June 2018
HERBIE'S HINTS (named after my dad!)

I remember when the Six Day War broke out in Israel in 1967. A meeting was called by the Jewish community to provide financial assistance for the State of Israel, just 20 years old at the time. My Dad felt an obligation to help although he never visited the State of Israel.

Perhaps because he had served in WW2 he felt a connection. When WW2 started my dad was at The Ohio State University. Men were given a choice: finish their degree and then enlist or enlist and finish their degree after the war. My Dad chose to finish his business degree first. By the time he enlisted he was sent oversees to help push the Germans out of France.

He always felt a connection although he did not feel the need to visit Eretz Israel in person. Being my dad’s daughter I was the same way for much of my life.

In 1989 I read a novel that inspired my first trip. I just returned from my fourth trip. My sightseeing on this trip was different than a first timer’s tour of the must-see places: I have been to Masada and the Dead Sea a few times, to the Knesset, to Via Della Rosa, Yad Vashem, Ben Gurion’s Home, synagogues and churches and Ben Yehuda Street. Our schedule and my anti-tourist chip inspired my current photos and perspectives on the land of “next year in Jerusalem.”
Stay on Your Cutting Edge
In this lesson from the round pen, you will see me work with Grey Lady. The round pen is designed without corners. Like most things, corners have an up side and a down side. Watch this video to learn about why create space without corners: for people and horses.
Lessons from Israel
1. It’s a Young & Fun Country
I remarked to a Millennial x-pat now living in Tel Aviv, that there were more man-buns per capita than in any other city in the world. She replied, “Tel Aviv is a hipster city”. And it is. While you may not think of the Holy Land as hip, Tel Aviv has a young, vibrant vibe. In Tel Aviv you can play in a volleyball game 24/7. Is rael’s Netta won the  Eurovision Song Contest 2018 , so n ext year Israel hosts the esteemed competition .
Lesson Learned:  In most Muslim countries homosexual behavior is punishable by prison or death. Last week in Israel 200,000 people from around the world came to Gay Pride Week in Israel. It’s a hip country more than a scary country. Israel reminds us and teaches us to not trust the perceptions the world gives us about any aspect of this country. Perhaps it is a good lesson to learn about any person, party, country, or issue.
MISMASH OF VALUE - Lessons from Israel
2. Acceptance is Everywhere
One thing that surprises people on their first visit to Israel is the acceptance of diversity. On any sidewalk from Tel Aviv to Netanya, you can see a woman in a bathing suit, a religious Jew, a secular Jew, and a woman in a Berka. All within a few feet of each other. In an art gallery in Jaffa we saw this strikingly beautiful woman. Moshe, who speaks Arabic and Hebrew, just had to talk to her .
Lesson Learned:  This woman was from the “territories”: land won in war and governed by Israel military law. This was the first time this woman had ever been in Israel was surprised how nice everyone was to her. Great things can happen when you make the effort to see something for yourself.
3. Misconceptions are Everywhere
Until you go to Israel, you just can’t realize how small the country is: as narrow as 12 miles wide at its narrowest. One misconception is that it is a large country since it is in the news so much.   I met a young man visiting Israel for the first time who was surprised that there were not sand dunes everywhere. In fact, every American tech company has a headquarters in Israel.
Lesson Learned:  Of course many of the misconceptions center around safety. Whether I was on the beach or walking to Mike’s Place Sport’s Bar at 3am to watch the NBA play-offs, (where I met an Israeli who has been a CAVS fan since the 90’s) I felt safe. Whether I was in Jerusalem the week after the embassy opened, or on Tel Aviv’s famous Dizengoff Street, I felt safe. Is there a misconception you can question ?
4. People Want Peace
From all the flowers planted to the number of art galleries, people enjoying the beach on the Sabbath which is their one day week-end, the number of dog beaches and the number of dogs at the dog beach, to the number of start-ups and engineers – they must have more engineers in this country than any other profession -these are people who plan for and want peace.
Lesson Learned:  Sometimes there is a difference between what the citizens of a country want and what the leaders of the government want. Same thing can be said for a company or a client. Do you know what your audience really wants ?
5. Mundane is Good
At a kibbutz I saw kids playing in a sprinkler, like kids everywhere on a hot day. In Tel Aviv I saw lots of young people trying to learn how to paddle board. Our first night we waited in line at a restaurant like people do around the world on a Friday night. I saw well cared for dogs everywhere and most (213 out of 271) kibbutz have been privatized: both signs of an economy on the upswing.
Lesson Learned:  Our insatiable appetite for drama sometimes encourages us to miss the little things. When I was in Israel during the Intifada (fighting) I couldn’t leave the hotel long enough to see a street let along kids playing. It wasn’t safe to go to the beach. So more than employment or GNP numbers, these little things represented a positive economic and human picture. What little things can you see that tell an important story in your life?
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Life with Benji is often challenging. In figuring out how to overcome whatever is the current challenge, I usually learn something.
I took Benji to doggy class for a year and a half. During this time he never exhibited any dog aggression to other dogs. He was not one of those annoying little dogs. Until he was.
I walk him 2 – 4 miles a day, everyday. A down side to this amount of exercise is that he sees a lot of dogs one-on-one rather than in mass as he did in class. And he has become one of those annoying little dogs. Pit bulls and Boxers give him a wide birth so as to not endure his annoying behavior.
So I called in the cavalry and had a professional experience Benji at the park and offer instruction. One thing I learned was that he was exhibiting “false confidence”. While on a leash with the presence of his owner, he is brave enough to bark at both the biggest dog and the smallest.
My role is to keep his focus on me rather than the other dogs: to de-escalate his behavior before he becomes the annoying little dog.
As always, a good dog is a reflection of its owner and Benji is a reflection of my ability and inability to raise an outstanding young man!
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· The value of immediate correction and improvement    
· Ability to learn by both doing and observing

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