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Camp Next

2021 Camp Next: Sunday August 15

Camp Next: Empower Young People

When: Sunday August 15th from 12:30pm – 4:00pm

Location: Electric Impulse Office

Cost: $69 for first person, $59 for each additional person
Early Bird $25 Off if you reserve your seat by June 7th

Why: Empower Young People

“Hearing about the various dimensions that contribute to career advancement and set you apart from others was fascinating. I had never thought of table etiquette or financial literacy as skills that can distinguish you, and I am excited to implement lessons learned from the program”

— Elizabeth Howerton

Our young people are going to have more opportunities to be visible and change the world, than any other generation has ever had.

There are opportunities for them to speak one- on-one, for a college interview, a social media video, a podcast or TED Talk, being a guest on cable TV, entrance to med/grad school, introduce a famous guest at their college or speaking on the mall in Washington, D.C. talking to 800,000.
This is why we created Camp Next…to help prepare our future leaders. Christa McAuliffe, the teacher on the ill-fated Challenger, said “I touch the future I teach”. These young people are our future. They need to be prepared to speak when the spotlight of life is on them.

Young people today will make a difference. Camp Next can help prepare young leaders for their personal goals or community goals.

“What I got out of Camp Next?

Well personally I’ve gained a lot from Camp Next, it has taught me subtle techniques that range from how to dress, talk, and eat. There’s a wide range of information you’re provided with that covers some of the most common problems up-and-comers are faced with today. I’ve used these consistently the past year or so dealing with the clients and political colleagues of both my parents. I’d highly recommend this course for young adults or college students going into fields with interactions with clients and individuals of influence. “

— Jeremy Palmer

An assortment of professional speakers will address:

  • Answer the “why you” question: why should we select you or listen to you?
  • How to “Network” tips
  • Quickly prepare comments so you don’t miss the moment
  • Tips for financial literacy starting early
  • Reduce anxiety that can get in the way of your message
  • Reduce or eliminate saying to yourself “I should have said…”
  • Table etiquette so you can focus on your message not which fork to use
  • How to be heard in small or large group scenarios
  • Dress to keep the focus on your message
  • Learn from those just ahead of you in school or the workplace