February 2023
HERBIE'S HINTS (named after my dad!)

My Dad was a senior at Ohio State, The Ohio State University, when Pearl Harbor was attacked. The Army gave him the option of enlisting immediately or after graduation. That was his only choice.
He considered his years in the Army the highlight of his life. Although I am sure that he cleaned up the stories he told me, what was true was how much he enjoyed serving with his platoon in Europe‘s Western Front.
Recently on Forum 360 I had the opportunity to interview three young men and women, who enlisted at about the same age as my dad was drafted. Each is proud that they are a part of today’s volunteer Army.
The common thread between them is their pride in being a part of a long standing institution tasked with defending and serving our nation by land, sea and air.
Apparently the food is much better in today’s Army!
Stay on Your Cutting Edge
I am giving this month’s Ask Leslie space to Martha Stewart. Maybe she will reciprocate someday! I share this video because I was fascinated with it. It is a commercial for COVID boosters. It is oddly transfixing, but definitely odd. Watch her swinging that sword and you can’t stop watching.
I found watching it like the aftermath of an accident: you can’t look away even when you try. I researched the commercial, and found reviews confirmed my perspective. This commercial draws you in – in some odd way. But here I am talking about it! What do you think?
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Three Memorable Moments from the Dead Presidents+ Boot Camp
1. Bobby Kennedy Answering Questions
Statistics site RFK’s height as 5’10” or 5’9”. Watching him on video he looks more like the line from Rudy, “5’ nothing”. Using his speaking time to answer student’s questions at Columbia, he stood behind a microphone on a stand. No podium, no pomp and circumstance.
Lesson Learned: As students played “gotcha”, he answered with grace, humor, and facts. Imagine when snark doesn’t necessitate snark as a response. He answered with a charm and command of the language that is rare today. “Where would I jump off to?” is one of my favorite responses. Do you see answering questions as an art?
2. Pump Twice
With the theme of U.S. Presidents+, a result has been we have studied few women. Even including the world, there are not many female examples from which to learn. So I decided to expand the term “president’. I decided that being president of Purell during a pandemic had to be more challenging that being president of a small country.
Lesson Learned: We always go the 3 V’s to identify success: verbal, vocal, and visual.  In her early 40’s CEO, Carey Jaros, doesn’t “look” like the stereotype of a CEO. When you listen to her speak she doesn’t sound like the stereotype of a CEO. She has found her own voice in the 3 V’s. Have you found your own voice?
3. The Suit That Broke the Internet
FLOTUS is close to POTUS so I included Michelle Obama this year. She was well dressed as a First Lady, going out of her way to support American designers. While in office she found her fashion rhythm and got kudos from both sides of the aisle. While First Lady she made a conscious choice to straighten her hair to be more acceptable to middle America.
Lesson Learned: Once out of office her style changed. More cutting edge, more edgy, more color, more. In an ensemble I believe she wouldn’t have worn as FLOTUS, she walked out onto Today with Hoda and Jenna she almost broke the Internet. Was it yellow or was it chartreuse? Did you see those bell bottoms and those braids? Does your style evolve?
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Benji is giving his space to Missy for this newsletter. Missy was our blonde cocker spaniel who thought she was Michael Jordan. We got her when she was 6 years old. Her owner had gotten her as a puppy. After he married she was dispensable.
We thought we rescued her and she thought she had been abducted. Over time she became our fierce warrior princess. Fighting back from back surgery at 12, to live a happy life for another 4 years.
In honor of Missy, Benji shares this update. Recently it seems that Facebook has shared so many dogs who are not strays. These dogs have been turned into shelters for a variety of reasons: some owners have passed away, some moved to retirement facilities, perhaps some lost their home which then causes the dog to lose their home.
Imagine being a pampered 4-legged member of the family one day, and in a kennel or crate in a shelter the next day.
If you have room in your heart or home for one of these, please check out Facebook or a shelter.
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