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Boot Camps

Video & Vine

Boot Camp: Vine & Video

When: October 28th from 5:00pm – 6:30pm
Location: Electric Impulse Office

VINE & VIDEO because each participant leaves with a bottle of wine! The group will be small to help us implement safe COVID guidelines.

You will have the choice to present your own material, recite a paragraph of a famous speech, be a TV guest, or conduct an interview. We will Video and immediately play back what we recorded. I will make suggestions, other participants may have comments and suggestions, and then we will Video you again.

Because this is a special edition and professional videotaping is involved, there will be a fee for this session. You may attend repeatedly!

Process: How this session works

  • Seating is limited
  • The $49 fee for the video session is due one week prior to the event
  • The cost of this session would be considerably higher if you had a private session.

I guarantee that in 2022 you will be invited to stand out in one or more of these ways:

  • Create video content for your channel/website or for someone else
  • Show you are expert at using virtual platforms
  • Be a TV/radio guest in-person or virtual
  • Be a podcast guest in-person or virtual
  • Host a podcast in-person or virtual
  • Conduct a webinar
  • Create and present a Zoom presentation
  • Put yourself on YouTube
  • Give a stellar TED Talk
“You worked well with the comfort level of those attending. Fantastic presentation – you shared and gave so much!”
— Donna Neff

It will be almost Halloween but this Boot Camp won’t be too scary! Enjoy spooky Tricks and Treats, real time participation, written hand-outs, and best networking!

Half price $69 to anyone who emails or texts me a photo of their favorite boots or their favorite pumpkin – $128 per person for anyone else.