Leslie Ungar, The Inner Brilliance of Electric Impulse, Inc.

Intensive Executive Coaching

Power Up your Potential

Manage your own perception revolution

You have been a valuable asset to your team. There are numerous opportunities for you to add credibility to your present communication style. The opportunities occur within internal settings and external centers of influence.

You have the opportunity to present yourself as a viable candidate for higher position, or you have the opportunity for new audiences to appreciate your ability to lead. An improved leadership style will improve your ability to be an effective leader, motivate your team by example, and get desired results faster. You need to communicate a leadership style that is deemed both valuable and appropriate by decision makers within your organization.

One-on-one in personal attention gives you no place to hide. That’s the good news. This is your journey to your performance potential.

This is a six month or 12 month commitment:

  • A detailed game plan with specific completion dates, and
  • Formal, scheduled contact sessions twice a month to discuss accomplishments and obstacles, providing the accountability to fulfill completion dates and homework.
  • Real time observations of you and your team

Work with me in person to:

  • Learn how to make verbal lightening
  • Present an overall more polished persona within your company and your profession
  • Get out of your own way!
  • Look, sound, and act like an executive in today’s global world
  • Enhance effectiveness by delivering a more disciplined message: in writing and verbally
  • Run a better meeting
  • Present company with solid credentials for future advancement
  • Strengthened leadership presence would solidify influence with those both above and below his position
  • Acceleration of ability to exhibit desired leadership qualities on an on-going basis and at will
  • Have the knowledge and ability to present effectively in all situations
  • Create buy-in needed in a leader/influence high risk decisions
  • Effective in front of audiences small and large
  • Move from present plateau to performance potential

The areas we deal with may include:

  • 21st century marketing strategies: creating your brand story, direction in marketing materials, writing articles, web site concerns, networking, etc.
  • 21st century leadership and communication strategies: identifying and developing your competitive edge.
  • 21st century presentation strategies: organization, delivery, and content. Together we will uncover the 10 steps to excellence in your presentation power. When you increase the voltage of your presentation, you increase your presence in everything you do.
  • 21st century sales strategies: mindset, vocabulary, what you really sell. We’ll look at 10 strategies to take you from ordinary to excellent in selling.

Together, we choose what areas you want to concentrate on.

From these objectives we develop a game plan with specific tasks and completion dates, and we establish a formal schedule. This Intensive Level will serve to catapult you to both a higher level of confidence and a higher level of ability both perceived and real.

The Intensive Level is recommended for those at any level of their career who see the benefit to being ready when you are called to the professional spotlight.