Leslie Ungar, The Inner Brilliance of Electric Impulse, Inc.

Executive Coaching

Would you benefit from an outside, objective source
to help you succeed with the velocity necessary
to accomplish your goals?

You will benefit from Executive Coaching Services with Leslie G. Ungar, respected speaker and executive coach.

What would it mean to your professional and personal life if you could be more successful faster?

What would it mean to you if you could make your Inner Brilliance more visible to others?

What if you had more confidence? What could you accomplish if you weren’t afraid of failure?

“Working with Leslie is one of the best investments I have made. She is practical, direct, engaged and cares about “our” results. Her tips and tools go way beyond the assignment, they are transferable and reproducible in all settings. A win!
— Francoise Adan MD
Chief Whole Health and Wellbeing Officer at University Hospitals of Greater Cleveland

Do you think you have untapped potential? Do you want to harness that power to get to the next level?

I am here to help you reach your untapped potential. I have created an executive coaching program just for people like you.

This unique coaching program is for people who see that their communication, leadership, and self marketing skills make up their competitive edge.

It’s for people who understand that in today’s world it’s not just about what they know. It’s about how they present what they know.

It’s for professionals who understand the benefit to their career when they take their communication and leadership skills to a higher level.

Why CoachingIt’s for individuals who understand the value in higher visibility within their company or within their profession.

It’s for executives, managers, professionals, business owners, salespeople and their teams who have the discipline to implement strategic advice and specific techniques.

It’s for people who want to get results.

It’s for professionals who appreciate the value of an objective, external source in their professional life.

It’s for people who value feedback as if it is gold.

It’s for you if you would benefit from confidential help to assess your current performance.

It’s for you if you benefit from personalized options for action.

In other words, it’s for the stand out individual.

Different people have different needs at different times in their lives.

Most stand out individuals benefit in these ways from a coaching program:

  • Accelerates Results
  • Accountability for your progress
  • Action plan for short term and long range results
  • An ear–someone to listen specifically to you
  • A safe place to identify strengths and weaknesses
“She does great work. She kicks your butt and then gives you cookies. I’m the case study of turn arounds in comfortability.”
Akron Mayor Dan Horrigan
“Leslie has helped us to understanding the role and value of an executive coach. We are continuing to use her coaching services on a variety of individuals throughout our organization.”
Jeffrey Evans, President, CEO & Chairman
The Will-Burt Company

Here are the options for my Executive Coaching Program. 

  • Option #1 Remote Coaching
    This coaching option is six months of unlimited access to me by phone, e-mail, fax and regular mail.
  • Option #2 Intensive Executive Coaching
    This coaching option is six months or 12 months of one-on-one in person attention
  • Option #3 Weekend Leadership Make Over
    This coaching option is 12 intensive hours, one-on-one over a two day period. We look at every and any aspect of your career or your business that you would like to improve.
  • Option #4 Next Generation Leadership
    This coaching option is a one year program. It consists of at least one in-person meeting per month, one phone session per month, one observation where possible. Access to me is unlimited for those times when it is necessary.
  • How Coaching Works
    You and I reach a mutual decision as to whether we’re a good match. If we are then we look at which program is right for you. We begin with my studying your current situation, expectations, and fundamental value propositions.