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May Newsletter 2023
Lessons From My Father

My Dad had a saying, “Don’t peak too soon.” He used it to caution me to peak at the right time of the horse show season.
He also encouraged me at 18 to compete nationally in a division that was open to amateurs and professionals. He believed if it was your time, it was your time.
He backed up that belief with our trip to Oklahoma for the Arabian Nationals. My horse went by trailer, but we went by plane. I remember carrying my saddle and my riding clothes (my “habit”) by hand, so they would not get lost.
NE Ohio’s politics have reminded me of both of my dad’s philosophies. I took myself to Mayor Bibb’s State of the City speech because I am in awe of the way this 36 year old talks about his work.
Akron just elected a 32 year old who will be the next mayor. Imagine, if you are LeBron, the mayor will be 6 years younger than you!
My dad believed if it was your time, it was your time . . . make it the right time.
Stay on Your Cutting Edge
In this Ask Leslie we are on location at the farm with Penny the quarter horse. Penny helps us understand clarity in the equine world. The 3 steps to clarity are the same for humans as horses: the right word(s), said correctly, at the right place (literally or figuratively).
Schedule a HorseTalk: Lessons in Leadership for you or your team in 2023! Horse guided learning is a unique way for you to uncover and rediscover how to communicate your value in your company and in your marketplace.
Know When It Is Your Time
1. Barack Obama 2007
In 2007 I thought it was not Barack Obama’s time. He thought differently. I was wrong and he was right. The fact that he is one of 21 out of 45 presidents who earned a second term proves he was right. When he ran for president he was 46 years old, had served 3 years in the U.S. Senate and 7 years in the Illinois legislature.
Lesson Learned:  Young or not so young, well experienced or less experienced, each one of us has to be able to look in the “honest mirror” and decide for ourselves when it is our time. The challenge is to listen to others, and then put blinders on and listen to your own voice. Do you know when it is your time?
2. Justin Bibb
Justin Bibb has been Cleveland mayor for 500+ days. When he was elected he had never held public office. He brought with him an undergrad degree from Georgetown, an MBA and JD from Case Western and a boat load of charisma. The prior mayor Frank Jackson spent about 15 years in council.

Lesson Learned: As far as I can tell, Cleveland is still standing. It hasn’t slipped into Lake Erie nor caught on fire (for those who remember the Ralph Perk years). Justin Bibb listened to his own voice. I hope he succeeds in his goals: work to improve public safety, invest in neighborhoods and modernize City Hall. Do you know when it is your time?
3. Match the Occasion
Shammas returned to Akron amidst a hoopla of interest. With a Harvard law degree, we think the world is your oyster. He chose to come back “home,” a couple years later ran for city council and then mayor. His record of public service is 3 ½ years of council experience and a dream of collaboration. Barring unforeseen circumstances, he will become the 63rd mayor.
Lesson Learned: We can never see clearly the road ahead. It doesn’t mean we don’t start out on our journey. Many thought he was too young, too inexperienced. Shammas thought differently. The current mayor chose not to run for re-election, the GOP had no candidate, and the establishment backed a different candidate. Do you know when it is your time?
Forum 360 with Leslie as Host
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Often people are cautious in getting a dog #2 because of their dog #1. I understand. I almost didn’t bring Natcha home from Mexico because I was worried that my “TIM”, at 14, would not adjust. I did bring Natcha home, and I am so glad I did.
I believe having a puppy added time to TIM’s life. And no matter how hard I try to think like a dog, even my puppy knew TIM was “one of her kind”, more than me. As a puppy Natcha would go and curl up with TIM, even though by that time in his life he didn’t play with her.
Although I wasn’t ready for this puppy, and I don’t think Benji was ready to let go of Natcha, he has done amazingly well with the puppy Tevi. Benji is so much more patient than I could have imagined he would be with a non-stop-whirling-dervish-of-energy.
Benji allows the puppy to bite his ears non-stop. They run in circles around the family room burning more calories than my death marches could do. For the most part, Benji is very sharing with his toys, except for the occasional growl.
Maybe we shouldn’t project our feelings on others. Benji taught me that.
Why Participate in HorseTalk this Summer

"And God took a handful of southerly wind, blew his breath upon it, and created the horse." Bedouin legend
HorseTalk: Lessons in Leadership 2023
This day requires us to be fully aware of and present in the moment.
The day requires of us is to be aware when we get caught up in over-thinking and not thinking like our audience, which on this day is a horse. 
The third benefit is that horses speak the language of authenticity, bringing us back to what is our authentic nature: a leader, a follower, or both.
Our first HorseTalk is Friday, June 16th 2023 – 9:00am - 4:00pm.
When your horse follows you without being asked, when he rubs his head on yours, feel a tingle down your spine . . . you know you are loved. John Lyons
FYI other options are:
·     Friday July 14th – Summer HorseTalk #2
·     Friday August 18th – Fall HorseTalk #3
·     Friday September 29th – Fall HorseTalk #4

One Open Seat at Video & Vino
May 18, 5pm - 7pm

Each of you will be taped for 2 -3 minutes. We play it back, make suggestions, and then we will tape you again. You will see immediate improvement!

Each person may choose what they do while being videotaped:
1. I have found it is most beneficial for you to use your own material, from a presentation or anything that is about 300 words.
2. We have transcripts from famous speeches/famous people who gave a speech if you want to present a couple of paragraphs from one of these.
3. We can do an interview where I will be the host and you will be the guest. Email us for that seat!

You will learn by doing and by observing others and take home a gift bag!

Ask me about my 10 in 10!