October 2018
HERBIE'S HINTS (named after my dad!)

Twenty years after my parents moved away from Akron, I learned something about my dad I did not know. I was raised Reform in the Jewish religion. As far as I knew, my dad had never talked to or met with the Orthodox rabbi. In the late 80's, Akron got a new young rabbi that became the new Orthodox rabbi in town. His name was Rabbi Mendy Sasonkin. 
He and his wife Kaila, became beloved by Akron regardless of the Temple one belonged.
I never knew my dad knew or had talked to Mendy. A couple of years ago, years after my parents had lived in Akron and years after my dad died, Mendy told me of conversations with my dad. 
I was surprised. But the fact that my dad had sought out Mendy, who was not his rabbi, a man he did not really know, was a testament to Mendy's reputation, integrity and wisdom.
When Mendy died on October 2, at 53 far too young to leave his family and his adopted city, I thought of this surprising relationship. My dad in his then 70's going to this young rabbi in his 20's for support and advice.
Stay on Your Cutting Edge
Whether your target is a horse or a person, look for signs that your target is 98% ready before you ask for “the order.” Watch this short clip with Fionn.
1. Working the Room
President Obama came to Cleveland to speak at a rally for the Cordray/Sutton ticket. Tickets were free but way more were given out than the venue could hold. So when I got there the line was hundreds and hundreds long and seating was already at capacity. I videotaped the line; you just can’t imagine how long that line was. At first I thought I would get in, I just would have bad seating. Then I thought there was no chance to get in.
Lesson Learned:  After I left I found out that every single person in line got into a different venue to watch it on screen. When President Obama found out that thousands were watching on a screen, he controlled what he could control. He went to the venue and shook everyone’s hand. I imagine some spent hours in that line so his action was a reward for tenacity and perseverance. He couldn’t control the venue optics; he could control his own presence. What can you control?
2. It's in the Format
Apparently, the all-male GOP Senate Judiciary Committee struggled with the optics of old white guys questioning the alleged victim of sexual assault. So they came up with the strategy of hiring a female to ask the questions. At best it was not hurtful to the GOP, at worst it was a weak performance. The format did not work for someone used to unlimited time and Rachel Mitchell was abandoned by day’s end.                                                       
Lesson Learned: The GOP members of the Judiciary Committee put so much effort into their strategy to have a woman represent them, that they put less time into the format. The five minutes format did not work well for the members. The format you choose is at least as important as who implements the format. Do you spend time strategizing what seems like the boring details?
3. Coke May Have Come Out on Top
At times watching the committee hearings was like watching The Voice or AGT when Blake or Simon take a swirl from their beverage. That Coke logo at the hearings stood out as much as anything that was said. We can debate winners and losers. One thing for sure was that Coke won.
Lesson Learned:  I am not at all sure of the lesson. I thought we could all use a little levity and the Coke bottle provided it for me. As tens of millions of Americans and others around the world were glued to their screens, that bottle of Coke took first billing. Insiders estimate that the marketing value to Coke was worth 3 million dollars. How can you leverage an unintended detail?  
4. Value in a Laugh
Living Legend Campy Russell remains one of my all-time favorites. Before we went on air I asked him about one of my favorite subjects to-beat-to-death David Blatt, former CAVS Coach. The whole firing revolves around definitions- words do have power. Was he a rookie head coach or not?
Lesson Learned: If he would have just laughed . . . just embraced the “I’m-a-rookie-coach” scenario. Instead he refused to accept the mantle players and media tried to put on him as a rookie coach. After the team’s first win he refused the team ball, offered to him for his first head coach win. Does your sense of humor leave you when you need it most?
5. The Job of a Democracy
I had the opportunity to interview the former editor and publisher of Crain’s Cleveland Business, Brian Tucker. He spent his first 30 career years as a journalist. I asked him how people can discern “fake” news from “real” news. His answer included the hard work that is imperative for individuals to do in a democracy.
Lesson Learned: Being a member of democracy is hard work. One needs to vet information by using websites like SNOPES, getting information collaborated, and distinguishing a vetted media forum from a non-vetted forum. Are you willing to do the work?
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In our personal or professional life, how open are you? If you have followed the perils of Benji then you may remember our tribulations with KONG. Kong is a type of toy that is supposed to keep a dog entertained for 15 minutes, a half hour, some LENGTH of time.
Benji would solve the Kong in minutes. His doggy behaviorist claimed Benji was a genius. All I wanted was a dog who would actually be babysat by the Kong rather than master the Kong.
We tried different types of Kongs until I just gave up on the idea of anything entertaining him for long. Hence the miles and miles of walking we have done.
The other day he got fidgety at my office and I was not able to walk him. After a couple of years of having given up on the Kong, I decided to resurrect the big red plastic toy.
Much to my surprise it did keep him busy for ten minutes. That is like ten minutes of your child not saying, what are we going to do now?
My lesson learned is to sometimes re-visit: re-visit a past toy, past strategy, past avoidance, something past. Perhaps the outcome will be different today than it was in yesterdays.
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