May 2020
HERBIE'S HINTS (named after my dad!)

My dad was almost a life-long Republican. He always voted for Congressman John Seiberling and Senator Howard Metzenbaum. Toward the end of his life he voted for Bill Clinton and against “W”. I am curious what he would think about Governor Andrew Cuomo.

In case you have been paying little attention to the Covid cast of characters, Governor Cuomo is the only governor whose daily press conference is covered nationally. Many governors hold daily briefings: DeWine, Newsom (California), and Pritzker (Illinois) to name a few. But Cuomo’s is the only one that has a national audience.

So I wonder what my dad would have thought of this dad of three daughters. He has shared his view on his daughter’s boyfriends, NDS. He said you always say you like the boyfriend or NBS goes into effect; Natural Defiance Syndrome. He makes an Italian dinner for his daughters each Sunday they are in town. They push it around the plate and then he takes them out for Chinese.

So on May 5, I was amused when the governor repeated that his daughter, working for the state of New York for $1 a year, told him he was a bad communicator. She suggested a better plan for encouraging New Yorkers to wear a mask.

My dad had clarity in the value of an Oreo. Governor Cuomo has clarity in his role as governor.
Stay on Your Cutting Edge
In the actual HorseTalk experience one of the biggest take-away of the day is how to implement a lesson learned in the pasture to life outside of the pasture. Another value of HorseTalk lessons is how they apply to public leaders of the Covid 19 crises. This brief video shares with you how to apply Lesson #76, when one thing doesn’t work, try another.

This week I was asked to be a guest on Business Radio (New York) for a 30 minute interview. You can listen to it here.

Since we could not host the April 23 rd Video & You session, I continue this offer: send me video of you. It could be video of you speaking, or maybe just trying on some different looks for a particular occasion, perhaps you want to try some different backgrounds for your own Zoom meetings, different angles, whatever you can think of to send me. You can just use your phone to send me 30 seconds to 3 minutes of video. Choose any platform that works for you. I will view and then give you my feedback.
Americans and People around the world are baking-at-home while they shelter-at-home. But this mass return to a comforting, hands-on habit has resulted in a shortage of ingredients, and other comical consequences.

1. Israeli's Scrambled for Eggs
During lockdown in Israel what caused a lot of Israelis to finally lose their patience was a nationwide egg shortage. There were videos of people stealing eggs off the backs of delivery trucks, tips on social media about where to buy the scarce commodity and grocers who would only sell you eggs if you purchase a high minimum.

Lesson Learned:  The Israeli government had to step into solve egg—gate. At a cost of 3.5 million dollars they flew eggs from Spain to Israel on two chartered planes.  Do you take whatever steps necessary to keep your clients satisfied ?
2. Batters of Delight
In America Instagram has been filled with hashtags of #quarantinebaking. Images of crusty sourdough loaves, pastel-frosted cupcakes, and chocolate chip cookies abound as shelter-at-home consumers channel pandemic-stress, boredom, or both into batters of delight.

Lesson Learned:  In just one week in March  yeast purchases skyrocketed  647 percent, retail flour sales were up 154 percent, and baking mixes up 99 percent. It’s not that there was no flour. It was a supply chain problem. Same with milk and avocadoes. Are you sure you have correctly identified a problem ?
3. Muffin Math
Story problems in math were never my strength. At the center of this muffin caper is really a subtraction and addition problem. Let’s say you were given two muffins. Your significant other thinks you are in possession of just one muffin. Do you share your bounty and take home two muffins? Do you eat one and take one home and share? Do you eat one and take one home and claim you are not hungry?

Lesson Learned:  At its core a PowerPoint is a math challenge. How much time do you want to spend on each slide? At the core a speech is a math challenge: 15% of your time on the intro, 15% on the conclusion and about 65% on the body, not divided equally. The core of so many challenges is mathematical. What would you do with the two muffins ?
This is a pre-Covid schedule; it will be updated as we learn more about future guidelines.

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May 20 Canton Women's Impact
July 8 Be Coachable for Greater Akron Chamber
October 19 -20, Rubber Division, ACS IEC: Women's Conference and Presentation Workshop

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Most days we walk at a park close to home and office. Fortunately it was not closed during Covid. Getting too close to people or dogs is really not a problem while walking the terrorist. Pit bulls and Dobermans turn and go the other way when they see Benji at the end of my leash.

I try. I really try to have him not terrorize other dogs. Some days I am successful 50% of the time. The other day we were at a different park after picking up some special food at our veterinarian. Benji was amazingly better. Almost on his own he moved off the trail, assumed the position of DOWN, and waited for the other dog to pass.

I suggest to clients that changing environment can sometimes help either stop a bad habit or open our thinking when we have a mental block. Apparently it works for dogs too .
Our Maybe Summer Schedule

We need to plan for the life we want to have this summer, not the life we are having at the moment. You will tell us if you are ready for small group interaction.

Video & You - small group size
June 30th, 5pm - 7pm
Come and see how much you can improve in two hours!

Friday July 10 - HorseTalk #1
Friday September 4 - Fall HorseTalk #2
*The March discount of 50% for HorseTalk is extended through the summer for all participants!

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