Leslie Ungar, The Inner Brilliance of Electric Impulse, Inc.

Written Testimonials

“You have been the key to our speakers becoming successful and efficiently/effectively sharing their story!!”
— Marvin Ferguson, RPh

“Thank you Leslie…you have been great and I am looking forward to continuing to learn from you. You have been great, and the process really helped me with the event. “
— Troy Gerspacher, CCIM, SIOR
Real Estate Broker & President

“I appreciate my time spent with you and your guidance.”
— Chris Niekamp, J.D.

“You have many raving fans and are making a difference in their professional development. We have a good partnership. Thank you for helping us!”
— Lou Maglione, CFO

“As I reflect back on my life and think about the people I admire most, you are definitely on that list. I feel lucky to know you and very appreciative of the knowledge & insight that I have gained as a result of our professional relationship. Just wanted you to know that your efforts have had a great impact on me. “
— Chris Redmond

“Working with Leslie has helped me be more consistent in my daily interactions and build confidence, all by focusing on what I can control. Me!”
— Stephanie

“I’m thrilled with where I am at in my career and Leslie has been a big part of getting me to where I am today. She is invaluable.”
— Caytie Matti
Director of Human Resources and Talent Success

“Leslie taught ne to ‘Protect my Value’. Thanks to her, I’m so much more empowered both in my job and in my life! And the quirky office decorations are a nice bonus! ;)”
— Brittany Rizzo, DVM Director of Animal Health
Akron Zoo

“Leslie your perspective has helped me to be a better leader at work and in my community. I’m more aware and confident as I move in different spaces and communicate ideas and seek understanding. My time spent with you has helped me grow – being humbled and empowered at the same time. Plus there’s a cookie after every session!”
— Chris Norman, Former Director of Conservation

“Leslie, your helpful, and simple, hints have settled into my own repertoire. I used your “one thing to do same / one thing to do differently” tip with my new team following our first meeting. It captured some valuable feedback. Thank you!”
— Greg Wurgler

“Leslie is a great listener, coach and a great person…I trust her advice on all my important business decisions and events. Thanks for your support.”
— Chris Niekamp
Partner in Charge, Akron Office

“My 13-year-old son and I both worked with Leslie independently over the past year and we have each seen tremendous growth in our presentation skills, but more importantly in our general daily communication. We have both developed a high level of confidence with our ability to engage an audience and look forward to the opportunity to “take the stage”. It has also been a wonderful experience to be able to collaborate with each other as we put Leslie’s teachings into action preparing for our individual speaking events.”
— Rebecca White, EVP Strategy & Corporate Development, The Kenan Advantage Group, Inc.

“She does great work. She kicks your butt and then gives you cookies. I’m the case study of turn arounds in comfortability.”
— Akron Mayor Dan Horrigan

“Working with Leslie is one of the best investments I have made. She is practical, direct, engaged and cares about “our” results. Her tips and tools go way beyond the assignment, they are transferable and reproducible in all settings. A win!”
— Francoise Adan MD, Chief Whole Health and Wellbeing Officer at University Hospitals of Greater Cleveland

“Leslie was my first executive coaching experience in my first gig as a new lawyer. Hard to believe it was 25 years ago that she filmed me and my cohorts and taught us about presence and crisis communication. First person to film me so I would have an idea of how I appeared to audiences of 1 to 100. Leslie – you are amazing and the best at what you do.”
— Candace Campbell Jackson, Senior Vice President Syracuse University/Chief of Staff

“Horse Talk helps you discover the leader within and as Leslie starts the book, leadership can be situational. My journey as a leader in life and business has taught me that I’m always learning. This guide will help you understand the underlying principles of becoming a great leader. Leslie is a friend and my coach. I value her insights and highly recommend Horse Talk.”
— Brian Beheydt

“I really like how easy and pleasant this book was to read, in a somewhat instructional format. Author Leslie Ungar provided some of the best leadership and one-on-one communication advice I’ve heard, and the advice is very simple to apply. This book sits right on the corner of my desk.”
— Chuck Mullen

“An easy to read, yet very insightful and helpful guide to learning, reviewing, and accepting one’s leadership style. Though I haven’t been a participant in one of Leslie’s Horse Talk Workshops; I saw myself in several of her vignettes. I’m now rethinking how I approach some people and situations. How we see ourselves is too often very different from “that” look in the honesty mirror as Leslie so aptly points out. Though not CEO or COO, we will still likely find ourselves in a leadership role at some time. Leslie Ungar illustrates lessons that everyone can use and be of benefit — whether with our family, friends, within our neighborhood, social groups AND our business lives.”
— Lisa Elaine

“This book helped me better understand my communication and leadership styles; both professionally and personally! I love the way it’s written and how you can bounce around or read it beginning to end. Great read for any age- any career path!”
— Heather Maimone

“Leslie has such an effective way to get her leadership lessons across in this book. It’s easy to digest the valuable leadership lessons that are learned from years of working with these powerful animals. The book’s format of always having a ‘Call to Action’ in each section mirrors Leslie’s coaching style of pushing her clients to take control of situations and constantly grow their capabilities. Great read and extremely useful!”
— Tony B.

“This is a fun read, taking some of the seriousness out of leadership books without sacrificing any of the important lessons. I’ve known Leslie through civic life in Northeast Ohio, and I deeply appreciate her many contributions–including this book!–to helping people and organizations be their best. with horses to the business world and even relatable to your personal life.”
— Dan Moulthrop

“I have had the opportunity to hear Leslie speak at an event, and feel that her method of delivering information on Leadership is incredible! I have highlighted and underlined my copy of Horse Talk and refer to it often. Her writing style is like hearing her live. Thanks to Leslie, for giving us lots of quotes to keep in mind. I hope that you enjoy the book as much as I did.”
— Pam Collica

“I haven’t always been a big reader but sometimes I come across something that I can’t put down, and HorseTalk fits the bill! Easy to understand lessons aimed at forging yourself into a more effective leader. I would recommend this book to anyone that is wanting to sharpen their leadership skills in their personal or professional world. Overall a great book!”

“In Horse Talk, Leslie combines her background in showing horses with her skills as an executive coach, a communications expert, and a leadership coach. This metaphor provides an excellent way for Leslie to describe leadership stories and lessons in a cohesive, helpful manner that any leader can understand. I find Horse Talk delightful!”
— Oleta E.

“Easy to read with fun stories from the round pen. I especially liked lesson #29 Pay attention to your hip bones. All about body language and how it affects your interactions with horses and people.”
— Michael

“Thank you for the engaging Great Presentations workshop presentation as a part of our Leadership Toolbox series! Your style is candid, yet captivating; direct, yet delivered with excellence and humor. The information was thorough, easy to follow and presented professionally. You have a group of followers at Women’s Network! “
— Jan Conrad, Executive Director
Women’s Network

“I wouldn’t have had the success I’ve experienced without your help over the years.”
— Fred Zumpano, President
Fred Zumpano Design & Construction

“On behalf of the Akron Bar Association’s Women in Law Section, I would like to express my gratitude to you for giving your time and expertise as a speaker at the 2017 Leadership Empowerment CLE Seminar. Your contribution and knowledge added a great deal towards making the event successful and beneficial to the participants and was appreciated by all!”
— Jackie Billett, Director of Legal Professional Development
Akron Bar Association’s Women in Law Section

“So much of what you taught me will become more and more valuable in both my work and personal life. Thank you for all the communication ‘gifts’.”
— Aristea Tzouloufis
The Ronald McDonald House

“Leslie has made a positive impact both from a professional standpoint as well as personal. She is my Go To person for everything from a speech for 1000 people to toasts to memorial tributes. She has a genuine dedication to help each client reach their full potential which comes through in every interaction.”
— Mary Schumacher Becker
Schumacher Homes

“I have worked with Leslie for since 2012 and in that time I have learned more than I imagined. Some of the lessons that stick with me are from Horse Talk; the value of teamwork, putting the right people in roles to succeed, and being genuine is a powerful tool. Leslie has helped me in the most important meetings in business, my brother’s best man speech and even my grandfather’s eulogy. Business or Personal she has always been there to help me succeed more than I believed I could. “
— John Becker
Schumacher Homes

“I just had an interview with the TV station. It was the most comfortable I have ever been. I even received a compliment at how knowledgeable I was. Thank you so much for helping me to re-frame my thinking of doing those interviews! “
— Vince Jeffries
Director of Marketing & Public Relations
The Akron Zoo

“You gave me so much guidance and helped build my confidence in this foreign country. I am so lucky that I found you at my darkest time. With your assistance I got the Cleveland Clinic internship, and was proud to fulfill my responsibilities in my last semester before i finished my graduate degree”
— Jennifer Fang, resident of China
new graduate The University of Akron

“I had used another business coach before but when I wanted to start my own business, that person’s personality wasn’t what I needed. I knew Leslie through her community work, and knew she was the right fit. I had thought about starting a business for months but did nothing about it. Leslie, I knew, would kick me in the butt and get me unstuck. With her guidance, I made a list of over 80 contacts I could reach out to, and learned how to tell my business’ story. If you need a push to move forward, not someone who will coddle you and let you wallow in pity, Leslie is for you.”
— Non-profit Director and New Business Owner

“You are gifted in your field, and add great value to the Akron Zoo.”
— Vincent Jeffries
Director of Marketing & Public Relations
Akron Zoo

“Congrats on your work anniversary! It must be fulfilling to think of all the professionals you have helped develop their careers over the past 18 years!”
— Rebecca White

“Please accept my belated thanks for a great two days. I enjoyed the challenge of learning to think on my feet again and the good pointers you provided. Every morning since, there’s been a little Leslie in my brain helping me choose that day’s attire!”
— Edwin L. Cable, CPA, CFP, Director of Gift Planning
Denison University

“I’m still amazed at how you transformed my son I such a small period of time!!!!! I literally couldn’t believe how much he learned, improved and grew all from working with you.”
— Nicole Tosi Schumacher

“I am so thankful you allowed me to attend your bootcamp. I cherish what I have learned from you and the profound effects it has had on interactions I have made here in Columbus.”
— Sarah Yusufi

“What a great day in the round pen! I appreciate the lessons Grey Lady taught me about my leadership skills and when my leadership skills needed to be more present. It was also fun to learn a little bit more about horses and how to interact with them. Thanks so much.”
— Matt Berthold
Westfield Insurance

“Leslie – I was just thinking of you as I had a quick presentation to our group leaders last week and afterwards our upcoming CEO told me that he really enjoyed my sense of style and thought I was a great presenter! He liked how I infused a bit of humor and personality into my business update. I told him thank you and that I appreciated the feedback as I had some extensive coaching to get me there!”
— Rebecca White

“Your expert advice was very effective and helped me in ways more than I can describe. I felt more confident as I nervously walked in to my interviews and tried to follow the things that you had suggested. With your help, I obtained admission into a prestigious college with a direct path into the profession of my dreams- Dentistry! I can only wish I had more time to do additional lessons. I am so grateful to have been able to learn so much from you at such a young age, and I hope to retain these pointers for the rest of my life. Thank-you for all you did for me and the positive attitude and confidence you instilled in me. I miss those “Oreo” cookies!”
— Ria Vij,Student

“I am pleased to inform you that I have been accepted into the University of Toledo Medical School. My interviewers graded me high and said that I interviewed very well! Thank you again for editing my papers and your time during my sessions!”
— Richard Jordan, Student

“I have been thinking about you a lot lately and just wanted to share a couple things with you. Wanted to let you know that I received another nice bonus at the end of the year along with a raise for 2016, 2015 was one of the greatest years I have had with my personnel and professional life. I feel I owe a lot of that to the tools you have given me to become a better employee, friend, wife, mother, sister, daughter etc….. and Thank YOU for everything you have taught me!”
— VP of Operations at a private company

“It seems appropriate to wish you a Happy Mother’s Day because you birthed in all of us hope and inspiration for us to be the best we can be. God has called you to do your work with us, and I am but one of your grateful students.”
— Judge at the Akron Municipal Court District

“I just led my first successful 45 minute meeting with 20 people!! I am so excited- you have no idea! It’s all thanks to your help 🙂 🙂 “
— Stacie J. Kilgore, Business Development Manager
Panther Premium Logistics®- An ArcBest Company

“Leslie- You were fantastic. Thank you! Across the board, people thought you were the perfect person for us and felt the time was well spent. Not sure where we will go in the future, but we do have interest in bringing you back to campus to work with staff. I am glad that our paths have crossed.”
— President of a Private University

“Thank you for everything you did to prepare me and my colleagues for presentation to our Board of Trustees. Your guidance and coaching enabled us to put our very best feet forward and to move to the microphone with confidence and energy. The retreat was a great success due in large measure to your work with us earlier this month. Many, many thanks!”
— Member of the Leadership Team
Private University

“You have been a great mentor and coach to us. I did not realize how much I grew via you until I was able to actively implement it in a new setting. Almost 4 seasons!”
— Greg Wurgler
Electrical Components International

“Our journey from the valuable insight in the initial rehearsal session, to the finer points uncovered from the subsequent session, and your final advice of not over rehearsing and focusing on “connecting the dots” was so valuable in helping me tackle my intense fear of public speaking.. I will continuously reference your insights and leverage your coaching advice for the remainder of my career. This personal growth that you have fostered is truly appreciated! I have received accolades for my presentation from various attendees and peers… I owe that all to you.”
— Dan Martello, Director of Business Development
Fathom Digital Marketing

“I wanted to share with you that today I made my presentation to the McDonald Restaurants Owner/Operators asking for a million dollars for our Capital Campaign. If you recall, the fact I was going to have to do this was the main reason I came to you for guidance. Well today was the presentation and it went very well and we received our request. I want to thank you for all the techniques and thoughts you passed on to me. Although I was a bit nervous I can honestly say I stood before this very large group and presented myself in true “Ungar” style. It was amazing all the things that flowed back to me and I was able to use to make a compelling and well thought out case.
Also my Board relationships have greatly improved and I am managing to keep my “horses” in check. Thank you again Leslie for your invaluable direction and motivation.”
— Anne Collins, Executive Director
Ronald McDonald House of Akron

“I have to say the you have encouraged me to recreate me. I will send you before and after pictures as soon as I get my head shot back, so you can see the transformation. Thank you for a wonderful session at Business Divas of Medina Conference.”
— Gerri Edwards
Medina County Schools’ ESC

“Electric is an understatement! I loved your message at the Business Divas of Medina Conference last week. You always amaze me, but never surprise me with you talent and authenticity.”
— Deborah Wasylko, MBA
Baskets Galore

“Working with Leslie throughout the years has been very beneficial for me personally and professionally. Leslie has a natural ability for raising the right questions in order to get her clients to realize and share their own unique strengths and talents. Spending time with Leslie and working with her is one of the most valuable gifts you can give to yourself. I wholeheartedly recommend working with Leslie – through one-on-one executive coaching, participating in her classes, attending her social events and reading her newsletters. She’s entertaining, professional, honest, direct and truly dedicated to helping her clients be the best they can be.”
— Marianne Lorini

“HorseTalk is a wonderful opportunity for self study, critique and reflection in a safe, fun environment! What a great learning exercise to be able to look in your own mirror and have the chance to work with other professionals towards self awareness in beautiful surroundings! Thank you for the great experience – I continue to work the process day to day and have grown professionally.”
— Deborah S. Plate, DO, FAAFP
Akron General Center for Family Medicine

“Not knowing what to expect, the Horse Talk session I attended was amazing. The techniques and strategies on dealing with people that I took away from the session, successfully come into play every day.”
— Anne Collins, Executive Director
Ronald McDonald House of Akron

“My time in the pasture at HorseTalk was very insightful and I feel that my leadership abilities have improved dramatically from the experience. The one lesson that I have found to be the most beneficial is that I do not need to be standing alongside my employees and hold their hand every step of the way. Once they are motivated and moving in the right direction I need to take a step back and let them keep the momentum moving toward the end goal.”
— Jason Schatzel, CFO
Canton Local School District

“The video session provided me with a unique opportunity to view myself during an interview. It was like watching a video of my golf swing. Both of them showed mistakes that I would never have seen otherwise. Thank you for the help.”
— Adam Maimone
Owner AM Electric

“I attended a Video and You session in the fall of 2012 and found it to be a very productive and worthwhile lunch! Leslie and her team were very efficient and effective. In a short amount of time Leslie was able to feed a group of eight, video all of us and give great, useful feedback on our presentation style, dress and how we are perceived. I would recommend attending one of her sessions.”
— Pamela Rasgaitis
Lutheran Metropolitan Ministry

“The workshop HorseTalk was …. well hard to describe! It was an experience. It required me to think in different ways about communication than I ever had to do before in my 26 year career. It was a workshop that was enjoyable yet left me reflecting and pondering about it often, more often than any other workshop I have ever attended. I have learned things about myself in that workshop that I carry with me always.”
— Lisa Rogers, Director of Special Services
Canton Local Schools

“My Video & You session gave me the rare opportunity to see myself as the world sees me. The honesty of video tape illuminated both my strengths and weaknesses as a presenter. Leslie’s helpful comments have stayed with me to this day.”
— Jan Elder

“The video session I attended in 2012 was an excellent experience. There is nothing like actually seeing how you behave in front of the camera / as others see you. The arrangement, with a group of similarly inexperienced but open peers, created an insightful and truly memorable experience due to the honest feedback. My key takeaway: EVERY encounter is an opportunity for learning and for telling your story. Join a session and you will understand what I mean.”
— Greg Wurgler
Asia at Electrical Components International

“In 25 years of observing clients in broadcast media interviews – from local cable to national network TV productions – Leslie’s Forum 360 dialogue with Scott Forster of Magnus International Group is among my top picks for most engaging. She showed up well prepared, with insightful, nontypical questions that encouraged useful, interesting replies from her guest. Leslie is an accomplished communicator who speaks as intently as she listens.”
— Nicki Artese
Artese Communications

“We got it done today Leslie! 27 leads 7 meetings and 1 person signed on the spot. DOTS CONNECTED! Thanks for everything!”
— Shon Christy
Christy Creative Social Media Marketing

“Your presentation at HJS Monday was very interesting. You gave so much wisdom to apply. I am the person who took the challenge to say the “walked across the room” speech which I have since revised.”
— Sharon Lingo

“This lady is good… She is a no-nonsense professional communications expert!”
— Thomas E. Stratton-Crooke
Senior Financial Advisor

“I will always remember ‘more! more! more!’ and ‘pause! pause! pause!’ I will always remember the confidence and support you gave me. Your knowledge and strength will be with me forever.”
— Terry Taylor
Wright Tool

  • Leslie is one of the best effective speakers I’ve heard in a long time!
  • She is a true diva! Enjoyed learning how to develop my inner diva!
  • I’ve heard Leslie speak over 20 times and she continues to tell a different story/message each time. She is AWESOME!
  • Leslie is wonderful! Fun and Informative!
  • Leslie was great! She was funny and taught me how to be a confident communicator.
  • Very informational and I LOVE her shoes! Very powerful presenter!
— Kent State University’s 2012 Spirit of Women In Business
The Empowered Woman Conference Develop the Diva Attendees

“Thank you for presenting at Kent State University’s 2012 Spirit of Women In Business – The Empowered Woman Conference. You played a big part in making the conference an overwhelming success!”
— The Spirit of Women In Business Planning Committee

“I hired her as a speech and business coach last year and have been extremely happy with the results. Leslie is a tremendous wealth of information on communicating your value. I am absolutely convinced that any business owner would benefit from her.”
— Dominic Frisina
Frisina LLP

“The Executive Briefing Breakfast was fantastic! I was engaged throughout the entire presentation. I am sure there are many people who could benefit from the briefing.”
— Theresa Carter,
Omnova Solutions

“I’ve appeared on Leslie’s program several times and she is an awesome host!”
— John Boccieri,
Former Member of Congress

“Leslie, I have been the subject of interviews for the past thirty years. Yours was one of the best, one of the most engaging. I look forward to seeing the end project. Take care.”
— Peter Lawson Jones,
Attorney, Actor, Renaissance Man

“Leslie – your Diva Teleseminar brought to light some issues I have thought about before but never quite had a concrete answer for. I do now! Thank you so much. The seminar was enlightening.”
— Marcia Kodish,
Stone Crossing Care Center

“I really enjoyed the interview and chance that you gave me to reach out to the community. You’re a really good interviewer and made it easy. Hope you had a Happy Birthday. Many Blessings! “
Charlie Forsyth
Vietnam Veteran on Forum 360

“I received a copy of your 100 Tips in 100 Days, and it has been an outstanding book to read. I am a visual learner, and I’ve been able to get more insight on your creativity and thought processes through your book. It is a great read! “
Mike Adkins

“Working with Leslie was a gift -she helped me understand what I needed to say and gave me the words and the courage. With her help I was able to give, what I consider to be, my most important speech. Thank you Leslie, you are amazingly gifted! “
Florence Kranitz
The CJD (International) Foundation

“Thank you for the info. It was a pleasure listening to you yesterday. Reminding us of the things we know we should be doing and teaching us a few new tricks as well made for a fun and productive luncheon. “
Ann M. Reusch
VP Relationship Banking

“I walked away from the KNOW Quarterly Luncheon in April, a better business woman, having listened to you speak. I look forward to any communication from you and/or Electric Impulse. Keep up the great vision of enlightening those engaged in a prosperous life. Kudos to you, Leslie. “

“Leslie is a superb coach and insightful business expert who is equally adept at improving the business and improving the people. She’s a rare find in a
vanilla world. “
Alan Weiss
Summit Consulting Group

“I really enjoyed your presentation and perspective… It kind of refreshed things for me – – in the job search. You are an engaging individual and 9 pm came rather fast! “
Marilyn Miller

” I just wanted to say THANK YOU for your presentation tonight. I must say you have been the ONE speaker who touched on all the hot topics of what we have all been looking for during our individual searches.
You bring out all the areas of interest, our lifestyles, our personalities and do it all with a sense of humor. “
William Marshall

“Thank you for sharing your magic with us. Everyone here seems to have taken something of value from your presentation. Please keep in touch. “
Judson Kline
SVP – Herschman Architects

“Leslie –
First of all, I want to THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH for your card! I cannot tell you how much your notes and messages mean to me. I THANK GOD every single day for having you as part of my life!!! YOU are so very, very special!!! I’m looking forward to seeing you at our next session. YOU ARE THE ABSOLUTE BEST!!!!! “
Marianne Lorini

“Thank you again for last night’s program. It was FABULOUS, and it helped me so much. You just never know where your next good idea – or the next life lesson – will come from – but I find that there are many of those (for me) surrounding my time with you. Thank you very much. “
Patricia C. Roy
Community Relations Manager
Summit County Children Services

“Hi Leslie,
It’s so nice to hear from you! I hope all is going well with you. I have actually started implementing some of the things we talked about. I am in the process of putting a five year plan together AND it seems to be leading to me owning my own business (that’s a bit scary!). Our conversation really helped me to focus on what I want from my life, so thank you for that. I will keep you posted on my progress. “
Iris Matos

“Hi, Leslie!
I attended a couple of your after work sessions at your office. I had mentioned to you that afterward, I essentially felt renewed somehow. After going home, I thought differently about my job search and interviewing. Thought long and hard. You also had talked previously of a person’s value. So I took a step back and viewed myself differently and what I truly had to offer.
I applied for and was called for an interview for a job where, I was told, 800 people applied. I thought about some of the things you said regarding presentation, etc. I felt confident in my abilities, but somehow I think I didn’t communicate them that well previously. I was able to (better and more fully) explain my value to them and how it matched up with the job. (Thought I always had, but something was different in me!….Thanks to your meetings)…!
‘Tentative’ start date is 11/23/09. “
M. Miller

” Thank you for sharing your magic with us. Everyone here seems to have taken something of value from your presentation. Please keep in touch. “
Marilyn Miller

” Thank you for making the interview a very pleasurable one. You are a professional as you made it comfortable, interesting and the shortest one hour I think I’ve spent in a long while.
I saw the television production and listened to the radio and I’m very pleased as normally I’m not and since other times I was not – you have to be the reason — because I was involved in all the others and you were not. Again it has to be you. “
Ted Curtis, AIA, NCARB
Vice President Capital Planning & Facilities Management
The University of Akron

“Thank you again for the energetic and informational presentation on communicating your value during a job search. I know our clients went home with lots of great techniques to bring to their individual searches. “
Cindy Newton
Hudson Job Search

“Great presentation last night. I took away some really valuable information that my job seekers will find rewarding. “
Brian Hartfelder

“Leslie has an engaging energy that brings everyone into the fold. Her presentations are enhanced by the fact that she relates everything to timely topics, people and events, which is an effective tool in getting everyone to participate. Leslie simplifies the process and makes improvement a very attainable goal. “
Mark Ohlinger
Hasenstab Architects

“Leslie was terrific – one of the best speakers of the day! She should be a keynote speaker.”
“Have Leslie back again!”
“This was the best part of the conference!”
— from the YWCA Women’s Leadership Conference 2009

“You have helped my preparation for meetings tremendously. The content of each meeting has a purpose. I start with an outline and it just grows into a presentation. Every week I can trace something important I did to the coaching tools we have worked on. Thank you again for your efforts and sharing your tools with me and my company.”
— Dan Lebeau
Leppo Equipment

“Thank you for your outstanding presentation to our group. It was well received and in my opinion, the highlight of the event. The speaker that followed you, said “wow”, that is a tough speaker to follow”.
— Lisa Senger, Agent
American Family Insurance

“Thank you for such a great presentation. It was nice to be there and lots to learn… again thank you.”
— Sincerely,
Walid Jammal – Agent
Jammal Insurance Agency

“Just wanted to thank you again for speaking at the Women in Business luncheon last week. I have received many compliments on the outstanding speaker we had, which is you of course. Many of the women have told me about the great pointers they received and how they were going to implement them into their business.  

I was wondering if you offered any insight on 30-second commercials or if there was anything on your website with regard to that. As you know, I work for a contractor referral service and I’m having a hard time coming up with something. The thing that makes us unique is that we do background and criminal checks on the contractors as well as making sure they are insured, licensed and bonded. We do check their references but I really don’t think that this makes us unique. Any suggestions? Thanks again, “

Jean Cerny
Medina Contractor Connection

“You were “electrifying” at the ASTD meeting last night. Thank you so much for for the helpful hints, ideas and strategies I was able to glean.”
Pat Holloway

“I am different now from working with you with regards to how I look at the “video” of a person or events instead of the “snapshot” which is tempting to focus on sometimes. It was hard to see the forest through the trees.  

I think differently by having a new realization of why people act the way they do and understanding a little better because of it.

I do differently by understanding my actions and others actions.
A value of working with Leslie is understanding how to interact with people in the most positive way. Really, understanding seems to be the key word here-a better understanding of myself and people that I might encounter and have encountered throughout my career.

— Julie Fisher,

“It helped give us a positive framework within which to approach the work.”
Barb Barb Piscopo
Kendal at Home

“She guided me through the process, helping me to make decisions about everything from content to timing. Because of her involvement, I was able to communicate my message with confidence and connect with my audience.
“Working with Leslie made sharing my knowledge and enthusiasm for green remodeling an enjoyable experience. As a result, I am eager to speak to more groups, to generate even more income. I highly recommend Leslie Ungar and Electric Impulse Communications to anyone interested in growing their business!”
Hallie M. Bowie, Architect
New Leaf Home Design


I very much enjoy working with you on my effort to improve my speaking skills in public. There are many rewards in working with a pro,

  • Simple reminders of what not to do are invaluable
  • Your materials are very helpful; I use them as a reference before writing my speeches
  • I find myself watching others and evaluating their speech’s, which reminds me of both the good and bad of public speaking
  • I get a value in spending time with you reviewing presentations, which helps to learn what to do and what not to do
  • By you coming to observe a speech, I think would be very valuable to customers, it is a value added and shows your commitment, and it works
Dan Colantone
Greater Akron Chamber of Commerce

“How you are different after working with me- “I spend more time listening and asking questions.” “More interesting and structured presentations/communications.” “You continue to offer very constructive but pointed positive and negative feedback on my real-time communications.”
Michael A. Bohurjak
Director of Engineering
Will-Burt Co.

“I am different after working with you because I was able to find my voice and the confidence to be able to communicate what needed to be communicated in a healthy way. I think differently because now I’m not so quick to blame and play I told you so. I have valued the voice you have helped me find and your guidance, listening skills and friendship.”
Scott Smith

“Just a follow up to the event at Precision Printing last week. Your rules or guidelines are helpful reminders to stay focused and become, in my situation a more successful salesperson.”
David Lang
Chartwell Group

“I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your help. I know I’ve said it 1000 times, but thank you!
— Frank Stams,
MVP Fiesta Bowl,
NFL Player 1988-2005

“I am very impressed with Leslie Ungar. She is a terrific speaker. She talked with our secretaries about making our value more visible, dealing with clients, and building business relationships. I would be interested in having Leslie come back for future presentations.”
— Erin McCafferty
Office Administrator
Buckingham, Doolittle & Burroughs, LLP

“Leslie, the communication skills you have taught me are invaluable Thanks for the support over the last 6 months and looking forward to the next 6 months.”
— Mike Bohorjak
The Will-Burt Company

“On behalf of the Greater Akron Chamber we thank you for sharing your time and communication expertise with our Executive Dialogue participants. You are a delight to speak with and I admire your ability to break through the dilemma of others and so quickly reflect ont the obvious. I know our executives appreciated the depth of information you shared in addressing The 15 Most Important Rules of Communication.”
— Karen Beltram
Greater Akron Chamber

“Leslie Ungar is truly in her element mentoring people to reach their personal and professional heights!”
— Webinar Attendee

“I listen most Sunday mornings on WAKR and mostly look forward to YOUR interviews. But today, after listening to you interview the Deputy Chief from Cleveland on his recent trip to Israel, I said that one was the best. Every minute was interesting, plus you ended the interview with quick more personal questions to him on sports, magic etc. Not just a “law man”. GREAT INTERVIEW. “
— Marilyn Kent
Civic Forum Viewer

“I can not express in words how much it means to me for giving me the confidence in myself.”
— Len Huddleston Jr.
Design Construction Services L.L.C.

“You should be very proud of how your client handled himself at both venues. Those speeches were two of the most difficult things he has ever done and with your help he overcame his fear and succeeded. He has you to thank for that success, great job Leslie!”
— Tony Crasi
Crasi, Inc.

“Thank you for an absolutely engaging presentation!”
— Gail Stumphauzer,
Executive Director
Leadership Lorain County

“Competitive edge is so important! You have taught me this and so much more.
— Diane Bartlett,
Former CFO
ACRT, Inc.

“On behalf of the American Woman’s Society of CPAs and the participants of our AWSCPA TechCast titled “Are You A Human Helicopter?” thank you for giving of your time and expertise.
— Patti Bouslog,
CPE Specialist

“I would like to personally thank you for your participation in the 2006 Annual Real Estate & Construction Law Seminar. Your comments, feedback and constructive criticism proved to be very helpful in developing the seminar and each speaker’s presentation.
— John Slagter,
Buckingham, Doolittle & Burroughs, LLP

“It was fun for me to join two pros! I do appreciate you thinking of me for a show of this nature.
— W. Riley Lochridge,
Chairman & CEO

“I just wanted to say thank you for your commitment and dedication on helping me prepare for a journey as President of The Home Builders Association of Portage and Summit Counties. Without your knowledge and professional feedback, I don’t believe I would have had the confidence to effectively present my speech.
— Len Huddleston, Jr.
Design Constructions

“Beyond all expectations. Thanks for your help.
— Rob Briggs
GAR Foundation

“I just wanted to take this opportunity to let you know how impressed we are with the results achieved through your coaching. Your professional techniques and personal approach have directly impacted our team’s performance.
— Rennick Andreoli,
Fairlawn Associates Limited

“In a one-on-one setting you helped me assess my current situation and then worked with me through a series of intense sessions to discover gifts which I possess but which heretofore had not been development.
— Robert P. Brecht,
Former Sr. Executive Vice Present

“I wanted to let you know that I think Fred and Len did an excellent job with the speeches on Saturday. It was nice how Fred touched upon some of the things from his inaugural speech.
— Sharon Gillbert,
Director, Promotions & Special Events

“I love your newsletter. Your ability to take everyday events and related them to your messages is insightful and helps drive the point home.
— Carmine J. Torio,
Executive Vice President

“I just wanted to say how much I enjoy reading your newsletters; they are both informative and thought provoking. Thank you for communicating your thoughts and opinions each month.
— Chris Whitehead,
HomeBuyer Experts

“During the presentation, I felt as if you were on the sidelines coaching me as I stood in front of the audience. Your instruction helped me deliver an effective, spirited presentation that truly departed from the run-of-the-mill “features and benefits” sales pitch.
— John Robinson,
Product Manager
Leisure Deck, Inc.

“Thanks so much for taking a look at my Keynote address for the Greater Akron Speaks Out for Values Breakfast, making the suggestions your did.
— W. Riley Lochridge,
President & CEO

“I wanted to thank you again for your help in preparing my inaugural speech to the Homebuilders Association. The time we spent together reviewing the speech and perfecting the presentation made a lumpy ball of clay look like the Statue of David.
— Michael Marchetta
Dan Marchetta Construction Co., Inc.

“Thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to act as the Keynote Speaker for the Ohio Women’s Bar Association. The response was an overwhelming “WOW!”
— Pamela Houston,
Ohio Women’s Bar Association

“Leslie immerses herself in improving the success of her clients. She is fun to work with and always enthusiastic about her business. I would recommend Leslie to a company of any size.
— Patrick Finley,
Managing Partner
OMNI Pride One

“I appreciated your time in learning about our needs, planning a workshop to address those needs and delivering the material in an enthusiastic manner. I believe you were exactly what we needed.
— Mary Jane Stanchina,
Executive Director
Six District Education Compact

“Leslie interacted with our senior management team, handling sensitive and confidential issues in a professional effective manner.
— Robert P. Brecht,
Former Sr. Executive Vice Present

“I cannot tell you how impressed I was with training! I am so happy to have been able to attend.
— Lisa Zeno Carano
Summit County Dems

“These young people are having experiences that are so different than they have had. You used language in a way they have rarely heard or experienced. Thank you for opening new visions for them.
— Judy Hummel
Summit Education Initiative

“Thank you for speaking at our event! We are delighted that you are participating, and your role is so vital to the success of this event.
— Laura Hauser
Thompson Hine LLP

“I wanted to express my appreciation for the opportunity to be a guest on the Civic Forum earlier this month, and to let you know what a pleasure it was to join you and your other distinguished guests.
— Mark Thimmig,
President & CEO
White Hat Ventures, LLC

“Leslie has helped us to understanding the role and value of an executive coach. We are continuing to use her coaching services on a variety of individuals throughout our organization.
— Jeffrey Evans,
President, CEO & Chairman
The Will-Burt Company

“I am certain that my professional image has been enhanced by her coaching which has directly cultivated additional business for my company. I enjoy an ongoing relationship with Electric Impulse and look forward to further enhancement of my business communication skills through the direction of Leslie Ungar.
— Fred Zumpano,
Fred Zumpano Design & Construction

“What was the difference between a speech with Leslie and a speech without Leslie? Let me count the ways ..
— Kim Redmond
Principal and Educator of the Year

“I know I’ve said it before, but I gotta say it again: your newsletter is always so interesting; you have an incredible talent for finding nuggets in everyday situations that your audience can use personally and professionally.
— Kathy Baker

“Leslie Ungar provides an essential service for those executives who want to set themselves apart from the average executive.
— Debi Douglas,
Executive Assistant
The Will-Burt Company

“We have become more creative; we work smarter and we are more aggressive. You certainly have exceeded our expectations and we are pleased we selected you and your company to prepare our team for new challenges ahead.
— Rennick Andreoli,
Fairlawn Associates Limited

“Your seminar was insightful and provided effective tools for use in improving presentations, meetings, and corporate communication.
— Dave Hare
Chase Manhattan Corporation

“I would like to express my thanks and appreciation for your help on my recent acceptance speech for the Governor’s Exporter of the Year Award. I was certainly better prepared and more effective as a result of your coaching.
— Jeffrey Evans,
President, CEO & Chairman
The Will-Burt Company

“Thanks for the opportunity! You are certainly correct that this topic of itself is not tremendously stimulating! Thanks for leading the discussion in such a way as to bring life to it!
— Jeff Evans,
President, CEO & Chairman
The Will- Burt Company

“What a day we had! It was so awesome to watch the stress and worry that accompanied these people for the last few weeks melt away as they laughed, worked, and joined in with a crowd who was truly enjoying their day. Did you notice how more frequently the smiles were as the day wore on!
— Lisa Schmidtke
Mind Benders, Inc.

“Jean has always wished that she could have gone to college and taken the type of courses that you give. I feel the same way. Looking forward to another opportunity to learn with you.
— Ellen McNally
Cutler GMAC

“Leslie is fabulous at adapting her coaching to be consistent with the strengths and weaknesses of the speaker with whom she working. This enables her to get the most out of each speaker.
— Steven A. Dimengo,
Buckingham, Doolittle & Burroughs, LLP

“You are a very talented, knowledgeable person and the attendees thoroughly enjoyed your presentation. Your advice and suggestions were timely and implementable and I was thrilled to have the honor to showcase your skills at “Breaking Through.”
— Yvonne
Kent State University

“I enjoyed your presentation and truly benefited from it. I thought you might like to know – just one week ago I graduated from University of Akron with an MBA in marketing and they offered no courses like this in their graduate classes!
— John Robinson
The Plastic Lumber Company

“In less than two hours, Leslie covered the full range of how a company can brand, market, sell, and satisfy its customers and prospects. If your audience is looking for a content-rich overview of how to successfully communicate in the 21st Century, call Leslie Ungar.
— Andrew Birol,
Consultant, Coach, Author, Speaker
Birol Growth Consulting

“As I told you after the meeting, “No one could fall asleep during your seminar because you are so interesting and you involve everyone in your presentation”.
— Sandy Schuller
Nordonia Hills Chamber of Commerce

“Although I must admit that a motivational speaker such as yourself and caffeine are a dangerous combination. I was so hyped and fired up when I got to work that I am just now starting to wind down.
— James Portis

“Leslie, you did nothing but short of a fantastic job at the breakfast. I’ve already gotten a tremendous amount of feedback.
— Tim Dimoff,
SACS Consulting & Investigative Services, Inc.

“Your classes help me gain more knowledge overall. I have used the “3’s” to make points and to think bigger.
— Rachel Armstead
Hibbard Foundations

“I have been to many sales training classes & seminars but, the materials you presented was awesome. Our Sales & Marketing Departments benefited greatly.
— Dale Burnside
Dutch Heritage Homes

“My goal is to always learn at least one new thing that I can put to use in my live, and I came away from your seminar with much more, so it was well worth it!
— Michelle Patton
Little Mountain Homes, Inc.

“I started immediately to start with a “mind set of a peer and not a vendor.” Works well and could sense a difference with customers
— Jim Schneider

“I thoroughly enjoyed your program (as did everyone based on the furious note-taking I observed). Your passion and personal stories combine for a great training.
— Linda DaMert,

“Not only did you provide an entertaining experience, but you gave each of us at least one thing to implement that would help propel our business closer to everyone’s goal of a more successful business.
— Doug H. Johnson,
Executive Director
Twinsburg Chamber of Commerce

“Leslie Ungar helped me restructure my communication style thus enabling me to convey information to senior management and the Board of Directors more effectively.
— Anatol Kwartler
The Will Burt Company