Leslie Ungar, The Inner Brilliance of Electric Impulse, Inc.

Hear Leslie Speak

Leslie G. Ungar
There is Power in Documenting Your Story

Leslie’s competitive edge comes from the entrée she has into the executive world, the 3,000 presentations she has conducted, and the PBS show she hosts. Leslie Ungar breaks the mold of traditional keynote speakers. With her unique perspective, Leslie coaxes and challenges the audience to identify and communicate their competitive edge. Her message lingers bridging the gap between your present plateau and your performance potential.

“Thank you for your stimulating presentation at the WIN Cleveland meeting.”
–Liz & Mary Alice, Co-Chairs
“You challenged our thinking, and gave us valuable insight”
–Dan Richards,
EO President of Cleveland’s Premier Chapter

She helps her audience discover, define, and develop their hidden value and discuss it effectively to gain their competitive edge. Leslie brings a unique voice to improving individual and company performance. She will generate ideas and strategize how to move your audience forward to compete successfully in their hypercompetitive world.

Listen to Leslie, then look in the mirror and let Leslie Ungar, of Electric Impulse Communications, Inc. change how you see yourself!

“Thank you for the engaging Great Presentations workshop presentation as a part of our Leadership Toolbox series! Your style is candid, yet captivating; direct, yet delivered with excellence and humor. The information was thorough, easy to follow and presented professionally. You have a group of followers at Women’s Network! “
–Jan Conrad
Executive Director, Women’s Network
“On behalf of the Akron Bar Association’s Women in Law Section, I would like to express my gratitude to you for giving your time and expertise as a speaker at the 2017 Leadership Empowerment CLE Seminar. Your contribution and knowledge added a great deal towards making the event successful and beneficial to the participants and was appreciated by all!”
–Jackie Billett, Director of Legal Professional Development
Akron Bar Association’s Women in Law Section

These people text their lessons to Leslie during her presentation:

  • I learned that the results of what my customer is going to get should be 90% of my message.
  • Be a follow-up warrior!
  • Move forward with clarity.
  • It is all about the audience’s perception. . . Ask yourself “are they better off after having heard me?”
  • I Like how you communicated on the audience’s level.
  • Thanks for the presentation! I learned to be more aware of my audience’s age.
  • I learned how to communicate with all generations and how to be amore powerful woman with my career.
  • I learned that 85% of my success is HOW I communicate WHAT I know.
  • I learned that I want to be you when I grow up! You are spot on with everything you are saying and I enjoy helping others communicate cohesively.
  • Fabulous Presentation! I learned that I need to be sure to move forward with clarity; use a “scalpel” more frequently.