May 2018
HERBIE'S HINTS (named after my dad!)

I was speaking rece ntly and decided to give each attendee a copy of Herbie’s Hints, the book version. It was just something I decided to add – to add to their experience and perhaps the value they received in that 90 minute session.
My Dad used to say it was better to under promise and over deliver than to over promise and under deliver. So I try to find ways to over deliver whether it is a little take home extra or a few extra minutes, or a snail mail card.
When I travel I like to take a Barre class wherever I go. I think it is fun to see the different studios and experience the different instructors and the different work-outs. Since today you register on-line, everyone has your email address. Recently I received an email from the studio I worked out at in Chicago Thanksgiving week-end.
It was interesting to read that they have created an Innovation Lab to develop fresh new variations and movements for their Barre class. Their mission is to innovate and evolve their classes four times a year.

That fits my Dad’s philosophy of over delivering. When we sign up for a specific work-out we don’t necessarily require that it evolves. But aren’t we delighted when a work-out continues to keep us interested and challenged. The studio adds value and perhaps keeps us longer as members when they over deliver. How can you innovate and evolve so that you can continue to over deliver? 
Stay on Your Cutting Edge
The answer to most challenges is to chunk them into smaller steps. In this lesson from the round pen, you will see me work with Grey Lady in one step, two steps, and five steps to chunk the challenge of the round pen into smaller steps. Same thing with challenges in communication and in life: chunk them into smaller steps!
Lessons from a Birthday Season
1. It’s a Season
I consider my birthday a SEASON, not ONE day. Kind of like Christmas is a spirit of giving through-out a season as much as it is one single day. If someone misses the one single day of my birth, so what? It is a season and they are always right on time! This year I chose to attend or participate in activities during my birthday season that I would have skipped on a normal day or days.

Lesson Learned:  Whether you choose to celebrate your birthday as one day or two, a week or a month, know that it is up to you how you want to define your birthday. Just as it is up to you how to define a “good day”, a “good” table, or a “good” game. How would you live differently if you lived everyday like it was your birthday?
MISMASH OF VALUE - Lessons from a Birthday Season
2. Blaze New Trails
My birthday fell on a Saturday this year. I had no special plans until I received an email invite. It is important to know that I received this e-invite from someone I had met once in my life for a brief time on a summer’s evening. The invitation sounded interesting, an opportunity to dress in costume is always an attractive option. It was for an organization I did not know, at a home I did not know, with a group of people I did not know. All from an email that cost nothing to send except for a click of a button.
Lesson Learned:  It may seem odd at first glance to choose to attend an unknown event on a birthday. Moshe said I had a lot of nerve (he used different jargon) to be a stranger in a strange land. I didn’t see it that way. Good or bad I would be like Cinderella for a night: I would be there and then disappear. I got to re-learn the Charleston, take home chocolate, and meet new people. How would you live differently if you lived everyday like it was your birthday?
3. Just Do It
I watched Game 5 of the Pacers v CAVS two nights before my birthday. In past years I have tried to get tickets for the WATCH party at the Q or on the plaza but they would always be sold out. So moments after LeBron hit that game winning shot, I went on-line to see if I could get tickets for the WATCH party that would take place hours before my birthday commenced. I got them.
Lesson Learned:  Usually I would think about the pros and cons of going to C-Town versus screaming at the TV from my home couch. But this time, I threw caution to the wind and just went on line and got the tickets. Somehow it all worked out, got to the game, got home, and got to Barre at 8am the next morning. How would you live differently if you lived everyday like it was your birthday?
4. No Birthday Cake Necessary
I am not a big cake fan, but I am a big fan of frosting! My mom used to make for my birthday this banana cake with chocolate chips and this sticky white frosting. If I can’t have that, there really is no cake that I would want for this day. Mid way through my day Moshe brought me a piece of his coveted Tiramisu that had been in the freezer.

Lesson Learned:  Who says a celebration has to have a cake? That Tiramisu was really good, a birthday gift all on its own. And I ate every bite, except for a couple that went to Natcha and Benji. How would you live differently if you lived everyday like it was your birthday?
5. My Honest Mirror
When I was little my mom would plan my birthday. It always started with a scavenger hunt as soon as I woke up. Now I have to design my own day. So I thought, “what would I want to do most on or around my birthday”? The Round Pen part of HorseTalk is not only valuable for the participants; it is a learning experience for me every time I am in the Round Pen. I also need to work with Grey Lady between HorseTalk sessions so I have a sustainable relationship.

Lesson Learned:  When I look in the honest mirror and ask, what would I most want to do, I get the answer of the Round Pen or something with animals. If you looked in your honest mirror and asked, what would you most want to do, what would your answer be? Why do we wait for birthdays or special occasions to do something we really want to do? How would you live differently if you lived everyday like it was your birthday?
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My Natcha, Miss Natcha Vallarta, has always been great at entertaining herself. Since she was a little puppy, she would sit quietly and entertain herself with some kind of toy.

Not so with Benji. He wants someone else to entertain him at all times; either a four legged someone else or a two legged someone else.

Early on in his puppyhood, I got him a giant Kong. It was supposed to keep him entertained for half an hour. He got it figured out in two minutes and was back for more entertainment.
Some team members work well by themselves and others need closer supervision or atta-boys. Same thing when managing up: some bosses need more touch points than others.

It benefits us when we can assess without judgement what a four legged or two legged team member needs. When we can see their expectations and needs as not good or bad just present.

Who can you look at with less judgement?
Tuesday, June 26 from 7:30am-9:30am
Results: What you get from this session
· The value of seeing yourself the way others see you
· The value of immediate correction and improvement    
· Ability to learn by both doing and observing

Saturday, July 28 from 9am - 2pm 
We are excited to announce Camp Next 2018: a “camp” experience for anyone between the ages of 14 and 26. 

This camp will focus on
·        Interview Skills
·        Identify Your Value
·        Financial Health
·        Dress for Success
·        Positive Social Media
·        And more!

Email us at  [email protected]  for further information or to RSVP to one of our events.
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