December 2020
HERBIE'S HINTS (named after my dad!)

I remember somewhere in the late 70’s my dad was convinced that the computer would be the future of everything. The first company computer he bought filled an entire room. Herbie was always thinking about the future, a few steps ahead of the present.

As we turn to 2021, we have few answers. We may not even be sure of the questions. We are not sure if any month of 2021 will look the same as 2019. I am pretty sure Herbie would be thinking about a post-Covid world.

For all the talk of a “return to normal,” large chunks of the old normal are due for a post-Covid-19 rethink.

I doubt that the idea and location of “office” is truly over; in fact, the pandemic has highlighted the value of personal contact. But it’s easy to imagine most office workers getting their collegial fix in a couple of days a week rather than every day.

That, in turn, probably means reimagining homes — who still loves the open-concept home after nine months of 24-hour family time? Quick commutes become less valuable when you are not commuting daily. Personal living space becomes more valuable. Will the handshake return and will masks become a normal part of our day in areas where large groups congregate?

I don’t know of anyone who has the answers. Perhaps we can follow Herbie’s example and ask the questions. This newsletter is dedicated to the questions.
Stay on Your Cutting Edge
THE VEST is My Holiday Gift to You
I asked myself, who is the most famous person I know? The answer would be my next guest on Zoom to give you a COVID break with a message!
I am so excited to announce that my next guest is someone you likely met during his 
tenure at UA. Perhaps you chatted with him at the Eye Opener one morning or saw him at Beau’s.

Join THE Jim Tressel
When: Friday Dec 18 @ 12pm
Duration: 40 minutes
Zoom Meeting ID: 814 5191 4559
Password: 123
Jim Tressel, YSU President and former OSU Coach.

I have made only one New Year’s resolution. One year before seat belts were mandatory, my mother and I made a resolution to wear our seat belt at all times. Other than that one time, I see the value more in a mind shift than a resolution.
For 2021 here are three categories of questions that may help you learn from 2020 and adopt the mind shift to soar in 2021.
1. Learn From 2020
What was your biggest success of 2020? * Your biggest disappointment/shortcoming? * Why did you fall short?  If you knew COVID-shelter-at-home-disruption-to-our-way-of-life was going to last for 12 months, what would you have done differently?

Lesson Learned: To paraphrase a wise man, never let a pandemic go to waste. It’s bad enough we all have sheltered-at-home in some way since March. It would be worse to not learn some valuable lessons in the process. Perhaps the magic is in asking the questions even if you don’t have answers. Is there one question you can ask?
2. Take a Minute to Think First
What are three words that describe YOU as we enter into 2021? * What was an unexpected joy this past year? * What was an unexpected obstacle? * Can you select three words to describe this past year?

Lesson Learned: Everything – from our homes to our dogs – had to be re-imagined this year. I am big on the R words: Re-imagine, Re-silience, Re-brand. What words can you be big on?
3. Lessons to Implement in 2021
What will be the most challenging part of your work in 2021? * What can you delete or decrease as the single biggest time waster? * What is the best way you can use your time this year? * What lesson can you apply to this year? Can you create a statement to describe 2021?

Lesson Learned: Perhaps you read more, learned more, zoomed more, walked your dog more, and cooked or baked more. What will you do with new insights gained? Is there a way you can take one thing you learned and actually implement it in 2021?
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The Magic of Purell
Guest: Carey Jaros, CEO

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It is always a challenge to put people in positions that allow them to leverage their skills to their best and highest use. It is as true for our dogs! Benji loves to pose. Natcha runs away when she sees me just hold up my phone turned away from me rather than toward me to use as a camera.

To use Benji for photos is to use him at his best use: he could pose for hours. It is as if he says “let me pose here”, “now I will pose here”, “how does this look”. To photograph Natcha is to use her at something she hates and is horrible at as you can see her skulking away as if in shame.

Holiday wishes from Benji who never met a photo opp he didn’t like.
We are excited to announce our calendar for 2021: Covid-style and hopefully post Covid-style events.

For the first 6 months, we will host mini instructional zoom sessions complimentary to our Electric Impulse community. Topics will include storytelling, executive presence, and presenting to and at the executive level. If you have ideas of topics you’d like to hear, let me know!

We will transition in June to HorseTalk sessions; in–person and outside, incomparable to anything you have ever attended.

In August we will attempt to bring back Camp Next; our Boot Camp for young people ages 14-26 with five experts.

In Fall we anticipate returning to in-person events, headlined by our Halloween Spooky Media Boot Camp and Video Session.

A December Video and You as our holiday gift to you will complete the year.

Email us at [email protected] for further information or to RSVP to one of our events.

Ask me about our GIFT of 30 minutes!