: 881 9554 7198
Password: 123

Join us for a conversation about how to tell your best story.
Stay on Your Cutting Edge
THE VEST was My Gift to You
My 5th zoom session with “the most famous person I know" was with Jim Tressel, president of Youngstown State University and former OSU Coach.

Some of my take-aways were:
* Leaders don't give up
* Listening is a language
* Learn for the joy of learning
* Take time, half time or any time, to adjust your plan
* The importance of resilience and grit
* To have influence, be influenceable!

Below is the recording to the session and you can see what take-away you may get.
These words were new or used in a new way in 2020. My crystal ball says they will be with us as we enter 2021. Use them or at least know of them in order to stay relevant.
1. From the Social Media World
Social media saved our sanity in some ways this year. In other ways it fanned fake flames. Zoom, like Xerox and Purell became a verb as well as a noun. Reaching out virtually was the only way millions had to connect with the outside world as well as other humans. Doomscrolling is the continual social media reach for news which is often bad.  

Lesson Learned: Everything was said to be unprecedented, and we heard it over and over again on FB, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Likely we are in literal or figurative pods and will stay there for a while.
2. In Pop Culture
One year ago we did not know or implement social distancing. Flatten the curve may have applied more to JLo’s curves than our lives. We knew about mail in ballots, but seldom used the concept of vote by mail. Until March 2020, panic shopping may have involved chocolate or new shoes but not toilet paper. Whether or not you believe in systematic racism, you need to be aware that others do so you can be part of the dialogue.

Lesson Learned: Time since March has been a blur. Sometimes passing so slowly and other times so quickly. The NYTimes coined every day Blursday. We learned that the grocery store cashier is our essential worker, quarantine became a real part of our lives while quarantini has become a fave drink after 5pm, and it is always after 5pm somewhere in the world.
3. From the Medical World
Health care heroes became a phrase we heard on a daily basis along with front line workers. Superspreader became a phrase to describe large events. We learned about aerosol droplets and the limited medicinal value of hydroxychloroquine.

Lesson Learned: There is a difference between a vaccine and being vaccinated. To a degree we have all become medical experts or think we are! At the very least we have become more familiar with medical words and concepts, and probably more attentive to our own health.
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China Rescue Dogs
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The weather, like all challenges, gives us options: we can embrace them, overcome them, or ignore them. The Christmas snow brought Benji an opportunity to do all three!

Our morning routine of a 2-mile walk at the park was hijacked by snow. We couldn’t get down our drive for two days while we waited for Scott, our snow removal hero, to come and plow us out. Sometimes Benji ignored the snow by finding a warm place on the couch to binge with us on Netflix. Other times he overcame the two feet of snow by jumping through it to get kind-of-a-walk in. During some of those walks he embraced the snow from nose to tail.

How do you deal with your challenges?
* January 21 Thursday at noon Storytelling
* February 25 Thursday at noon Executive Presence
* April 22 Thursday at noon Present to Executive Level

August 15 Sunday 10am - 3pm
If all goes well with the Covid vaccine, this will be my first in –person event in 18 months.
For now think about this event for a young person you know or are related to! They will learn skills to interview, network, restaurant etiquette, confidence and financial tips!

Email us at [email protected] for further information or to RSVP to one of our events.

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