January 2020
HERBIE'S HINTS (named after my dad!)

 It's an old football axiom: you never take points off the board. As you may know I started watching Ohio State football games with my dad when I was probably six years old. Back then only the big games like Michigan and Bowl games were televised. So it was a really big deal to see your Saturday heroes on TV.

I don’t remember ever seeing 12 points literally taken off the board in a big game. Ever. The last twelve years my dad was alive we watched the game “together” in different states.

We would both be watching the game and call each other every other play. It’s one of the reasons that to this day I like to watch the games at home: by the phone.

During the OSU - Clemson game I couldn’t help but wonder what my dad would have thought. What he would have thought of the points being taken off the board due to replay review.

I can’t know for sure. I think he would have said the game should be played on the field. The game shouldn’t be decided by officials viewing and reviewing a play from a thousand angles. Just let the boys play I can hear him say.

Herbie’s Hint: Perhaps we analyze and over analyze when we should just figuratively move our ball down the field.
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Lessons for 2020 from My Deer
1. The Value of Presence
I feed my deer. All 20 something of them. Love me or hate me for it, I feed them December through March. I talk to them too. I keep 50# bags in my car through-out this season. Deer are somewhat nomadic so sometimes they are around and sometimes I hope someone else is feeding them. When I see them standing around their feeding area I know it is time for more food. I am glad to also feed the squirrels and the birds, but it is the deer that I primarily want to feed.

Lesson Learned:  I want to make sure they are around before I put another bag out for them. Sometimes they come so close to the house I think they are telling me they are hungry, we want more food. Every time I see them it is a reminder that I need to put out food. For them and for me when they are visible I know to feed them and they get fed. Are you using the power of visibility to advance your agenda?
2. Sometimes There is a Magic Button
Often we want a magic button, an easy way to achieve our goal. We want that magic button whether our goal is to lose 20 pounds or to give a great speech. To the request for an easy way, I always say “my magic wand does not work”. At least in one case I was wrong. I found a magic button.

Lesson Learned: Last year mid-way through the deer feeding season, the bags of feed were changed from paper to these plastic coated terrors that are impossible to open. I have beaten, tortured, stabbed, and slashed these bags to get them open. I asked at the front desk of Copley Feed if here was easier way. No, was the answer. I asked the cashier, the answer was still No. I asked the guy loading my car and I got a YES. “Let me show you the magic button”, he said. Once he showed me, it is so easy it is almost embarrassing. Do the hard work because usually there is not a magic button.
3. Do You Stand Out?
When we first moved to our house we were told we had deer living on or around our property. For weeks and months I did not see any deer. One day I was lamenting this situation to a neighbor. He told me that I didn’t know how to look for them. He contended that I was seeing them every day. After that a deer practically came up to the window before I saw him. They blend in so well to their surroundings .

Lesson Learned:  What helps deer survive may kill us, figuratively. Deer survive largely because they blend into their environment so much. If we blend in professionally, we die. First look at your mindset. Do you want to stand out or do you want to blend in? Then go back to the basics for your answer. The answer is always in the three V’s: verbal, vocal, and visual. It is in the 3 V’s we can disappear and in the three V’s we are visible. What are your 3 V’s doing for you?
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This past summer Benji developed a hot spot on a front paw. I couldn’t really see it, but I could see him being bothered by it. The vet gave him a prescription that gets filled at Giant Eagle under Benji Ungar. I mentioned to the vet that he was still on the medication every other day. The vet went on to change his medication; she didn’t want him on that medication any longer.

Whether it was because the medication lost its effectiveness or was dangerous to be on for an extended period of time, I am not sure. What it reminded me was that sometimes we need to make a change: change in work-out regimen, change in hair salon, or a change in routine. And then again, sometimes we need to stay the course. The wisdom is in knowing the difference.
Ask about our NEW Blue Ribbon Reward program . At a horse show, a blue ribbon is 1st place. Each person who qualifies in this program will win "1st place."
Attend one of each kind of our events in 2020 and get a coaching session for FREE: (in office or at farm).

One Video Session, One Boot Camp and One HorseTalk.

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