November 2019
HERBIE'S HINTS (named after my dad!)

 My dad was a meat and potatoes kind of guy. Sometimes, especially while on family vacations, we would find ourselves at more of a new-age restaurant. Waiters and chefs would be frustrated that my dad would order the boring selection when he had options of unusual menu selections.

The other night we were at a restaurant in Cleveland. Some of us ordered “meat and potatoes” kind of selections and some of us ordered the unusual menu selections. Most that ordered the unusual item selections were disappointed and probably hungry afterwards.

The experience reminded me of Herbie. Although often made fun of by chefs, he stuck to his food choices. Sometimes it’s hard to know when to experiment with new ingredients and new recipes and when to stick with the tried and true. It’s the same challenge in life: when to stick with the known and when to experiment.
Stay on Your Cutting Edge
This brief clip is a marketing piece that was done by the Akron Chamber when I spoke to the KNOW in August. It does contain some good advice for women leaders and all leaders: visibility equals viability, there is no such thing as little opportunities or big opportunities, and leadership can’t just be learned in a classroom.

1. One Room School House Goes High Tech
In some ways public education hasn't changed much since the days of the one room school house we all watched in Little House on the Prairie. All of the students met in a single room where a single  teacher   taught academic basics to multiple class levels.

Lesson Learned:  When cell phones were first introduced to the world, students were to keep them hidden during the school day. Now at least some schools have charging stations so student phones can be charged through-out the day, as observed at Stow-Munroe Falls High School.  What is a sign that you have evolved with the times?
2. Bucket List Envy
95% of Americans have a Bucket List - a list of things to do before they die. Popular items on the list run from being in the SNL audience to riding a mechanical bull. My latest guest on Forum 360, Vicki Chisholm, is an Akron resident who hiked to the bottom of the Grand Canyon and back out, not once but twice. For her latest September hike, she spent 5 months in preparation: finding the right fit in her backpack, practicing carrying 35 pounds, cross-training, training in different altitudes and terrains, and losing 60 pounds.
Lesson Learned:  Her preparation was amazing. Reminds me of the preparation of one of the most watched TED Talks ever, Dr. Jill Bolte-Taylor. She rehearsed her entire TED Talk 200 times before she gave her talk that has been viewed more than 25 million times. Are you willing to put in the needed prep time to make your “hike” successful?
3. Cancel Culture
The term for people who have been thrust out of professional or social circles either online or in the real world or sometimes both is "canceled”. Another definition is to avoid speaking to or engaging with a person. That also results in them being "canceled."
Lesson Learned:  Cancel culture is a way to take away someone's power and call out the person for being problematic. Its roots appear to derive from YouTube. One up-side is perhaps less anxiety and negativity. A downside is the opportunity for dialog is lost.  Have you cancelled anyone online or in person?
4. Little Things - Big Things
I often suggest to clients and audiences to read the Sunday New York Times. I prefer the paper version. Articles and ads that you stumble upon are often more interesting than an article you may have been heat seeking. One recently married couple is highlighted in a half -page article in every Sunday edition. The Brooke Watson - Nelson Madubuonwu included a special lesson.
Lesson Learned:  Brooke was on her way a New York airport when she ran into former high school friend, Nelson. They continued to the airport together. Upon arrival at her gate, she realized her name on the ticket was misspelled, Brooke Wa instead of Brooke Wilson. It took 3 days to fix the ticket problem and in that time she and Nelson fell in love.  Is there a "mistake" you can transform into a positive?
5. Failing Up
WeWork's promise was to create a world where people make a life and not just a living. Adam Neumann, the founder and CEO, has been described as having an inexplicably persuasive charisma, an uncanny ability to read people, gain trust, a frenetic non-stop energy and at 6'5 a physical presence that could dominate a room.
Lesson Learned:  WeWork grew from a single office to 45 million square feet of real estate. And then it fell apart.  Under his guidance the company's value plummeted from 47 billion to 7 billion. He resigned September 24. Some call him a visionary and others call him a huckster. Content still counts. Can you separate concept from the person or people involved?
Leslie in Person
February 18 - APICS

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We were at PetSmart. We were at the checkout where we were poised to make a clean get-away. I had managed to race through the store encountering no other canines so Benji could not terrorize anyone. I half expect him to be barred from PetSmart at any time for his seeming aggression toward dogs small and large.

As I was paying at the cash register, I turned and saw a huge black Doodle come through the door. I thought to myself, "NOOO!" Just a few more seconds and we would have exited in peace. I saw the Doodle come toward me and I seemed defenseless to stop the upcoming interaction.

Doodle met Benji and Benji didn't say a peep. Not a bark, not his heavy attack breathing, nothing. 

I don't know the lesson. Perhaps we can stop expecting the worse behavior and give even the terrorist the opportunity to excel.
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