February 2017 Newsletter
I,  like many of you, play the gasoline waiting  game. As my tank gets lower and lower, I try  to strategize by day of week and cost at the  pump. Don't you feel badly when a day or an
hour after you fill-up, the price drops?  The other day I noticed a very low price at the  pump, but I was not yet really low in my  tank of gas. What to do?  Take advantage of the lower price before I  needed a fill-up or wait and take a chance? 
My dad was adamant about having at least  half a tank, especially in the winter. I mean  adamant.
So I filled up. 36 hours later, I drove to work in the worst white out ever. As I almost  landed in a ditch, in which I could have spent hours, I thought of my dad. As bad  as the trip into work was that morning, I knew I had a full tank. Is your literal or  figurative tank full?

Every speech has a specific job to do. An Inaugural Address is no exception. Hours before this year's Inauguration, I outlined on Cleveland 19, the three duties this speech has to fulfill. And it has to fulfill all three.

Through-out our 240 year history, the Inaugural Address has been the most eloquent speech any president gives during his term (s). Think "with malice toward none" or "ask not what your country can do for you." 
This section is all INDIANS, Go Tribe. From Manager Terry Francona's mouth to my ears to your eyes! From a front row seat at the Cleveland City Club to you . . . enjoy!

1. Adversity and Failure
Both the manager and the general manager talked a lot about adversity. Which may surprise some casual observers that think only of what seemed like a magical season topped off with a near World Series win. Over and over again adversity was brought up. Francona said that how they handled adversity defined their season.
Lesson Learned: Francona said repeatedly that it while it was hard to get to the Major Leagues-it is harder to stay there. He said that we don't realize how hard it is to be at this level. We often see the positive aspects of others and fail to see the challenges in the success of others. How can you be more empathetic?
2. Millennials
Anyone in business is challenged with Millennials. How do we talk to them, motivate them, or understand them? Many are stymied by how multiple generations communicate with each other in the workplace. Imagine being a manager in the Major Leagues . . . all of your "employees" are Millennials!
Lesson Learned:  Tito said while he hated their music and isn't crazy about Francisco Lindor's hair, the principles don't change. No matter how much a player makes, caring and candor are most important to a Millennial and in dealing with Millennials. Which is interesting because a couple of weeks ago Cavalier Legend Campy Russell said Coach Lue was a truth-teller and direct. Candor . . . truth-teller . . . see the similarity?  Are you caring and direct?
3. Analytics
Many remember the movie Moneyball and the role analytics played to Brad Pitt's Billy Beane. Most of us have heard more about ANALYTICS and the BROWNS than we want to hear in a lifetime. Francona's take on the role of analytics, data, is to make us think. Analytics support a decision they don't make a decision .
Lesson Learned: WOW - 
could someone tell that to the Browns? There is a huge distinction between supporting a decision and making a decision. Supporting a decision gives intuition and institutional knowledge and just one's gut a role in the process. What is your relationship with data? Does it make a decision or support a decision?
4. Reward the Effort
In Games 3, 4, and 5 of the World Series, Indian players made some ugly plays. Even Games 6 and 7 had outcomes that could have been affected by less than stellar Indian defensive play. So what do you say to a player after a bad play?
Lesson Learned: Francona said, reward the effort. There is so much failure in the game, reward the effort. Francona was named American League Manager of the Year. When asked what makes a manager, manager of the year, he answered: caring more and asking moreDo you reward the effort?
5. One Notch Above
I noticed Terry "Tito" Francona's very casual dress. Yes, he represents a baseball team, and yes it is the off-season. Anyone familiar with my rules of communication know my rule of "even though." Even though he represents baseball, he was still speaking to a business crowd in a respected venue of tradition. The rule for the speaker is to dress one notch ABOVE the audience.
Lesson Learned: When it was his turn to speak, I was thrilled that the very first item on his agenda was about his dress. He apologized and explained the miscommunication about his schedule that day. I was thrilled that he knew, and he chose to share with the crowd, his mistake. If dress is important the manager of a World Series team, do you really think it is not important to you?

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