September 2019
HERBIE'S HINTS (named after my dad!)

 As many of you know, my dad was a die-hard Ohio State fan. Water boy for the team before he went off to fight in WW2, Saturdays in the fall were religious days. No one was allowed to talk during the OSU game. My sister and mom could not follow the rules so they went shopping. I stayed home to listen to the games on the radio while we were in the barn.

When I was growing up, only the Michigan game was on TV. I remember Archie Griffin’s freshman year. I think I remember his first game. I definitely do remember that as a freshman he set a school single-game rushing record of 239 yards in the second game of the 1972 season.

I bring this up because before this season there appeared to be a lot of hand wringing by current OSU fans: don’t know enough about this Ryan Day they would say. Of course the coach, whether it was Woody Hayes or Urban Meyer, was important to the program. After the first two games, light competition as they may have been, the Buckeyes are looking pretty good. My dad would say the magic is in the team.
Stay on Your Cutting Edge
When adrenaline goes up learning goes down. When stressed we don't take in information and we don't implement the same as we do when we have less anxiety.

At times in the Round Pen, participants come across as yelling. Yelling is not being firm. Even with a horse yelling is yelling.
1. My Clothes for a Kingdom
On a Wednesday I took two dresses to Fussy Cleaners. When I went to pick them up, they could not find them. A week later, they still had not appeared. “Lost” is the word they used to refer to the missing items. I had to go to the location where they were lost to fill-out the paperwork. My goal was to get in and out as quickly as possible. Bad enough two dresses were lost. Even worse spending a Saturday morning in a dry cleaner!

Lesson Learned:  The cashier started out with two pieces of paper in front of her. It felt like I was in slow motion as she asked me questions from phone to address to dress description. I found a pen and wanted to fill-in the info by myself. The cashier was insulted and said, “we have processes." Their processes lost two of my dresses. Do you rely on faulty processes?
2. Another Value of Visibility
On a recent Sunday I lamented my lack of future topics for Forum 360. Maybe after 16 years I ran out of ideas! Late in the afternoon I returned to one of the many parks I frequent with one or two of my dogs. I saw this woman with walking sticks and a back pack, repeatedly going up and down the small hill. I asked her how many times she went up and down. She told me one hundred times equaled 3 ½ miles. Then she went on to tell me she was preparing for a 14 mile walk DOWN the Grand Canyon and then back up . . . by herself.

Lesson Learned:  She went on to tell me about her preparation. She had lost 50 pounds. The weather could go from snow to 90 degrees; she could take only what she could carry on her back, at times the path would be 24” wide I thought she would make a great guest on Forum 360. Who knew I would find a guest on a walk at the park? Good things happen when you are more visible.
3. Bridgestone Painted a Rainbow
I think the Gay Pride Festival in Akron is one of the best events the whole year. Everyone is in a good mood, some are in costume, and vendors are promoting everything from banking to religious institutions. I was struck by the rainbow tower of Bridgestone tires. From the time of the inception of the tire companies in the first decade of the last century, leadership early cloistered in member only country clubs, has not been thought of as visionary.

Lesson Learned:  I loved this tower of tires for what it says about Bridgestone. From a time when company leaders belonged to white –only clubs to a time the company promotes the rainbow. If a tire company can evolve, any company can evolve. How have you or how has your company evolved?
4. Shawshank Revisited
The movie Shawshank Redemption had their 25 th anniversary last month. Hundreds of people from around the country convened in Mansfield, OH for a week-end of discussion, interviews, tours, and photo opps. The writer/director Frank Darabont confirmed an urban myth. In the 90’s as a struggling young writer he turned down 2.5 million dollars for his screenplay. If he had sold the screenplay, Rob Reiner would have directed Tom Cruise as Andy DuFresne.
Lesson Learned:  25 years ago Tim Robbins, Morgan Freeman and seemingly a cast of thousands descended on Mansfield to film Shawshank. For many actors it was their first real part and they were thrilled to be a part of the ensemble cast. For most of them Shawshank was the pinnacle of their career. Morgan Freeman’s son played a young Red in the movie. He thought the movie would jump start his career. It did not. Is there something you are counting on in your professional life?
5. Two Ways to "Skin a Cat"
I don’t want to skin a cat one time let alone twice. I do believe there are multiple ways to get to the same destination. Mapquest always offers two routes: one scenic and one express. In the same section of the same Sunday NYT, there were two articles about very different methods young people are meeting other young professionals.

Lesson Learned:  One article was about Toffee, a new App, for people who were educated at private schools. Their belief is that people from similar backgrounds are more likely to stick together. On another page in the same section was an article about young professionals rejecting dating apps in favor of live events called DateMyFriend.ppt. At these events best friends give presentations, sometimes PP, on the value of their best friend. Do you explore different ways to get to the same result?
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We often think we have to be “busy”, doing something in order to provide value. Sometimes we can better provide value by doing less or doing nothing. The Sunday of Labor Day week-end we spent 8 hours decorating my office for Halloween. Both dogs were in attendance to cheer us on.

Between the ladder, the ceiling hangings, and the tedious placements of the cobwebs, it was quite the undertaking. Both Natcha and Benji came to help. I put their beds out in the middle of the office. Truly, the best way they could help was by staying out of the way.

There used to be a poster that said, “Lead, follow or get out of the way”. As the dogs hung out in their beds, that truly was the best way they could be a help. One year we were painting and Missy got paint fumes in her eyes. A visit to Metro, hours of washing out her eyes, and a $150 bill, because she was on the”field” not on the sidelines.

Sometimes you protect your value and communicate your value most effectively by doing nothing.
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