Leslie Ungar, The Inner Brilliance of Electric Impulse, Inc.

Video and You Workshops

Video & You WorkshopDecember 7 Tuesda 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm


15 minutes: Registration, Meet, Greet
Remainder: Hands On Workshop and Videotaping

You will have the choice to present your own material, recite a paragraph of a famous speech, be a TV guest, or conduct an interview. We will Video and immediately play back what we recorded. I will make suggestions, audience members may have comments and suggestions, and then we will Video the volunteer again. Because this is a special edition and professional videotaping is involved, there will be a fee for this session. You may attend repeatedly!

Process: How this session works

  • Seating is limited so that everyone will have the opportunity to be recorded and learn in real time.
  • The $49 fee for the video session is due one week before.
  • The cost of this session would be considerably higher if you had a private session.

Results: What you get from this session
Video & You

  • The value of seeing yourself the way others see you
  • The value of immediate correction and improvement
  • Ability to learn by both doing and observing
  • Expertise of professionals: Instruction from Professional Communication Expert and Use of Professional Videographer

“The video session provided me with a unique opportunity to view myself during an interview. It was like watching a video of my golf swing. Both of them showed mistakes that I would never have seen otherwise. Thank you for the help.”
— Adam Maimone
Owner AM Electric
“My Video & You session gave me the rare opportunity to see myself as the world sees me. The honesty of video tape illuminated both my strengths and weaknesses as a presenter. Leslie’s helpful comments have stayed with me to this day.”
— Jan Elder
“I appreciate that the Video & You Workshop was not at all intimidating and the feedback was presented in a way that is memorable, fun and honest. This next part is up to me!”
— Deborah L. Davis
Dellagnese Companies