March 2020
HERBIE'S HINTS (named after my dad!)

 One of Herbie’s sayings I heard my dad say most often was, “Don’t Peak Too Soon." He was usually talking about a horse’s performance in relation to a regional or national horse show.

With this Democratic Primary Season that has been both long and tortuous, I think of my dad’s words often. A candidate, like a horse, has to peak at the right time. When you peak too soon you may be on the downside of optimum performance or optimum donor contribution. When you peak too late, you miss deadlines, opportunities to compete, and votes.

Whether you are strategizing a day or a career, remember this Herbie’s Hint and apply it to your life. You want to strategize as much for a marathon as you do for a presentation or for your career.

Mayor Pete probably peaked too soon. While pundits pointed fingers at Uncle Joe and said he was under performing perhaps he was avoiding the peak too soon killer. Elizabeth Warren was on fire over the summer, but as the voting actually started, not so much.

I heard Corey Booker speak months after he had “suspended” his campaign. I don’t know how he presented during his campaign, but the Corey Booker I heard brought the house down. Did he peak too soon or not soon enough?

Sometimes a horse really does lead the race from the starting gate to the finish line. Most often not. The challenge with peaking too soon is that you have to know your actual peak, when you are there, and how long it will last.

Take my dad’s hint, lessons learned from the primary season, and figure out when you peak in order to not peak too soon .
Stay on Your Cutting Edge
There are times that we need to be bold. First think about what bold means to you and more importantly to your audience. Bold is more than the tone of your voice.
Three Perspectives from the AIPAC Conference
1. Fauda, Fauda, Fauda
Fauda is an international Netflix hit. It started as an Israeli TV series developed by two Israeli Defense Force veterans drawing on their own experiences. Through three seasons it is consistently credited as the drama that gets to the heart of the Israeli-Palestine conflict. Last year at the AIPAC conference, a session on Fauda featuring one of the show’s creators, was standing room only.

Lesson Learned:  Most attendees come to AIPAC for the serious policy discussions. Congress people, senators, presidential candidates, ambassadors, policy experts and the occasional president, address the AIPAC audience of 18,000. This year they again held a FAUDA session, and attendance was 10x last year’s attendance. Sometimes even serious minded people want a break. Are you providing a break in some way?
2. Speaking Dual: Booker vs. Bloomberg
On the same morning at AIPAC, former Mayor Mike Bloomberg and Senator Corey Booker each addressed the 18,000 in attendance. Bloomberg was impactful, knowledgeable, and connected the dots superbly well. Then Booker came on stage, part preacher and part authentically caring about his topic.

Lesson Learned:  They each had very different styles. If you saw Bloomberg only, you would say he gave a powerful speech. If you witnessed Booker only, you would say he raised the roof on the Washington Convention Center, one minute the audience in awe and the next in tears. Bloomberg gave the best of Bloomberg and Corey gave the best of Booker. Have you identified your style, are you giving the best you?
3. Everyone Has a Story
75 years after the Holocaust stories are still coming out that we have not heard. One speaker talked about a little boy, put on a train in Germany and sent to the UK. Never to see his family again. It was called Kindertransport. The children, or kinder, were saved but in many cases the parents perished in the Holocaust. The speaker went on to say that the little boy was his father.
Lesson Learned: Everyone has a story. In this case it was a yet untold story from the Holocaust. Everyone has some kind of story to tell in order to connect to their audience. Sometimes you may have to work harder than other times to find the connection. Do you work hard to connect?
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Benji is a terrorist. A cute terrorist but a terrorist just the same. His terrorist behavior comes out mostly with other dogs while Benji is on a leash. One trainer labeled it “false confidence”. Regardless, Benji is fine when not on a leash and a terror when on a leash.

At his daycare he lives like it is his house. It kinda is since he has gone there on some basis since he was three months old. When you look at this photo he does not look like a terrorist and I look like a liar. Terrorist behavior like confidence is situational.
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