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July Newsletter 2023
Lessons From My Father

My dad was a small business owner. He used to tell me, “if you are going to say
YES to a customer, say it fast.” You can substitute customer with client, patient,
guest, or visitor.
What I learned that he meant was this: if in the end of a negotiation or
customer service problem you are going to end up saying YES, say it sooner rather
than later. When you say it up front you get credit for “customer delight” and will
probably retain the client.
If you say YES after days, weeks or months of haggling, you lose the client and still
live with the same concession. Herbie also used the metaphor when you have to
take off a Band-Aid, do it quickly.
This month’s newsletter features three customer service disappointments in
three separate experiences. Communication created customer delight in two of
those experiences.
Two of the experiences solved the problem quickly. One which I have dubbed The
Great American Ice Cream War, took a long time to solve which required a relentless
perseverance. In the end, they did what they could have done in the beginning.
Stay on Your Cutting Edge

Recently Greg participated in HorseTalk: Lessons in Leadership. He had participated 12 years ago before he went to Shanghai for 9 years to run a company. When I invited him to return to HorseTalk, he was skeptical as to what he could learn a second time.


Listen to Greg’s confession in this 60 second video.

The Great Ice Cream War and Other
"Customer Service" Stories
1. Is There Such a Thing as Bad Ice Cream?
For Father’s Day Weekend I thought it would be fun to order non-traditional ice cream. Salt & Straw is a brand located in Venice Beach, Cali. It’s the third time I have ordered “gourmet” ice cream from an on-line source. The pre-selected variety featured 5 pints. All were so bad that no one in the house wanted to eat them. 
Lesson Learned:  The “audience” consisted of an 8 year old to a senior citizen. No one liked any of the choices. Their customer service needed to know and rectify the situation. At first they refused. Their 2nd effort was meager. Their 3rd effort was barely acceptable. Can you create customer delight on the first try?
2. The Toothbrush That Lost Its Oomph
On Ebay I ordered a new toothbrush. The brand was my beloved Violife. It came in quickly and died almost as quickly. Long enough to have gotten some use, but not long enough to pay for itself. I contacted the seller and wondered what kind of service I would receive.
Lesson Learned: To my surprise the seller responded quickly. And favorably. Immediately they offered to send me a replacement. I said yes and just as quickly it arrived. So nice to be believed and trusted. Can you create customer delight on the first try?
3. Chocolate Lambs and Chicks are Not Equal
I needed chocolate chicks to give away. Really. I ordered chicks and received chocolate lambs. Very cute lambs. The theme of my PowerPoint is “Break the Shell." So cute as they are the lambs don’t work. I looked up my order to make sure I had ordered correctly before I contacted the seller.  
Lesson Learned: Dreading another customer service fail, first I tried to think of ways I could use the lambs – besides eating all of them. I couldn’t. I contacted the seller and waited. Sometimes it can take days. Within minutes I had a reply AND full responsibility for the error. Before I could blink a credit came through. Can you create customer delight on the first try?
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When Benji was six months old my veterinarian referred me to a dog behaviorist. It’s kind of like having your pediatrician refer your child to a therapist.
The behaviorist told me Benji was a genius. I really just wanted him to listen to me.
In the years since our odd visits to the “talking doctor” I have discovered that he is very smart. Which I have also learned is completely separate from listening to me.
Now that we have a puppy, it is interesting to observe how Benji learns from my instructions to Tevi the puppy. Benji is more focused than Tevi so when I give a command, the first one to do it is always Benji – even though the command wasn’t give directly to him.
Which reminds me of what I refer to as the “collateral benefit” when a company sends one person to work with me. That person benefits. There is also a collateral benefit to others on the same team and those with whom they interact.

Summer can be challenging to schedule events. I have wanted to try a pop-up event: an event with just a few days’ notice. My first pop-up event will be a Video and Vino session on August 2, 5pm – 7pm.
This is an early invitation.

We must have 4 people to hold this event.

Why Participate in HorseTalk this Summer

"And God took a handful of southerly wind, blew his breath upon it, and created the horse." Bedouin legend
HorseTalk: Lessons in Leadership 2023
This day requires us to be fully aware of and present in the moment.
The day requires of us is to be aware when we get caught up in over-thinking and not thinking like our audience, which on this day is a horse. 
The third benefit is that horses speak the language of authenticity, bringing us back to what is our authentic nature: a leader, a follower, or both.
When your horse follows you without being asked, when he rubs his head on yours, feel a tingle down your spine . . . you know you are loved. John Lyons
Join us at one of our upcoming days in the pasture:
·     Friday August 18th – Fall HorseTalk #3
·     Friday September 29th – Fall HorseTalk #4

Ask me about my 10 in 10! 
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