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Speech Writer

As a speechwriter I can make you a Rock Star to your audience and help you overcome self-limiting obstacles.

Many approach a speech, a presentation, a PowerPoint or a toast as a dreaded task to get out of the way quickly and without much planning. They categorize it as “something to just get done”. You will benefit from a speechwriter who will free up your time while at the same time make you a priority. You deserve a speech that sounds like you – only better.

Speech WriterIt begins as a collaborative effort and then Leslie does the work. Leslie talks to you so she can write it in your voice: she “pulls” things out of you that you may not even know are buried inside! And it will truly sound like you . . . your best you. The “you” that it would sound like if you had the training and the time to write it yourself. But you get to take all the credit for increasing your visibility and viability in your company and in your profession.

When Leslie writes your speech you will Stand Out when the spotlight of life focuses on you. You will get rave reviews, and be perceived as a dynamic leader. Today to be perceived as an effective leader you need to speak well.

Let me help you with your next wedding toast whether you are the father or mother, best man or maid of honor, sibling or friend

A Toast by any other name is still a speech. Which means a Wedding Toast needs to follow the same commandments:  it shall not bore the audience, shall not ramble, and shall not embarrass. What a Wedding Toast should be when talking about someone you love is authentic, well thought out, and short.

This Really Happened:

A woman made a beeline for me across a packed room at the conclusion of the CEO’s State of the Company Speech. “I understand you wrote Jeff’s speech”, she asked. “Yes”, I replied, “I did”.

I could see the quizzical look on her face.  I asked, “I bet you are wondering why I write his speeches when he, an articulate CEO, could write them himself?”

She nodded her head in agreement.

I told her and I will share with you the three BIGGEST reasons a person of power benefits from me writing their speech.

  1. They have better things to do with their time
  2. My process reduces their anxiety and negative prep time
  3. When I write their speech they will stand out, they will get rave reviews, they will be perceived as a dynamic executive

What I do for You:

  • Save you time
  • Save you the mental agony and energy that goes into preparing a speech
  • Make you look good

Here’s How it Works:

Option #1 – I write a speech for you

  • You fill out a questionnaire to give me the speech basics: location, event, length of time, etc.
  • We talk by phone for a minimum of thirty minutes
  • I email you the first draft of the speech
  • We talk again
  • I email you the second draft of the speech with highlighted instructions for delivery
  • Turn around time is from 3 days to one week

Cost will vary depending on the length of the speech.
Actually, the shorter the speech the more challenging it is to write!

  • Pricing Available upon Request
  • Cost Will Vary Depending On the Length of the Speech

Option #2 – I write the speech and coach you to deliver a stellar speech

All of the above plus

  • You video yourself practicing the speech and I critique or
  • I watch you from a remote location in real time and critique: practice, polish, and perfect, or
  • I come to you or you come to me for real time practice of the speech in an environment similar to the one in which you will deliver your speech

Cost will vary depending on the length of the speech.
Actually, the shorter the speech the more challenging it is to write!

  • Pricing Avaliable Upon Request
  • Cost Will Vary Depending On the Length of the Speech
  • Excluding any travel expenses

Let’s just review:

We can write or edit your speech. Then we coach you to deliver a stellar speech when the spotlight is on you. In today’s world, the more visible you are, the more viable you are perceived within your company and within your industry. We leverage your moment in the spotlight to place you above your peers.

Yes, that’s where we come in!

In an ideal world, you’d do the time-consuming research, then more time to play with concepts, cadence, and content, and then try several versions until you produced a speech that truly expresses you and your vision.

Yes, that’s where we come in!

In the real world, time is the one resource executives and mere mortals do not have at their disposal. So as a leader, you look for someone who can express your own personality, passions and perspectives in ways that those who know you best will say, “Yes, that’s YOU.”

Yes, that’s where we come in!

Is it worth using an outside source? Only you can answer that. Only you can decide whether the podium represents a chore or an opportunity. Either way, audiences will respond accordingly. That’s where we come in!

Of course, etiquette dictates that all speakers are told, “You did well” just as all mothers are told, “Your baby is beautiful.” Yet with an outstanding speech, anyone can discern the difference. Applause, sincere congratulations, media coverage, and requests to speak at other venues, all result. Yes, that’s where we come in!

We can customize an accelerated program for you-

Your journey to taking your speaking skills to the next level begins with a free consultation when you email or call.

Read what these people say after their speech has been Supercharged:

“You gave me confidence and guidance.! Not very many “get me” but you do! Thank you so much. Adore you and you are an amazing coach and teacher and inspiration!”
–Nicole Schumacher, Ph.D
Keynote speaker
“You challenged our thinking, and gave us valuable insight”
–Dan Richards
EO President of Cleveland’s Premier Chapter
“A million words and a dozen ideas; but Leslie’s understanding helped me find the one clear thought I needed.”
Randy Cohen, President
Beth-el Congregation
“Leslie Ungar has done extensive executive coaching and speech preparation for Omni (myself included). Her approach is always very creative, original, and effective.”
Patrick T. Finley, Managing Partner
Pride One – Omni Realty
“I wanted to thank you again for your help in preparing my inaugural speech to the Homebuilders Association. The time we spent together reviewing the speech and perfecting the presentation made a lumpy ball of clay and look like the Statue of David. I could not have done it without you!!”
Michael Marchetta, President
Dan Marchetta Construction Company, Inc.
“Everyone has enjoyed your speeches …you’ve really done an outstanding job and I enjoy working with such a pro!!!!”
Nicholas T. George, President and CEO
Buckingham, Doolittle & Burroughs LLP
“I would like to express my thanks and appreciation for your help on my recent acceptance speech for the Governor’s Exporter of the Year Award. I was certainly better prepared and more effective as a result of your coaching. In particular, my speech was much better organized and polished than it would have been without your help. This fact, along with the practice sessions your worked through with me, made me much more comfortable during the presentation.”
Jeffrey O. Evans, President & Chief Executive Officer
The Will-Burt Company, Ohio Exporter of the Year 2004
“You shaped the structure of the talk, helped organize the ideas, and made key adjustments to improve my speaking style.

The result was a presentation that had power and polish and style, and it served our company’s needs well.

During the presentation, I felt as if you were on the sidelines coaching me as I stood in front of the audience. Your instruction helped me deliver an effective, spirited presentation that truly departed from the run-of-the-mill ‘features and benefits’ sales pitch.

“I would recommend your service to anyone who needs to communicate effectively.”

John Robinson, VP Product Management
Leisure Deck, Inc.
“In particular, the suggestions to mention people’s names, did make a difference in ‘bringing to life’ the contributions each had made to their respective communities. This helped to make that segment of my talk easier to present and provided valued assistance.”
W. Riley Lockridge, President & CEO
Comdoc, Inc
“I have completely reorganized my approach to public speaking with a focus on connecting with the audience.”
Alan J. Bleyer, CEO/President
Akron General Medical Center