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Hollywood Boot Camp: Lessons learned from the movies

“Get off my plane” is one of my favorite movie lines.

It was said by the Harrison Ford president in the 1994 movie Air Force One. This is the power of a great line, it can be remembered 28 years later.

“You had me at hello”, “I’ll be back” and “Show me the money” are great lines that have been remembered for 30 to 40 years.

Some of you have heard me talk about movies, television shows, and now Internet binging to provide evidence that a movie and its characters have to be memorable to win an Oscar. You need to be memorable to win an interview, a client or a court case!

Come to this Boot Camp to learn Why and How to put Hollywood in your professional life:

  • How to be Memorable
  • What Constitutes a Great Line for you
  • Ways that you can Create Magical Moments
  • Why you benefit from Hollywood
  • Practical and useful tips
  • You will leave with your own way to be Memorable
  • With your own Great Line
“You worked well with the comfort level of those attending. Fantastic presentation – you shared and gave so much!”
— Donna Neff

This is the Premiere of this BOOT CAMP, first time ever offering:

When: April 22nd 1:00-4:00pm
Location: Electric Impulse Office

* To be as COVID SAFE as possible we are asking for participants to be vaccinated (at least their first two shots)

In 2022 are you ready to leverage your next opportunity into business gold? You want to shine when the spotlight of life finds you.

Half price $49 to anyone who gets to me (email, text, snail mail or bring to me in person) a photo of their favorite Hollywood type person by March 1 – $98 per person after this early bird date.