February 2020
HERBIE'S HINTS (named after my dad!)

 On the morning of my dad’s funeral I asked my mom if I should wear make-up. “I’m just going to cry it off anyway”, I offered. My mom said, “dress the way your dad would want to see you look." A few minutes later my sister called from her house with the same question, “ask mom if I should wear make-up?” I gave her the same answer my mom had given me minutes earlier.

In some ways Herbie was like we think of many men, a little forgetful about details and dates. In other ways he was very detail oriented. Whether it was the barn being organized at the end of every day or the car being checked before every road trip or the execution of every company event, he did pay attention to details. What details he didn’t pay attention to, my mom did.

With this genetic defect in overdrive, I invite you to my March 15 horse-themed party for a book. HorseTalk: Lessons in Leadership is a book about the HorseTalk one-day experience.  The book has the lessons without the whisper of a horse or the ability to whisper to a horse. This is my third and I am pretty sure final book. In the ten years since I wrote my last book I forgot how painful the process of writing is –regardless of today’s technology!

The cake will look like a horse, the toothpicks have a horse, the food signs are a horse, and the take home gift has a horse! One cotton candy flavor is champagne for the celebration and Oreo cookies of course – purple enrobed. My dad was very loyal to his suppliers and we are loyal too- featuring Continental Cuisine chicken shawarma, White Flower, and Ingmar pretzels as we always do.

We added Horse Neck Cocktails and Mocktails and a few other twists.

We are looking at every detail so Herbie would be proud. Come and see how we do March 15 from 2- 5pm, it’s a horse-themed party for a book about the HorseTalk experience. Please let us know you will be coming.
Stay on Your Cutting Edge
This 30 second clip above is the result of years of tinkering with HorseTalk, the experience. In the summer of 2018 one participant gave voice to her desire to have the day be more fun. The day is unique, educational, for some behavior-changing, it is not a “fun” day. But that doesn’t mean I couldn’t do something to make the day more fun.

I scoured the world for paint that was safe for horses, especially a pregnant horse. At the end of each participant’s time in the Round Pen, they had the option of putting their hand print on the horse. Most loved to do it. Caroline really loved to put her hands with dripping paint on Grey Lady. This photo, which to me represents pure joy, has become my favorite. Come see the 18 x 24 version at the March 15 party for a book
Lessons from a Horse-Themed Party for a Book
1. Make Your Imprint as wide as Possible
The invitation – be it snail mail or email or text – is important. It is the first “touch” in what should be a long line of “touches” about your event. The impression people have of your event does not start at your event. And their impression doesn’t have to end when they leave the event. That is why I like to thank the guests after the event and that is why you give them a take-home gift . . . to stretch your imprint.

Lesson Learned:  Whether this is the first time you are hearing about this event, the second time or the third time, it is a “touch”. We are bombarded daily by messages. If we reach out to someone once, it is likely to get lost in a sea of messages. How wide can you make your imprint?
2. Ask, Ask, Ask
A very successful CEO once had an event at the Marble Room in downtown Cleveland. The event was FREE to the invited guests. When I asked one attendee what brought him to this event, his answered amused me, taught me, and stuck with me. He said he came because the host called him five times to encourage him to attend.

Lesson Learned:  The lesson I learned was that even if you have an event in a great venue and guests attend for FREE, and even if you are the CEO, you still have to be pro-active to get people to attend. Build it and they will come may work in Hollywood, but we mere mortals usually have to work a little harder. How many ways can you be pro-active?
3. Things Change - Stay the Same
Today we have newbies Etsy, Amazon, ToyboxTech, Newegg, Alibaba, and Mellowermarket to name just some of the newer sources for an event, presentation or daily life. There are more sources and vendors. In some ways that makes things easier and in some ways it makes things more complicated. We can print out about anything on our laser printer, but does that mean we are better off to do it ourselves?

Lesson Learned:  More choices mean more decisions. To order personalized napkins I perused half a dozen websites. It was hard to navigate the advantages and disadvantages of each: one was cheaper but had a higher minimum; another was more expensive but had a better color purple. Everything has both an upside and a downside. It’s great to have more options, are you prepared to do the work to find your best option?
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As I handed off Benji to the groomer I said one thing. I uttered just one set of instructions, Don’t Shave Him. I thought the one thing, short and sweet, that I said was pretty clear. What I missed apparently was that the audience decides your clarity, not you. And that means not me either. My audience, the groomer, either didn’t hear or didn’t share my view of “shave”.

I handed Benji to the groomer and confidently went back in the house. When it took about twice as long as usual I started to worry. But nothing prepared me for what I would see when she finally returned him. SHAVED, completely. So shaved that three weeks later he still looks shaved.

As always with Benji there is a lesson and as always I am not always sure of the lesson. I counsel my clients that you don’t have buy-in until your audience says it. Next time the groomer comes; I will have her tell me what he is going to look like when she hands him back to me.
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