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Courtroom Consulting

The court room is one spoke in the wheel of communication

The same rules apply to a legal setting as all other forms of communication. Testimony is essential to convincing a jury or judge that the story of your case is the one that should prevail. Preparing witnesses begins with helping them to understand their role in the process and in the trial narrative. We work with witnesses, plaintiffs and defendants to improve their communication style by increasing their ability to connect with their audience. We focus on authenticity, confidence, clarity and effectiveness. Focus in these areas will improve their ability to persuade.

Our approach from a communication perspective helps the individual adopt a mindset that keeps the “audience” in the forefront rather than focusing on themselves or the opposing side. Our belief and our strategy is that everyone can be more effective with communication preparation, honest feedback, and practice.

There is nothing more important than the truth told well. Well told can be difficult for lay or medical people in the foreign environment of a courtroom. The goal is to help witnesses, defendants and plaintiffs become more competent and confident in a realm traditionally dominated by the attorney.

Value of working with this communication expert

Story telling is the oldest form of human communication. Societies have used stories to make sense of the world and to teach lessons through-out history. Decision making by a jury, judge or arbiter in litigation is no exception to the value of storytelling.

  • Our strength is our ability to help attorneys and litigants tell their story: to understand and communicate the story of the case in a way that will resonate with the individual members of the jury.
  • We can review essential case documents and testimony, and work with you to develop communication themes and a story sequence that maximizes the persuasiveness of your message to the broadest audience possible
  • Our approach involves shifting your clients’ mindset away from a narrow focus on the legal/medical issues and minute details
  • We take the perspective of the audience, the decision maker, asking the questions they will ask, identifying strengths and addressing pitfalls
  • The details, the facts and the legal elements of the claims have more power when they are understood within the framework of a story that appeals to the audience’s world view and common sense


Typically, preparation can be completed in one 4-8 hour session per person. For some it is most effective when completed in the week prior to testifying. For others it reduces stress and prevents negative consequences to address their testimony weeks or months in advance. For witnesses with challenging communication patterns, two sessions may be needed.

It may be decided that it is helpful for me to be present in the courtroom. Coaching during the trial may be another option.