Leslie Ungar, The Inner Brilliance of Electric Impulse, Inc.

Electric Impulse Communications, Inc.

About the Company

The Spark that Ignites Executives
Teams and Companies to New Heights

Established in 1998, Electric Impulse Communications, Inc. has become a pre-eminent resource to professionals in a myriad of professions. This boutique firm offers services as speaker, coach and speechwriter to the executive and business worlds as well as the next generation of leadership from high school students to young professionals. Founder and President Leslie G. Ungar, is on a mission to help companies and individuals realize their untapped potential and set them on course to achieve their top-notch performance level which can be electrifying.

The success of every organization depends on the ability of leaders to communicate their vision, values, and strategy; to influence outcomes, and move the organization toward its goal. Electric Impulse Communications improves company performance, one leader at a time.

“You are one of the most consistent advisers I have ever met, you bring your A Game every single time. And I always come away with at least one massive takeaway that I can use in business right away. The advice you have given me I have used time and time again. Thank you for being the consummate professional in all respects.”
— Charles F. Mullen, CPA, CMA, CGMA, M.Tax
Chairman. Apple Growth Partners, a NorthCoast 99 Award Winner

What’s My Value“The 21st century is a different business environment that just a few years ago,” says President Leslie G. Ungar. Leaders in both national organizations and emerging small businesses need to leverage every opportunity to be more visible. Electric Impulse Communications, Inc. works with companies in diverse markets: healthcare, manufacturing, environmental, hospitality, real estate, homebuilding, legal, media, and political to supercharge their communication and leadership performance.

When you work with Electric Impulse, specifically what accelerates your progress is Leslie’s gift to call upon her diverse background to find the right solution at the right time for the specific client.

“We have become more creative; we work smarter and we are more aggressive. You and your company prepared our team for new challenges ahead”.
— Rennick Andreoli, President
RDA Hotel Management Company

Whether you have reached your top level or are on your way, you can Power Up with a coach and speaker who will serve as the catalyst for ordinary leaders to become truly Extraordinary communicators.

When you believe that what you say and how you say it can change your world, you will want to find out your next level of excellence. Do it alone, it’s a burden.

Go on the journey with a mentor who understands the value you bring to your market, a mentor who bridges the worlds of speaking, marketing, and communication, and the Electric Impulse experience will be lightening.

For more information on how Leslie Ungar provides the accountability to help YOU take your company or your personal career to the next level, contact Leslie or call (330) 668-6569.