Leslie Ungar, The Inner Brilliance of Electric Impulse, Inc.

Leslie G. Ungar Will Help You Find Your Inner Brilliance

President of Electric Impulse Communications, Inc.

Changing the World
One Client’s Confidence at a Time

“She kicks your butt and then gives you cookies”

says Akron Mayor Dan Horrigan, a long-time friend and client. As a coach Leslie’s style is direct in order to accelerate your success. You might call it the carrot and stick approach using Oreo’s instead of carrots!

As president of Electric Impulse Communications, Inc., she helps individuals and corporations supercharge their leadership. Benefit from Leslie as Coach, Speaker, and Speechwriter.

As a Coach, she creates a personalized strategy to electrify the journey to your performance potential. Together you will develop new communication patterns and implement methods that create results for executives, business owners, leaders, and Next Generation Leadership.

As a speaker, Leslie ignites audiences to believe that they can create and communicate their best solutions. She also throws out chocolate so you won’t want to disengage during her presentations!

As a Speechwriter, she can write a speech that will sound like you, only better! One of her all time thrills was writing the speech for Akron’s Welcome Home NBA Champion LeBron . Two lines from that speech were repeated over and over again on ESPN.

“Nobody can do it better or makes YOU better than Leslie Ungar,”

says Lynda Hirsch, nationally syndicated columnist and TV guest.

Her blog Leaders Need to Speak covers her adventures and thoughts from a “protect your value” perspective. Topics have included her days at the RNC, thoughts on entrepreneurs, and how sports and athletes mess up protecting their value!

Leslie can help you identify your competitive edge to improve individual and company performance. Her clients see her as someone to “think with.”

Leslie on TVUngar hosts a monthly PBS television show called Forum 360. Living Legend Campy Russell has visited with the show for every year of the 15 years Leslie has hosted, Jim Tressel was a guest twice which led to Leslie’s prized possession of his cell phone number, and her favorite guests are always the four legged variety.

This show and her work within the corporate world provide access to executives and how they think. She is often interviewed and quoted frequently in regional and national media. Leslie always has an opinion on current events in the business, sports, and political worlds because she sees all issues through the lens of communication.

A member of the National Speaker’s Association, her interest in the role of communication began in the sixth grade. She wrote a play about the role that the lack of communication played in Custer’s Last Stand, and her best friend played the role of Custer’s horse!

As you listen to and study with Leslie you will hear about how excelling in the horse show ring is similar to excelling in your own area of expertise: first place is always first place. She was a nationally ranked equestrian in the Top Three in her field.

Imbued with the belief that words can change your world, as a graduate student she wrote every Presidential hopeful about how they could improve their image as a candidate. Ungar served as adjunct faculty at The University of Akron. Her undergraduate and Master’s Degree are both in Communication and Rhetoric. Her dad still wants to know what rhetoric is!