April 2019
HERBIE'S HINTS (named after my dad!)

 My dad was buried with a double head stone. One side was “his” and one side would eventually be “hers," my mom’s side. When my mom was buried this past summer, the cemetery realized their error.

They had buried my dad on my mom’s side, under the side that would eventually include her epitaph. So a new head stone had to be made for both my mom and my dad.

You probably know by now that my Dad was a huge Buckeye fan. When my sister emailed me a mock-up of the double stone, yes you get a computer generated rendering of even a headstone, I half kiddingly replied, “can they add Brutus Buckeye?"

She checked with the tombstone experts and replied that while they couldn’t do Brutus they could do the OSU logo.
WOW- my dad will love that addition.
Then we had to come up with something for my mom, knowing what we did for my dad we would need to do something equal for my mom. That is another story for another day. After April 17, my dad can rest in peace with OSU.
Stay on Your Cutting Edge
Camp Next – for a next generation leader in your life. Send someone you know or send someone you have never met in your life, to Camp Next on May 11, 9 -3.

Five experts will share their expertise along with Krispy Kreme. If there is a next Camp Next, it will be at least 15 months away.

In the video at the bottom of this newsletter, hear and see expert Rachel Whitehawk Day. Rachel is a jewel in the fabric of NE Ohio and a new expert to Camp Next. Rachel will talk about how to achieve a higher degree of confidence and self-esteem in order to hone your competitive edge.
Bi-Partisan Speaking Perspectives from D.C.
For ever Democratic speaker, there was a GOP speaker.
1. Senator Kyrsten Sinema
The newly elected senator from Arizona won her November election and arrived in Washington to much fanfare. She was a Democrat elected in what had been a largely red state, she defeated a female decorated fighter pilot, and she is openly bi-sexual and looks like a cross between Marilyn Monroe and Gwen Stefani. I couldn’t help but juxtapose this image with the image of former Texas Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison: the helmet head of hair, the requisite sensible heels, and the suit with the ‘80’s shoulder pads.

Lesson Learned:  Senator Sinema addressed our audience in what I would describe as a Sex and the City Carrie Bradshaw dress, from the tulle days. Politics aside, I thought here was what I refer to as observable, measurable evidence that maybe there has been progress in women’s rights: as in the right to be yourself. Here is a U.S. senator addressing 18,000 people in a fashionable frock. It worked because it was authentic to who she apparently is. Are you authentic to you?
2. Vice President Pence
I have heard Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speak many times. In or out of office he is a really good speaker. He has a repertoire of rhetorical strategies that go from expert historian, great storyteller, protector of Israel, Bibi the babysitter, comedian, expert and expert politician. VP Pence on the other hand has limited rhetorical range.

Lesson Learned:  VP Pence has one rhetorical strategy: earnest indignation. While he does indignation well every word is treated the same, as if he is yelling FIRE in a crowded movie theatre. There is no range in emphasis, tone, voice, cadence, rhythm, or dynamic. Unlike Bibi he is never the babysitter and always the parent. How is your range?
3. Congressman Steny Hoyer
I heard the congressman from Maryland’s 5 th congressional district speak 12 times. He has consistently been a solid B+ speaker whether speaking to 18,000 or 500 audience members. Consistency has a high value as a speaker, a team member, or as a sister or brother. All prior 11 times he was a solid B. Not an A and never a C. This year he was on fire. I would informally ask people through-out the conference, “who has been your favorite speaker so far?”

Lesson Learned:  The answer was always Steny Hoyer. A Manhattan attorney I sat next to one session, without prompting used the same term I had used, “he was on fire”. It doesn’t take a communication expert to know when someone has raised their game. What is amazing here is that at 79 years old a person can still raise their game. How can you raise yours?
4. Anyone Can Have Technical Problems at Any Time
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu came to D.C. to speak at the conference. During this time there was a bombing in Israel. He felt required to return home. Instead of speaking live he spoke from a secured area somewhere in Israel. Because of the conditions of the “security” the video feed kept cutting out. He was there and then he wasn’t and then he was …

Lesson Learned:  You can be a president or a prime minister; it doesn’t mean that the technology will always work. In fact, at some time it probably won’t work. When the question is “what do I do”, the answer is always “keep moving forward”. Don’t wait until something is fixed just keep going. What would you do when technology fails you?
5. Not Hiding the Art
Benjamin Gantz is an Israeli General and politician who challenged the incumbent prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Gantz wars a candidate from the Blue and White Party. Funny two Benjamins. Gantz, known as Benny, came to speak at the conference. He introduced himself to the conference attendees by recounting his personal history, military history, and family history. I would say his goal was to connect to an audience that is familiar with and has a long relationship with his opponent.

Lesson Learned:  At a few times through-out the speech Gantz would leave the podium and walk 10 steps in either direction. I thought he “hid the art well” which means it looked natural and effectively got him out of the podium box. The New Yorker I happened to sit next to thought it was contrived. An audience is made up of hundreds of opinions and reactions. Do you decide in advance which segments of an audience are your focus?
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We just came home from our most successful dog park outing. As the first really nice day of spring, you could say that someone “let the dogs out”. In some ways I liked the rainy and cold weather because most dogs and their walkers don’t come out to the park.

With the onslaught of dogs came the onslaught of challenges. At one point we encountered three dogs at the same time. My heart stopped.

I scan the horizon so I have a heads up as to a dog coming my way. I need time and space to move Benji ten feet off the designated path. Then I need to have him sit and face me – with my treats clearly in hand. I say “watch me” as I buy his silence with treats.

Every pocket of every coat I own has a handful of treats in it. If our house is not taken over by mice it will be a miracle. Today we encountered eight dogs. Eight times the Benji was quiet.

Today was a good day.
Saturday May 11
Camp NEXT is a one-day experience for anyone between the ages of 13 and 35. What if you knew at 18 what you know now?
This camp will focus on several topics that fit under the communication umbrella. Identify Your Value in different situations, leverage social media, learn updated tips on the visual from a NYC stylist and table etiquette.

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