Leslie Ungar, The Inner Brilliance of Electric Impulse, Inc.

Dead President

Join Us at Our Dead President’s + Boot Camp

You read it correctly, dead Presidents plus one!

In honor of President’s Day, MLK Day and Valentine’s Day too, we bring you a unique program.

Really, have you seen a speech, seminar or Boot Camp on dead guys before?

Spend an afternoon diving into history to learn lessons that you can apply today to be a more effective speaker. This is the most FUN and INTERESTING EVENT OF THE YEAR!

So much to learn from:

  • Lincoln’s very short Gettysburg address really not written on the back of an envelope as urban legend tells us
  • Washington’s visual as the Commander before there was even an army
  • William Henry Harrison’s refusal to wear a hat, gloves and coat at his Inauguration and his death 32 days later
  • MLK’s handwritten index cards was how he prepared
  • and so much more

It’s a BOOT CAMP because it is intensive, interactive, and participatory . . . try telling your Drill Sergeant you don’t want to do push-ups!

When: February 13 from 9:00am – 12:00pm
Location: Electric Impulse Office

Valentine’s snacks and present included for each attendee.

In 2023 are you ready to leverage your next opportunity into business gold? At the very least you want to shine when the spotlight of life finds you.

“You worked well with the comfort level of those attending. Fantastic presentation – you shared and gave so much!”
— Donna Neff

**Half price $49 to anyone who gets to me (email, text, snail mail or bring to me in person) a photo of their favorite President or Speaker – DEAD or ALIVE by February 1 – $98 per person for anyone else.